At home, Bo complains about Victor tipping off the feds. Carly wonders when Bo plans on dealing with his issues with Hope. Today’s the day.
At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope learns that Justin’s helping Carly with her defense.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole asks Harold where everyone is. Nobody’s home. Nicole calls Sydney’s name in a panic but realizes Harold’s not lying. Sydney’s with Kate, says Harold, much to Nicole’s chagrin.

Roman offers EJ a seat at Salem PD and asks EJ what’s going on between him and Stefano. Roman sees what he did as a sign that he doesn’t want to follow Stefano down that road to hell! Kate arrives at Salem PD and tells EJ the police arrested her in her own home. Roman asks her where Stefano is but she doesn’t know. Roman assumes she helped him pack and says she’s now an accessory to a crime. Kate says Stefano was with her all day, so it’s impossible that he committed a crime. EJ doesn’t account for the things his father does but Roman says, "Like putting a hit on somebody that you have to stop?" When Roman leaves the room EJ asks Kate, "Mummy, I’d like to know where daddy is!" Nicole interrupts, demanding to know where Sydney is. Kate is about to tell Nicole who Sydney’s with but Roman drags Kate into a room to get a statement. Nicole wonders why EJ’s there. He shares that there was a shooting incident at the pier involving Rafe. Nicole hugs him, happy he’s alright. EJ saved Rafe’s life, he admits but Nicole’s not happy to hear that and asks why! EJ is flabbergasted and asks if she wanted him dead. "No!" She thought he could have died.

Rafe arrives at Sami’s place and tells her that her baby is still alive. "Sami. She didn’t die. She didn’t die, Sami. The baby you gave birth to is very much alive. I can prove it." Sami is hurt and asks if that’s Rafe’s goal. Of course not but he needed to wait to tell her until he was 100% sure. He’s talking about Sydney. Sami’s confused and Rafe says Sydney is her baby, not Nicole’s or Mia’s. Sami realizes this is the big case he was working on and thinks it’s impossible. Rafe says Grace and Sydney were switched at birth. "Grace was never your child." Sami cries and yells that she felt Grace kick inside of her. Nobody’s going to replace her. Rafe realizes he said it all wrong. Sami doesn’t think that this can be true, but Rafe says it took place after the birth when Dr. Baker took her from the room. Sami still has a hard time wrapping her head around it but Rafe tells her Grace and Sydney were switched on purpose. "Why are you doing this," screams Sami. Rafe says Nicole lost her baby and planned on getting a replacement baby. Grace wasn’t her child, she was Mia’s. Sami’s eyes widen in shock. It’s not true. Rafe says he’s not wrong about this. He’s got all the facts. Nicole knew Sami was pregnant and knew where she was hiding. That’s when she went to see Sister Theresa as "Mary." Sami sits down and remembers the name. "Dr. Baker helped Nicole with her miscarriage." Rafe assumes she helped him with his gambling debts. Sami’s confused about how Nicole could have done all of this alone and Rafe says EJ knows nothing. Nicole’s buddy through it all was Stefano! Rafe shows her the DNA results. The teething ring was Sydney’s and the toothbrush hers. He took it right to the FBI. Still, Sami doesn’t think it’s possible. She cries. She knows in her heart that Grace was her daughter. Rafe says she’s not kicking Grace out of her heart just because she’s opening her heart to Sydney. "She’s yours Sami and it’s time to take her back." Sami sobs harder. She reminisces to wondering who Grace looked like and Rafe reminds her she has had a special connection to Sydney. Sami knows it’s true. She holds Rafe close and they put it all together. Sami smiles. "Sydney’s really mine? Sydney’s really my little girl?" Sami’s tears turn to laughter and happiness. They can go get Sydney.

Justin arrives at Bo’s place and tells Carly the extradition is still going to happen. It’s a matter of when. Carly says, "I can’t leave Salem until…" Until what?" asks Justin, but Carly remains silent. He tells her he can't help her and after he leaves, she does an internet search and then rushes out.

Bo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion, much to Hope’s surprise. He brought Ciara a toy. He wants to apologize for his accusations. There’s no need, says Hope. She thought she was being discreet by discussing Carly to Victor. Bo knows that Victor takes advantage. Hope is glad Justin was able to get her free. Bo wonders why she was picking Victor’s brain about Carly and Hope says Carly was once a part of his life. She replaced Hope when she was gone, in his heart and life and she needs to know if it’ll happen again. Bo denies that will ever happen. Carly may not even be in Salem for long and they need to worry about them. "I am worried," admits Hope. Bo asks how they rebuild their trust. They agree counseling may help. "I want to come home," confesses Hope! Bo is happy to hear but wonders why. Because of her love for him or to keep an eye on Carly?

Chloe sings Twinkle Twinkle to Sydney, who isn’t impressed. Chloe lets her know people pay good money to hear her voice. She wonders where Nicole is. Later, Daniel arrives at the apartment and Chloe has fallen asleep on her bed while Sydney is sitting up beside her. Daniel takes Sydney from Chloe.

Maggie finds a saddened Mia at Java and lets her know that she once adopted a child and hopes Mia can concentrate on the good adoption can bring. They discuss Mia’s family and Mia says her mom has a lot of problems. They share their dreams of wanting to dance and for Maggie, it wasn’t in the cards. Mia says the same for her. The dance company in Japan turned out to be bogus. She cries that she has failed at so much at sixteen but Maggie asks her to let the past go.

Back at Salem PD, EJ asks if she knew if Stefano put a hit on Rafe. She lies that she has no idea and asks if Stefano took Sydney away. Why would he, wonders EJ, and Nicole says he feels close to her. Kate returns and tells Nicole that Sydney’s with Chloe. Nicole calls Chloe, who wakes up and says she has Sydney but looks around for her and gasps! She’s gone! Roman tells them they’re free to go and Kate assumes Stefano didn’t leave on business. EJ says no, and Kate says an activity he wanted completed was interrupted by EJ. "You shouldn’t have been involved," she says.

Outside of the pub, Daniel chats with Sydney. He goes into Java and chats Sydney up.

Nicole arrives at Chloe’s place and Chloe just learned from Daniel that Sydney’s with him. Chloe wonders what’s wrong and Nicole continues to rant that she wants her baby. Now!

Nicole finds Daniel with Sydney and calls him an insensitive jerk for not telling Chloe that he left with Sydney. She tries to take Sydney away but Daniel stops her. She’s not going anywhere!

Carly bumps into Mia at the pier. She thinks Mia could use a friend.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Hope tells Bo, "That's not completely accurate. It's Carly I don't trust.

Rafe tells Sami, "But we need to figure out a plan. Very carefully."

Nicole tells Chloe, "I'm in trouble. Big trouble."

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