In the hospital, Kayla still has a fever. Steve rubs her head and she tells asks him to walk down memory lane, regarding their wedding. He complies, and then tries to get her to rest. She falls back to sleep and he wonders to himself, "What am I doing? I can't keep lying to her!" Stephanie comes to the window, asking about her mom and thanking him for helping her mom. She gets ahead of herself, "I can't wait until she comes home," she says. He asks her to slow down. She's still in danger, but when she goes home, they'll be a family.

At a diner (not sure where), Kate and Billie have lunch while they catch up. Billie is depressed, telling her mom she lost Billie. She tells Kate everything that has happened with Steve and Kayla and how she overheard how he remembered Kayla. Kate thinks its good news, and Billie does too, but it is bad news for her! She gets down on herself for letting herself fall for him. Kate tries to get her to talk to Steve about it, but arms crossed, she tells her mom she is being realistic. She knows they'll get back together, she tells Kate. "I heard him tell her!" Kate says she's been there, and now thinks that Billie needs to know it is time to move on. "There's plenty more out there," she encourages her daughter, in regards to men.

At Sami's place, she and Lucas discuss the great time they had yesterday. They had a good day until Lexie poured champagne all over her, she tells Lucas. He laughs and tells her he was proud of her for the way she handled it. She wants to earn Will's trust and that was a good start. She thanks him for his support. The two are interrupted by E.J., who gets a cold greeting! He is told that they both know he's been sleeping 'with the enemy', (Kate), and she shows him proof. Both she and Lucas show him the door!

Later, Lucas shows jealousy and thinking that E.J. must have been good in bed. She sets him straight. "I don't know if he's good in bed. I didn't sleep with him," she admits. He's happy to hear it, and she rants that she can't believe he asked her to choose between him and Will. He tells her he cares about her a lot and they look like they'd like to kiss one another, but instead talk about Will!

In the hospital, Dr. Bader sits with Hope and Patrick, discussing doing an amniocentesis. Patrick speaks up. He is adamant she shouldn't get it, so Hope explains that if something is wrong with the baby, the sooner they know about it, the better.

At Salem PD, the contents of Patrick Lockhart's locker arrive. Bo and Roman start leafing through them, hoping to find something interesting. They get that number from Eve Michael's bank statement, and realize it's Lockhart's ID number! He is a threat, they all agree. Bo calls Hope. She explains she's getting a check up at the hospital with Patrick, (Patrick is not pleased with the call.) he decides just to say he's just checking up on her and hangs up. Roman is surprised that he didn't tell her, but he didn't feel it was the right time. He doesn't want to do something to endanger her baby, he tells Roman. He'll wait until they have something more concrete, to put him away!

Billie arrives at the hospital to talk to Steve. He shows her the necklace that he got for her, (the necklace) and she's touched but tells him she can't accept it. She explains why, and he's puzzled. "Who told you that?" She tells him she overheard him tell Kayla that, and when he starts to tell her the truth, she interrupts, telling him she's happy for him. He sees Stephanie behind Billie, and a lie, saying it's a great thing he does remember. Stephanie also interjects, telling Billie that her parents belong together. Billie leaves.

In another area of the hospital, Dr. Bader leaves the ultrasound room with Patrick following closely. He's really angered that the doc advised Hope of an amnio. She assures him that she advises all patients of this, and accepts his offer of more money in order to do the amnio and interpret herself.

Bo and John watch E.J.'s apartment in the surveillance van. They see Kate show up, warning E.J. that John is poking into his affairs. He smiles, "John Black is not a policeman!" She explains all that transpired between she and John as John smirks, in the van. This is just what he wanted, he tells Bo. She shares that John thinks he's involved in the black glove crimes, and he tells her, "That's preposterous!" John chooses the moment to call E.J., asking him for a drink to get acquainted, since they have a business associate in common (Kate). They agree to meet at the Penthouse Grill. E.J. notices that it's a coincidence that John called just as they were talking about him. They leave.

In the surveillance van, Bo is unsure they can trust Kate but John that Kate is going to help them - they can trust her. He tells Bo she will snoop after E.J. leaves, and is right. The surveillance video shows Kate snooping. John leaves to meet E.J. and asks Bo to keep an eye on Kate. If E.J. comes home early, he's to call her, telling her to, "Jump in his bed, or something!"

E.J. meets John at Penthouse Grill, and as they get a few drinks, E.J. denies having business dealings with the Bradys', shares how he thinks Kate is a strong woman but isn't taking advantage of her. He leaves when John starts questioning him about Patrick. John calls Bo, "He's on his way out!"

As Kate snoops through E.J.'s place, she thinks aloud. "There has to be something here that will let me know what he may be up to." Bo can't get in touch with her cell phone, so they watch, as E.J. comes home and is ready to enter the door, with Kate still inside!!

Hope bumps into Billie at the hospital and Billie admits nothing happened between her and Bo, yesterday. She explains she was crying on his shoulder and the reason why. Hope tells her if it's any consolation, she means a lot to Steve. "He told me," she says, to a shocked Billie.

In the hospital room, Kayla wakes up, telling Steve she was dreaming about a peaceful ocean and gets upset, finding it hard to breathe. Stephanie yells, "Get someone," so he sets off an alarm and the doctors come to work on her again. Kayla has fluids in her lungs and they're racing against time. She may not recover from this, so they ask Steve to notify family members.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Mimi shares concerns with Bonnie. "I'm worried about Patrickwhat if all that money he had was stolen? You may be in just as much trouble as he is!"

Bo to Patrick: "Eve Michaels as good as named you as her killer."

Steve sadly tells an unconscious Kayla, "I don't know what to do baby. I don't really remember a damned thing! I don't want to break your heart all over again."

John shows Marlena a ring (looks to me like Stefano's Phoenix ring!!): Marlena says, "Oh my gosh! Where did you find that?"