Chelsea and Billie share dinner at Chez Rouge. Chelsea grills Billie on what's new in her life! She admits she saw Billie and Bo in bed together. She relays what happened at the pub a few days ago, but Billie stops her in her tracks, telling her daughter that they were consoling one another. They didn't have sex! "A lot of people would get hurt if you tell everyone this," she says. Chelsea thinks she knows what's going on, but Billie assures her that her father and she will never be together! "Never," she repeats! They're interrupted by Patrick, who asks if they know anything about his missing money. Chelsea is indignant, thinking that he has thoughts that she took it and partied up with it! She changes the topic to Hope, telling him that her dad wants to get back with Hope, and he's not helping. "You're out looking for some cash, while Bo and Hope are off alone together, somewhere," she tells him. She gets up to leave, as Billie apologizes to him for Chelsea's behaviour. On his way out, he makes a call to Hope, leaving a message for her to call him as a smiling Chelsea watches!

Bo and Hope pick up Stephanie from the hospital. Stephanie fights them, but Hope wants her to come stay with her. She asks why Bo isn't coming home with them, and Bo shares that they're working on things. Dr. Berman interrupts the three. Bo and Hope step outside as he examines Stephanie one last time. Outside, they discuss what Stephanie said about them moving in together. He wonders if he could take her to the pub with him, but she thinks Caroline has her hands full. "Why don't you move back in with me," she suggests, while Bo's mouth drops open in shock! She tells him it's for Stephanie's sake, and the two smile, as he agrees to sleep on the couch, tub, sink "We'll figure it out," she says. He tells her, "We always do!" Bo goes off to see Steve while Hope reassures Stephanie that she's okay with Bo moving back in. Stephanie is very happy, thinking that she and her uncle Bo could get back together. Steph goes off to get things from her bathroom, and in walks Patrick. Hope takes him outside the room to talk, explaining that she's taking Stephanie home - with Bo! "I've asked Bo to move in with me," she tells a shocked Patrick! He wonders if she can't move into the pub with Bo, but is told that Stephanie needs both she and her uncle. Patrick asks for her honesty, thinking there is more to this than he knows. He tells her that Bo is basically trying to ruin his life and he's not leaving until he gets to the bottom of it. She is honest, telling him that the police force found his ID in Eve's belongings. He thinks he's being set up again, and she tells him things keep piling up against him. She reminds him that she doesn't know him well, doesn't trust him. "What are you saying," he asks. Hope replies, "I can't see you anymore!" He can be there for their baby, but that's it, she says. She feels he's hiding something, and refuses when he tries one last time to get her to go away with him!

In their hospital room, Kayla awakens to Steve playing the harmonica in bed. She reminds him of the time she asked him how he learned to play harmonica, and he flashes back to telling her "You just put your lips to it and blow!" He lies down beside her, telling her he remembers some, but not as much as she thinks. "I just hope it's enough," he tells her. Dr. Myers is looking through some documents, smiling. He tells Steve that Steve's blood is clear of the biotoxin! He is free to go! A surprised Steve looks over at Kayla, telling him he can't leave Kayla. The doctor tells Steve, "Mr. Johnson, I don't think you understand. If you stay, you could die!" His immune system is compromised. The doctor tells him he admires his courage, but if something happens Bo arrives at Steve's room, telling him he's there to pick up Stephanie. Bo agrees to get Billie for him, so he can explain things to her. Kayla awakens, so Steve tells her that Bo was there. He relays that he sent his love. She's very weak. She's happy to hear that Bo and Hope are taking Stephanie home with them, but says Steph needs her mother. She worries she won't get better. He comforts her and holds her hand, as they snuggle in her bed.
Kayla asks Steve if he remembers February 19th, and he has an emotional flashback to Kayla giving birth to Stephanie! He tells her he remembers that was the day Stephanie was born! She asks him to promise he'll always stay in their lives. The doctor asks that Steve get Kayla to hang on for a couple more hours.

In the plane, John and Marlena are going down. The plane is losing altitude fast. Marlena realizes that one of them has to jump. John calls to the Toronto center, "Mayday, Mayday!" They argue about Marlena jumping. He doesn't want her to and he can't since he's flying the plane. Marlena puts on a parachute, telling John that he can land, and she'll parachute down. Otherwise, they'll both crash! Marlena explains she has a GPS in her cell phone. She'll be fine. They kiss, and she opens the door, jumping out, with John yelling, "No, Doc, NO!" We hear Marlena scream on the way down. John is on the phone, yelling at someone to find Marlena. The antidote arrives, and he is told to keep it cold. Elsewhere, limping in a storm, Marlena cries out for help. "Help, can anyone hear me? Can anyone see me?" She checks her ankle and diagnoses it as a sprain. She's in pain, and panics when she realizes she lost her cell phone, and when she tries to keep moving, she jerks her leg in pain. She closes her eyes, "I'll just rest a bit"
John meets with a gentleman who tells him they haven't found her yet, but have Search and Rescue on it. A plane is set to go, with John bringing back the antidote. He tells Doc, "You just hang in there Doc."

Meanwhile, Doc is lying on the ground with snow billowing around her. A dark face appears over her, in a parka. She seems frightened when she notices that they're carrying an axe, but she passes out.

Bo shows up at Chez Rouge, sits down at Billie's table and is told that Chelsea saw them in bed together. Bo grits his teeth, hoping she isn't going to say anything, because he and Hope are starting to patch things up. He tells her that Steve wants to talk to her, but she refuses, as there is no sense in going backwards. She asks that he tell Steve she wishes them (he and Kayla) all the best! Bo beams as he tells Billie the good news that he is moving back in with Hope. She's very happy for him, but they're interrupted by Chelsea, exclaiming that something has gone wrong. She tells them that she called the pub and Abe told her that Marlena jumped out of the plane, never making it to Ottawa.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Hope tells Bo, "I meant it when I said I wanted you to come home!" Bo asks what she plans to do about Patrick.

Sami yells at John when he arrives home. "How could you put her in danger again?"

Marlena tells the mystery person to, "Drop the hood. I want to get a look at you." He does so and she says, "It's you!"

Kayla tells Steve she'll always love him, as she stops breathing! Steve yells, "Kayla!"