Patrick is rummaging through his things, searching for his money when Mimi walks in. He asks if she took it and she is indignant,"I may be low on cash but I'm not a thief!" She thinks Bonnie did it. Patrick apologizes, knowing she didn't do it, but hates to admit Bonnie could have done it, until Mimi reminds him that Bonnie stole all her money for college from her bank account. She's not above stealing money from him!

Outside, Bonnie is talking to someone on the phone, about her finances (bank?). She tells them she was forced to take a loan from her family already, and refuses to go that route again! "I'm about to get in bed with a Kiriakis," she grins! She enters the house and is confronted by Patrick. He confronts her, telling her he's on to her. He tells her he knows she stole his money!"I'm not leaving here until I get it," he says. She denies it, feigns a call Abe, to see if he will come to the house to investigate, but Patrick puts a stop to that quickly! Suddenly, Shawn shows up outside, with another envelope. Mimi is baffled, wondering what Shawn is actually doing for him, for work! Patrick opens the new envelope, reads the note. We see that the note reads, "GET INFO ON JOHN BLACK. FIND OUT HOW HE AND BO BRADY KNOW -- ASAP," and he makes a hasty exit.

Mimi yells at her mom to come clean or she'll be in as much trouble as Patrick is in. Bonnie starts to smoke. Mimi notes. "You're nervous! You smoke when you're nervous!" She knows Bonnie stole the money, and tells her that Patrick didn't call the cops because he didn't want the police to know he had thousands of dollars stashed! The two argue some more and Bonnie cries, "I have my own problems to worry about," and saunters off.

Kate is still searching through E.J.'s belongings (in his bedroom) when he comes in! As he gets a drink Kate hides out. In the surveillance van, a frantic Bo watches as Kate hides from E.J. He calls Sami," It's a matter of life and death that you go over to E.J.'s now," he demands. She agrees to it and rushes over to his place, knocking on the door, asking to come in. He looks tired, "It's not a good time," he admits, but he relents when she says she wants to talk about "Us". She tells him that it's been a few difficult months, and she's been confused for a long time. He steps in to remind her that her family abandons her consistently, and she casts him aside in the process. She explains she thought he was asking her to choose between him and Will. He denies that, wanted her to choose between he or Lucas. She can't do that! She explains that it means everything to her that Lucas is allowing them to be a family for Will's sake. He congratulates her (and Kate listens from the bedroom as she tells him she'll only ever be friends with Lucas.) She alludes. "Maybe you and I," and she lures him with a kiss, which leads then closer to the bedroom. She asks them to slow down, and then feigns an appointment. "I'll call you," she asks, then leaves. Meanwhile, John is at the bedroom window with Kate, trying to get her out. He has to pull her out, (she's afraid) and she knocks something over. E.J. comes to investigate but she's already gone.

In the surveillance van, Kate shows the men what she found. It's a ring! They all think it's Stefano's phoenix ring!! They tell Kate that Sami saved her. She admits she's never felt so happy to hear Sami's voice! It's confirmed. E.J. is involved with the DiMeras, along with Patrick. Even seeing the ring, Kate doesn't believe E.J. is involved.

In the hospital, Kayla is not doing well at all. Caroline has faith that Kayla will hang on. Nick arrives, telling to open arms of Hope and Caroline. He tells the family he has news! He knows a former professor who is in research specializing in developing hypoallergenic drugs for use with Biotoxins. He thinks he may be able to help, so he makes a call.

Marlena and Roman are hopeful about Nick's news, but Roman makes a call to Bo, asking him to get to the hospital.

Hope tells Steve she found out what happened with Billie and feels bad for her but thinks that Billie had to realize that he'd want to be with Kayla once he remembered her. The look on his face makes her ask him if he really does remember. He tells her all that matters is to keep Kayla alive, but as they talk, Benjy walks by them in the hospital! Steve looks after him, with a puzzled look of recognition on his face, as Hope talks. Benjy looks back at him but goes through a set of doors!!

John shows up to the hospital, showing Marlena the ring from E.J.'s apartment. She's revolted, seeing it. Nervously, she asks him to leave this to the police now, but John refuses.

Later, Bo shows up to Sami's. He explains that he and John had someone was hiding out at E.J.'s place (doesn't mention it is Kate) and she was a very helpful distraction. "I'm proud of you," he smiles and asks her to come to the hospital with him to see Kayla.

E.J. comes by Sami's place while she is gone and meets up with Will, who is not welcoming at all. Will is fuming when he tells him Sami wants nothing to do with him, but E.J. is doubtful, explaining about Sami's visit and kiss, a few minutes ago!

Patrick enters the hospital, seeing Hope hugging Bo. Neither man is happy to see the other. Patrick explains he's there to see how Hope is, but gives him the brush off, as she's with family! He apologizes for the intrusion and leaves the waiting room, only to be stopped by a confident Bo! Patrick is told, "Eve Michaels as much as named you as her killer!" He even tells Patrick that Eve had his academy ID! The Salem PD is on to him!

Steve sits by Kayla's side, telling her that he wonders, "What's going to happen down the road? I don't remember a damned thing and I don't want to break your heart all over again!"

Nick bounces into the waiting room, excitedly sharing news that his connection in Ottawa is coming through for them. They have to keep Kayla hanging on until tonight, when it's delivered. They all look to Steve! He yells to them, "Kayla's going to make it! Don't worry!" The doctor gets word from another on staff that there is a blizzard in the lower Canadian provinces. They can't get the serum to them tonight. Marlena wonders if John can get clearance for the jet, so they agree. John and Marlena will go to Ottawa together, to get the serum!

Kate drinks a Martini at Penthouse Grill bar, and is visited by E.J., who shares Sami's visit with her and his theory: "John had someone sneak into my apartment while he had me out for drinks!" Kate acts appalled and tells him she'll just call Roman. He stops her from completing the call. He has a plan of his own and asks her to agree to help keep him informed.

Kayla asks Steve if he's starting to remember!

Belle tells Willow that as long as she'll be with Shawn, Claire won't be!

Bo tells Hope that she and her baby are in danger.

On the plane, John tells Marlena to hold on to her seat! They're in for a bumpy ride, headed into the storm!