Bo and Billie continue their passionate kisses, as they ripping each other's clothes off. They're hell bent on making love but right in the middle of things she stops him. Breathlessly she says," I have something to tell you." Bo stops, and tells her that he too has something to say. At the same time, they both blurt out, "I can't do this!" She expresses her feelings for Steve and he of course loves Hope. Billie wonders what's wrong with her. As she struggles into her clothes, she tells him that she can't seem to get a relationship and is sure that Hope wouldn't be thrilled to find out about this! She's almost dressed when he tells her to stay. He clarifiesas long as they can keep their clothes on, they can lie on the bed and talk! Billie smiles, and tells Bo that they've come a long way! "I guess this is what they call closure," She says. Bo tells her they've come full circle, and have become friends again, after all these years!

Chelsea arrives downstairs at the Pub, asking Caroline for her dad. She needs to borrow money from him to go to Dune, but Caroline asks her not to disturb Bo. Instead, her grandmother gives her tip money from a jar on the bar. An ungrateful Chelsea feels it's not enough, and steals the tip money from one of the tables and dashes upstairs to find Bo. The door is ajar, and she witnesses Bo and Billie lying side by side on the bed, talking. They don't notice she's there so she takes the opportunity to take pictures of them on her cell phone!

After Chelsea goes back downstairs, Billie admits she didn't tell Steve about what she overheard, (him telling Kayla he loves her and remembers her) and won't. She doesn't think it's the right time. He has enough to deal with, she sighs. Bo listens and then smiles, hugging her as he tells her, "You've come a long way!" While she agrees, she sadly asks Bo, "How am I gonna let him go?"

Chelsea arrives downstairs, looking at the cell phone, smirking happily to herself when Caroline wonders what's up. She brushes her grandmother off, telling her she has to meet friends, and leaves. Caroline goes to collect the tip from the table, noticing it's gone. A sad look of disbelief crosses her face when she says, "Where's the tip?"

At the Horton residence, Maggie tells Abby that her new cousin, Nick Fallon is going to be living with them. She explains his history, telling Abby that he's the grandson of Marie Horton, (Alice's daughter.) and his parents are Jessica and Joshua. She explains how he's very smart and sweet, but when he shows up downstairs, she sees that he's what would be considered a 'nerd'! He is absolutely thrilled to meet her, but the feeling isn't mutual when Abby finds out that Maggie has offered for her to show him a good time tonight, with her friends! Nick assures Abby that he can dance really well and promises to hurry and change, "I'll be back before you can say "Deoxyribonucleic Acid" 5 times fast," he says. Abby looks pained, but Maggie pleads with her to take him. She agrees to it and when he comes down the stairs he is dressed in a bold blue leisure suit! He yells, "Get ready for 'the Fallonator', and drags her out of the house!! They arrive at Dune and he pulls a reluctant Abby on to the dance floor, embarrassing her with his less than cool moves! Chelsea shows up as the two dance, staring in disbelief! She is introduced to Nick, after he makes a fool of himself on the dance floor, (splitting his pants). She calls him Clumsy and tells him she doesn't hang out with or even talk to geeks. She turns to Abby, notifying her of the news, and shows a pic of her parents in bed!

At the Horton residence, Maggie tells Abby that her new cousin, Nick Fallon is going to be living with them. She explains his history, telling Nick asks to buy them all sodas, but Chelsea declines, stating she only drinks Cosmos! Abby tries without luck to stop Chelsea from ordering, and when she goes off to order, Nick tries to help. If caught, he tells Abby that Chelsea would only get a slap on the wrist, but Abby informs him it's not the first time she has been arrested! He's intrigued by this, and when she doesn't get served and "accidentally" knocks over some booze and is ordered to pay $80 for it, he steps in, trying to come to an agreement with the bartender. He thinks Chelsea is hot!

At the hospital, Kayla is awake, happy she was saved by Steve, but is still having breathing issues, and so the doctors give her an eppy. Steve yells to Kayla that he can't lose her and he loves her, as the Doctors work on her. He's told to keep things up. He has given Kayla the strength to carry on! Steve works fast. He asks a nurse to call the family back.

Back at his house, Patrick starts freaking out, wondering where his money is. He wants to be a good father, he blurts out, but Hope feels that Patrick will be a good father, and jokes that he's acting like a high-school boy, trying to impress his date with a wad of money! While still concerned about the amount of cash he's missing, he agrees that she's right. He knows she is from a different world than he is, and wants to be worthy of her. She tells him he needs a little patience, so he promises not to push so hard, then takes a call and yells, "What?" She turns to Patrick, telling him that Kayla is awake! She tries to call Bo, who isn't answering, so goes off to find him.

At the hospital, Kayla is calmed by the drugs and is told she has three days topsSteve comes to her side and she tells him she can't go through this without him. She fought hard to get back to him, because she heard him say he loved her. She tells him it's all worthwhile. Feeling overwhelmed by it all, he kisses her hand as she tells him she'll die happy, knowing that he remembers her.

Bonnie walks in to Patrick's house, to an angry Patrick. He accuses her of stealing the money in his locked box, but she tells him she only took $20 that she says she found in his passbook. He doesn't believe her, telling her he had 10's of thousands. Bonnie takes this opportunity to question where he's getting his money from and he lies, telling her it's from 'other sources', not his police work. Patrick is disgusted as she tries to blame Mimi, telling her son that since her husband just dumped her, Meem's capable of anything!

Back at the pub, Billie is fixing her make-up when Hope knocks on the door. Bo opens the door to a keyed up Hope, jumping into his arms! "Kayla is awake," she yells, but her happiness is short lived when she sees Billie. Bo explains that it's not what it looks like, so she continues, telling them that the drug didn't work after all! It was Steve's love that brought her back! Billie is once again dejected.

Maggie drops by the pub, telling Caroline that Nick is out with Abby and how Mickey is busy when their talk is interrupted by Bo who yells that 'Kayla is awake'! Billie comes downstairs after him, sadly, as Caroline, Bo and Hope rush out the door. Maggie stays behind and once she sees the look on Billie's face, she has advice for her. "Sometimes when an addict conquers their addiction, they find a substitute."Bo is yours," she tells Billie. A downcast Billie admits that Steve and her are over, now that he remembers Kayla. She wonders why she is attracted to unavailable men, and Maggie tells her maybe she feels deep down that they're safe. She advises her to take a self inventory and pray to God!

Bo, Hope and Caroline arrive at the hospital, talking to Kayla through the glass. They are happy she's going to be alright, but when she tries to talk to them, she has breathing troubles again.

Steve tells the family her breathing is rough and she is on sedatives but her mind is fine. They thank him and are encouraging, telling him that just knowing she has a future with him, is keeping her going. He looks off, wondering if he is up for this.

Next on Days of our lives:

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