Willow and Shawn take a look at his new loft apartment. He shares the news that Belle will be by later to view it as well, and Willow gets the feeling she's not wanted there! She again assumes that she is moving in with him and is offended when he says he needs the time alone, to get settled in and work things out with Belle - regarding the baby. He tells her not to choose between she Claire, but she thinks he's choosing Belle over her, not Claire! He denies this, yelling that it's over between he and Belle. She disagrees and storms out, leaving her backpack behind. He puts it into a cupboard after she leaves, not wanting Belle to notice.

Belle and Claire pay Victor a surprise visit at his mansion. Victor tells a curious Belle that he has yet to hear anything from Philip and he reaches out to hold Claire. Belle pulls away, and starts to lay down the guidelines. She tells him that when it comes to her daughter, she calls the shots. She provides him with Claire's schedule, asks that he not spoil her too much, and he's not to take her out of Salem. He's grateful to be able to spend time with his grand daughter, and accepts all her demands. Once again, he reminds her that he didn't get to spend much time with his own children, during their childhood. Belle gets up to leave, telling Victor to never let Claire forget Philip, and he smiles. "I'll certainly do that!"

After she leaves, Victor talks to Claire, telling her that she is family - a Kiriakis, and one day she'll learn what that means. He goes on to tell her that there is someone he wants her to see - a big surprise! He walks with her through the house as he asks her to promise not to tell anyone, not even mommy.

They come to a wall which leads to a secret passage way, which he unlocks and they enter. He shows her the surprise; someone sitting in a wheel chair, bandaged from head to toe! (It's Philip!)

At the hospital, Benjy watches from another room as the family wait for news on Kayla. (Nobody notices him.) Patrick walks in, reading the note that E.J. had sent over.

John and Marlena get set to leave the country, but Bo has bad news. The storm is getting worse and they may not get clearance to get their jet off the ground. He thinks things over, remembering he has a friend with a single engine. They can borrow it to fly to Ottawa tonight! Stephanie hugs John for his brilliant idea, and before Marlena and John leave, John secretly asks Bo to handle Lockhart until he is back. Bo agrees to it as Lockhart watches Marlena and John leave. Bo sees Patrick and tells Hope, "Lockhart came back, after you told him to leave." He looks tense, as does she. Hope finds Patrick, and tells him she's off to the pub for a bite to eat. While she and Patrick talk, Steve admits to Bo that he feels a lot of pressure with the family watching 24/7, so Bo takes the hint, asking family to leave and give Steve and Kayla some space. Caroline agrees to go home to fix dinner for the family. Stephanie asks her dad to take care of her mom, to which he agrees.

Steve talks to an unconscious Kayla. He tells her he wishes he knew if he was doing the right thing, when he sees Benjy at the window, signing to him! He signs back, "Benjy?!" Benjy smiles, and signs, "You remember?!" Steve has a look of surprise on his face, "I remember!" he exclaims. Apparently, Benjy read in the paper that Steve was alive but could not remember anything, so that's why he came to see him. Benjy smiles as Steve calls him "Benja-Monkey" and listens while he is told about the news that they're waiting for a new antidote from Canada.

He's saddened to tell Benjy that he doesn't remember Kayla, so isn't sure he can keep her alive, but Benjy points out, "You remember me!" He has faith, reminding Steve that their (Steve and Kayla) love is a love that never dies. He talks about one Christmas day that they spent together, and it jogs Steve's memory! He starts to remember, Kayla and a young Benjy and flashes back to the three of them discussing going on a sleigh ride! He turns to Kayla, and says, "I remember I remember!" Benjy smiles, knowing he would remember, but tells Steve he has to leave. He'll stay in touch. Steve promises to tell Kayla how much she means to Benjy and before Benjy leaves, he tells Steve that he has taught him everything he knows about faith and love, and tells him he'll be back!

Steve sits by Kayla, telling her, "Sweetness, I remember! It was like watching a movie!! It was Christmas, we were laughing,.. And it was just like you said!" Kayla wakes up, groggy. He tells her that Benjy was there, all grown up, and how he remembered him! (Stephanie watches, smiling from the window!) Steve promises to stay with her as she goes off to sleep again. He wanders back to the window to talk to his daughter and tells her, "Stephanie, John and Marlena have to get back here with the antidote." She reassures him that she knows John. Nothing will keep he and Marlena from getting the antidote!

Belle makes her way over to Shawn's new loft. As he shows her around, she's smiling, and is impressed! She advises him on what's needed to baby proof. He agrees to her demands and tells her he wants to be a good father. They're interrupted by Patrick, calling from the hospital. He wants Shawn to make a delivery, much to Shawn's dismay. Shawn asks Belle to stick around. He'll be back soon. She agrees and goes snooping in his cupboards, not happy to find Willow's backpack! Just then, Willow arrives back at the loft, for her bag. Belle and she get into it again, insulting one another.

At the hospital, Shawn finally shows up, and Patrick gives him the note to get to E.J. The note reads, John Black flying private plane to Ottawa TIME TO TAKE HIM DOWN? Later, Dr Bader pays Patrick a visit, and she's not pleased. She tells him it's time to pay up. Patrick explains his cash flow issues, but she is disinterested, and warns him that if he doesn't follow through, she'll spill it all!

Marlena and John are ready to take off, (in the plane), but first, he asks her one more time to stay behind. Of course, that isn't going to happen, she tells him, so the two kiss and take off. It's a bumpy ride. Marlena discusses the Phoenix ring with him, telling him she was frightened when she saw it. She doesn't want to lose him and fears for his safety, so again asks him to step down from the investigation. The oil pressure light starts to blink, while John promises a happy Marlena that he'll bow out of the investigation when they return to Salem. They kiss as the plane begins to sputter and shake. He yells to, "Hang on to your seat!" They are flying into the mouth of the storm. Things get worse. John tells her to brace herself, they're going down. He radios "Mayday, Mayday!"

At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope discuss Kayla. They reminisce that she has always wanted to be a doctor since she was a kid. They remember how she always wanted to help everyone. Hope reaches across the table, telling him Kayla will be fine. He's touched, thanking her for her support. She asks about Patrick. "Are you still trying to put Patrick in jail?" He doesn't respond right away, taking a sip of coffee. He explains that he didn't tell her that they have circumstantial evidence. She pushes, and he admits that Patrick's ID number was written on Eve's deposit slip. Hope wonders if there is a logical explanation, reminding him that they worked together, but Bo is not convinced. He tells her that Roman, Abe and John are behind him on this, and he fears for her and her baby's safety. She thanks him for confiding in her and takes his hand (again!) and tells him, "I have this terrible feeling we're not finished with the bad. Not just yet."

Back at the loft, Belle makes reference to Willow as "Shawn's dirty little secret!" Willow is floored, and Belle goes on to say, "I bet you wouldn't let your kid grow up with you as a role model. As long as you're going to be here with Shawn, Claire won't be!" Just then, Shawn shows up at the loft, and right into the line of fire! Willow looks to Belle and to Shawn, yelling, "Don't worry. This will be the last visit!" She leaves with Belle close behind her, telling Shawn that Willow is unstable and she doesn't want her near Claire. After the two leave, he throws his coat in frustration!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Patrick tells Hope that she shouldn't do this by herself. She tells him she's not! "I've asked Bo to move back in with me," she says.

Billie is honest with Chelsea. "Bo and I did not have sex, and a lot of people would get hurt if you went around telling people that we did!

The doctor tells Steve he is free to go, but Steve isn't ready to go. Dr Myers explains that he could die if he stays!