At the Brady Pub, Philip calls Carlos, who is injured on the pier. Philip hurriedly gets up to leave, but Brady stops him and asks him what’s going on.

In the prison, Lucas tells Daniel that Chloe doesn’t love him. Daniel tells him about his conversation with Chloe at the last taping, before she got ill. Daniel insists that they love each other, and that Lucas knows he’s telling the truth. Daniel reminds Lucas that it doesn’t make sense that he’s accused, rather, Kate is the one who poisoned Chloe. Lucas angrily tells him that he makes him sick and he deserves what he got. Daniel reminds him that even so, Chloe doesn’t deserve to die. Daniel asks Lucas if he loves her or if he’s willing to let her die. Lucas storms off.

In Chloe’s hospital room, Kate asks Chloe why she married Lucas if she loved Daniel. She whispers, “You made me do what I did.” Hope overhears and asks Kate what she did, because it sounds like a confession. Kate explains that Chloe made her cover for her lies about the affair. Hope says that Kate must have hated her. Kate remarks that Hope likes to put words in people’s mouths. Kate insists that she never said that, and the only thing she hated was lying to Lucas. Hope pulls out her recorder and asks to hear her side of the story. Hope says she’ll provide a lawyer if Kate needs one, and Kate asks why she would need one. Hope says, “You tell me.” Later, as Hope uses the records, Kate explains that Daniel seemed driven to do this since Chloe chose Lucas over him. Hope wonders if Daniel acted as strongly when he lost Kate. Hope apologizes for how that sounded. Instead, she asks if Kate was worried about Lucas’ reaction to the news of the affair. Kate says she was worried about Lucas finding out. Hope reminds Kate that this doesn’t really give Daniel motive, and the only person who really knows what happened is Chloe. Kate comments that Chloe’s almost gone, and she won’t come back to them. When they are done, Kate asks Hope if she’s leaving but Hope smirks and says it isn’t right for Kate to stay alone with Chloe. She insists that she’ll “share her burden” with her. As Hope walks off, Kate gets a phone call from Lucas, who tells her he knows what she did.

Arianna walks in the park with a man and hands him money and a sample of a white substance in a plastic bag. She tells him to make sure the shipment is of good quality. The man hands back the sample and walks off. Bo runs into her and asks her how it’s going at the pub. A startled Arianna tells him it’s going well. Bo gets a phone call and excuses himself. As he leaves, Brady walks by carrying a picnic basket, and says he has to make a quick phone call. He calls Philip, who doesn’t answer. As Brady and Arianna enjoy their picnic, Brady offers her wine but she hesitates. Brady reassures her that it’s okay to talk about it. Arianna says he seems very laid back and Brady says that’s because he’s with a beautiful woman. He leans in and kisses her. Arianna tells him he’s a good kisser and Brady says he’s having a good night. He reaches to get dessert and knocks her purse over. The powdered sample falls out. Arianna quickly hides it and reminds Brady not to touch a woman’s purse. She asks for the wine and when Brady accidentally drops it on her, she excuses herself. She abruptly says she has to go and leaves Brady confused.

Philip looks for Carlos on the pier and finds him bleeding from a gunshot. He calls the police and as the paramedics show up, Carlos says Victor will be furious when he finds out that Philip got involved. Bo walks by and shakes his head at Philip. The paramedics take Carlos away as Philip tells him to hang in there. Bo asks Philip about Carlos and Philip says Carlos was being loyal to the family. Bo says he can’t help him because anytime the cops try to do anything, "It’s an exercise in futility." Bo reminds him that the good side to his job is that he gets to sleep well at night. Bo asks Philip if he is able to do the same.

At the hospital, Melanie offers Nathan some coffee, as he’s reading up on comas. Melanie admits she’s buttering him up, and Nathan guesses there’s no date tonight either. Melanie explains that she had to take a late shift and Nathan jokes that in the next decade they’ll get to go on that date. He says it’s too bad since he had tickets to the summer concert. Nathan thanks her for being there for Maggie. Melanie tells him it’s no problem. She jokes that he should get some sleep and walks off. Stephanie walks by as Nathan is getting ready to leave. He sighs painfully when he sees many files he has to take care of. Stephanie tells him he only has to initial them since she already tallied them for him. Nathan enthusiastically thanks her and offers to take her to the summer concert. Stephanie hesitates, and says it’s too early. Nathan assures her they’ll go out as friends only, and Stephanie agrees. Later, Stephanie asks Melanie where Nathan went because he forgot to sign his chart. Melanie tells her to forge it, and Stephanie says it’s too hard. Melanie forges the signature for him. Nathan later returns and says that he forgot to sign out, as Lexi is showing some interns the importance of paperwork. She uses Nathan’s chart as an example of good paperwork. As Lexi walks off, Nathan asks Stephanie “How?” and Stephanie tells him to thank his friends.

Kate walks into the Kiriakis mansion and sees Lucas eying a bottle. She tells him not to. Lucas furiously confronts her about lying about Chloe and Daniel’s affair, saying that she didn't think he could handle it. He tells her he remembers what happened before the explosion when he found out and got drunk. Kate asks how he remembered that, and Lucas tells her he talked to Daniel who told him everything. He asks how she could pair them on the show, knowing that they had an affair. He wonders about the food on set, and accuses her of doing everything to poison Chloe. Kate reminds him that he’s taking the word of a man who slept with his wife over his mother. Lucas says it makes way more sense. Kate reminds him of what they did to him, but Lucas says she turned him into a lapdog, and tried to run his life. Kate cries that she wanted him to be happy. Lucas yells that everything she does is to benefit herself. He storms off and Kate tries to stop him. She cries that she loved Chloe for making him happy, and that it tormented her that Chloe cheated. Kate asks him to tell her that he doesn’t mean his accusation. Lucas walks out.

At the hospital, Bo asks about Carlos and the nurse tells him he died en route. Philip tells Bo that Carlos bled to death to protect the family. He says Carlos’ family will be taken care of. Bo sarcastically says that maybe Victor will hire Carlos’ son next. Bo says he knows Philip tried to do the right thing, but with this family, it will always be a losing proposition. Bo walks off as Melanie asks if Philip is okay. Carlos’ wife, Joyce, shows up and asks Philip how he is. Melanie watches but a nurse orders her to get to work. Philip assures Joyce they’ll take care of her family, but she slaps Philip and cries, “How could you live with yourself?” She tells him to get away from her. Philip apologizes and leaves.

At the prison, Hope tells Daniel there’s no change. Daniel warns her to get Kate away from Chloe. Hope says that Kate can’t do anything or else it would undo all her work. Daniel says it seems like Hope believes him. Hope says it doesn’t matter what she believes. She gets a call and tells Daniel to hang in there.

Melanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and asks Henderson for Philip, but Henderson says he’s not there.

Philip sits in the park and recalls Bo and Joyce’s words. Stephanie walks by and Philip says he has to say something really important to her.

At the Brady Pub, Arianna receives a shipment from a man. Brady walks in and asks who he is.

In Chloe’s hospital room, Lucas emotionally asks her, “Why?”

At the prison, Kate somehow enters Daniel’s cell and eyes him as he sleeps.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nicole tells EJ he’s obsessed with Sami, again.

Stephanie tells Philip he’s one of the good guys.

Arianna tells Brady she’s glad he came by tonight.

Kate tells Daniel it’s too late for Chloe.

Lucas tells Chloe she deserves to rot in hell!

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