At The Penthouse Grill, Will, Sami and Lucas dine, joking and laughing over a great day at an amusement park. Sami is blowing on a pinwheel, as they talk about the various rides, etc. drink to one day of being a happy family. Sami thinks they deserve the world's record for not fighting once, all day! She seals it with a kiss, (kissing Will on the cheek), but Will asks, "What about dad? He paid for all this," and Sami shyly says Lucas knows how much he means to her. She tells Lucas it does mean a lot to her that he is giving her a chance to be a family and they both compliment each other that they're both a lot of fun! Will dampens the mood by telling Sami that one of her enemies is there. She says, "That could be anyone, who is it?" She's told its Lexie, and suddenly gets cold feet, wanting to run. Will gives his parents privacy so Lucas can help Sami make the right decision - Lucas asks Sami to apologize to Lexi.

A few tables over, Abe and Lexi drink champagne while they finish their dinner. Abe gives her a thank-you note Caroline and Shawn Brady, thanking her for the help she gave with the antidote! She doesn't feel worthy, but Abe reassures her she deserves it. She's still feeling guilty about betraying the trust of the people she cared about. They overhear Sami, Lucas and Will having a good time at their table, which makes Lexi a little on edge. Abe reminds Lexi that Sami doesn't feel guilt! She beats herself up over what she did to Carrie and Austin but would like to heave the champagne bottle at Sami's head! Lexie admits she has always felt as though she has had to work extra hard to prove that she isn't Tony or Stefano.

Sami goes over to Lexi and Abe's table, and apologizes to Lexi. Lexi sighs, and tells her that she can take her apology and go straight to hell. Sami starts to lash out because, "My family has forgiven you time and time again, but you can't forgive me? She stomps off to the bathroom, followed by Lexie, who is sporting the champagne bottle. She pours the bottle over Sami's head, laughing wickedly in satisfaction before she walks back to her table, happily!

Sami goes back to her chair, walking by a giggling Lexi and shocked Abe, "That was a $200 bottle of champagne!" They leave, as Sami acts lighthearted about what happened, as she jokes with Will and Lucas, spraying Will with Champagne from her hair!

In Victor's office, (At Titan) Belle returns the $100,000 check, just as Shawn walks in telling "Take your check and shove it!" They both realize that they're there for the same thing. Victor explains he is trying to make amends, wants to be a part of Claire's life. He knows he has lied, but was trying to protect Philip. Shawn isn't letting him off so easily; counts, much to Victor's irritation. Victor retaliates by reminding his grandson of his struggle to get where he is. Shawn gets rude to his grandfather, telling him he'd shoot himself if he ends up like him! Victor asks for a few minutes so he can explain, "Then if you want to drive a race car through my house, you can!" They agree to listen, and he tells them both that he's honored to be a part of Claire's life. He wasn't able to be there for his kids and wants to give the love to Claire he wasn't able to give his children. He feels that Claire is his only link to Philip, now that Phil is gone. He has talked to detectives, private investigators, Interpol, etc. Anyone and everyone and nobody has seen Philip since he left JFK (airport). Victor gets emotional and leaves the room, while Shawn and Belle speculate as to whether Phil is okay. When he returns, Victor asks again to be a part of Claire's life. Belle decides to allow it, wanting Claire to always have Philip in her heart as well as Victor. He goes off again to a meeting while Belle knocks heads with Shawn, reminding him that she has been with Claire since day one, while he has spent time driving someone else's car through a house, and risking his life at sea to protect a prostitute. She doesn't trust him. Shawn realizes he has disappointed her and he has straightened himself out. He shares news about his new job, and is finding a place to live. He tries to impress her, hoping she'll relent, and allow Claire to spend time with her. He gives her a wad of cash for Claire- his first child care payment! She's shocked at the amount of money he gives her, and he lies that the job is 'just mechanic stuff'. She is impressed that he'll give this to her weekly. She is a little envious as she just realized she too needs a job. Shawn comforts her, telling her that she is a good mother, and it's all she needs to be right now. Shawn explains Willow had a rough childhood. Belle understands but says she doesn't want her daughter around 'that'. He agrees it is not a problem, and Victor shows up, asking what the verdict is. She has agreed to allow him access to Claire. They leave, and Belle is happy that Claire will be able to be in his life now.

Nick offers to hand over his first paycheck to the bartender, and Chelsea offers to work it off, washing dishes. He demands $88 on the bar, "Now, or your friend goes straight to jail!" Nick isn't deterred. He again asks to give Chelsea a break- he'll pay for the broken glasses and tries sweet talking him to find a solution to make them all happy. He wants Nick's watch! He asks for a bet. Nick balks at giving his watch away, while the bartender asks him to get an olive inside a snifter without touching the olive! Nick thinks for a bit, then puts the snifter over top of the olive, spinning the glass. The olive goes inside the glass and he has won the bet! Everyone is cheering Nick and he takes his watch and leaves, telling Chelsea she is free. "See ya around," he says! The girls meet him outside; Chelsea hears he was in a fraternity and is suddenly impressed by him! She apologizes for calling him a geek and asks that he 'lose the glasses'! Nick is taken with Chelsea, while Abby asks, "What is it you like about her?!" He is taken with her police record, she is exciting! Abby thanks him for the night, what was fun in it's own way!

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