At Mimi's place, Bonnie tries on a new dress. Mimi wonders where she has got her money from and doesn't hold back, telling her mom that the dress is horrible. Mimi is exasperated, saying Patrick does nothing and is loaded! Bonnie's curiosity is piqued and Mimi shows her the cash in the lock box. Bonnie whistles, "That's a lot of lettuce," and Mimi asks if Bonnie can confront Patrick about it. She refuses! Mimi dashes off to work. After she leaves, Bonnie receives a call from Lauren. She worries, "Don't tell me there is something wrong with the baby!" It turns out the baby is fine, but she agrees to meet with Lauren, hangs up and turns to the box full of money. With a guilty look on her face, she grabs some and takes off, leaving the box unlocked!

Bonnie makes her way to the pub, where Lauren tells her that she had to quit her job, because she can't stand on her feet anymore. She says she needs someone to take care of her, looking directly at Bonnie. She's getting greedy, and Bonnie rolls her eyes, before forking over several bills she stole from her son!

At the YWCA, Shawn shows Willow all the cash he made from working for E.J. He tells her he's a messenger, on call 24/7. Willow is happy for him. He'll be able to take care of Claire! First thing he wants to do is to get an apartment with a nursery. Willow asks if there will be room for her there. Shawn balks. He hasn't thought about them living together long term. She jumps the gun, thinking he can't live with an ex-hooker, and doesn't let him explain that this isn't the reason. He doesn't want to think about the future at the moment, but she tells him she just wants a place to live - someplace better than this. She apologizes for manipulating him with her sob story and then he takes pity on her, telling her that he'll look for a place for them both. She jumps on him, happy and smiling. She will ensure he won't forget it, she promises!

At the hospital, Billie visits Steve. He thanks her for getting the Bradys home safely and coming back. She tells him she'll be there until he gets better. Steve relays his concerns about Kayla. She wonders what he can do, but he's not sure. She goes off to get something to eat while he rests some. After Billie leaves, He holds Kayla's hand.

Bo and Hope are still reminiscing. They almost kiss, but both break away, with Hope saying how good it is to remember the past. Bo tells her it's not too late for them to get back what they had, when they're interrupted by. Patrick! She asks that he not make a scene. Like it or not, he'll always be a part of her life as she's carrying his baby. Bo leaves the two to talk as Hope says they have unfinished business. Bo leaves before Hope can let him know she'll be going to the hospital with Patrick to talk.

Hope arrives at the hospital, giving a thrilled Steve the notebook. She is hoping it'll jog his memory. Steve worries he'll never remember Kayla, telling her he can't walk out on the mother of his child if there is a chance he can save her. She sees Billie on her way out and accidentally lets it out that Steve bought her a necklace when she asks how she liked it! Billie is thrilled that Steve thought of her, but he didn't give the necklace to her, she explains.

At Chez Rouge, Willow calls Mimi on being late to work. Mimi tells her she has another job to go to - at Max's Garage. Willow thinks she's being desperate, but Mimi assures her she needs the work, and the two exchange insults. Willow tells Mimi she's "Moving on up," and gushes that she is going to be moving in with Shawn. Mimi doesn't believe her and rolls her eyes when she thinks, "I highly doubt that Belle will allow her daughter to be around a hooker!" Willow lashes out that she doesn't have exactly the highest morals either, reminding her of the lies she told Shawn! Mimi explains that Shawn's heart belongs to Belle Black and whatever 'power' she has over him now will be gone when Belle and Shawn get back together. She gives her advice that Shawn is too smart to let her get between he and Claire and eventually will kick her to the curb.

At the pub, Shawn tries to give his dad money towards fixing the boat. Bo is suspicious of how he's making that much money and asks him to keep the cash - the insurance company is taking care of the Fancy Face. He tells Shawn that he'll let him know if he hears anything on E.J. Wells. He gives Shawn an envelope from Victor.

Hope and Patrick have lunch at Patrick's place. He realizes he interrupted something at the pub between her and Bo. She tells him it's true, he did, but it's nothing she wants to talk about. He asks if she is still planning on going away with him, which she agrees to go but wants to keep it from Bo and everyone. He agrees and is happy he can spend some cash he's been saving on her. He notices that the drawer is open and rushes over to open the box, exclaiming "It's gone!"

Later, Billie arrives back at the hospital only to hear Steve tell Kayla "It happened I've gotten my memory back!" He holds Kayla's hand as he tells her that he got his memory back and Stephanie was right. He remembers how much he needs her and that's why she has to get well and come back to him. Billie turns off the sound from the intercom, sadly. Steve flips through the notepad, asking her if she remembers the pool cue, and how she gave it to him for no reason. He reminds her of an old kissing game they played and tells her there are more kisses where they came from all she has to do is wake up! He kisses her hand. He continues on this path, reminding Kayla of their life together. He starts to hum the song, 'The Rose' to her and she wakes up as Steve looks on incredulously, saying "Kayla?!"

Shawn arrives at Chez Rouge, bumping into Mimi. She fakes that she is happy to hear that he's moving in with Willow. He tells her it's not definite yet and is there to ask Willow if she needs a ride home, later. Mimi runs off and Willow encourages him to open the envelope, and her eyes pop out when she sees it's a check for $10,000. She gets excited, telling them they can buy a house now! Shawn tells her to relax. He's not taking the money, after what Victor pulled on him. Mimi overhears, behind the fireplace.

In bed, Bo lies quietly, drinking a beer and holding a picture of Hope. Billie comes to the door, upset and telling Bo that Steve has his memory back. Bo says, "So it worked," telling Billie that Steve asked him to tell him a few things to jog his memory. She starts to cry, saying she knew this would happen and gets enveloped into a hug from Bo. He feels for her. She tells him he should hate her for ruining his marriage but he tells her she shouldn't say things like that and suddenly, they kiss, fall to his bed, and make out, passionately!!

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A guy dances around saying to Abby and Maggie, "Get ready for the 'Fallonator'let's get jiggy with it!"

Kayla tells Steve she can't get through this without him.

Patrick tells Hope, "I want you to trust me. I will be there for you and the baby no matter what!"

Bo and Billie lie in bed, after making love, saying"Kind of full circle and being friends again after all these years. The two don't see Chelsea taking pictures of them with her cell phone, through the open door!