Rafe flashes back to Meredith threatening that the world will find out what really happened during the tragedy. The phone wakes Sami and she answers. "Hello? Oh my God!" She hangs up and tells Rafe that was Caroline, who told her Chloe is in the hospital for poisoning. Upset, she calls Will, but there’s no answer. She panics and isn’t sure what she can tell them. Later, Sami learns that Chloe cheated on Lucas and calls her offensive names. Rafe reminds her she’s in a coma but Sami doesn’t care. She unleashes vile talk about Chloe, saying Chloe brought the coma on herself. Rafe is floored to find out Daniel’s a suspect and Sami drones on about how it’s like something you see on TV. Some people can go too far when in love. She apologizes, saying she’s not talking about him. Allie comes into the room and Sami explains to her that Chloe’s in the hospital but she’ll be okay. Later, Sami apologizes again, but Rafe tells her he didn’t think she was talking about him! They hug.

At Meredith's place, Stefano offers to inform Rafe’s lady love about what really happened during the accident that killed Emily. Meredith already did but Stefano reminds her she didn’t give details. After Stefano leaves, Meredith writes a letter to Sami, to explain what happened the day Emily died. Rafe will think this is Meredith’s revenge and the end, but Meredith vows he’ll be wrong!

At the hospital, Brady and Nicole decide to be there for Chloe – together. They hold hands and Brady tells Nicole that somebody tried to kill Chloe. Nicole is shocked and confused. When she finds out that Daniel was arrested, she becomes more confused, knowing they’re in love with each other. Brady admits that Daniel confessed his feelings for Chloe and Nicole says Chloe thought there was another woman in his life. Brady says this can’t be true. Daniel was deeply in love with Chloe. Nicole worries that Chloe won’t wake up. Neither of the two can believe Daniel would do this and Nicole thinks if it’s anyone, it’s Kate! Nicole is sure there’s not a single person on the planet who would trust Kate.

Lucas doesn’t believe that his own mother tried to kill Chloe, but Daniel says it’s true and only a matter of time before it comes out. Lucas thinks Daniel’s making it up but Daniel says it’s all about revenge. Kate knew about them for months and was trying to protect him, so he wouldn’t fall off the wagon again. Lucas tries to make sense of it and asks why she hired Daniel to work on Hearth and Home. Daniel says she forced them together and agrees with Lucas. It doesn’t make sense, but Kate holds on to anger and vengeance. Lucas disagrees. What motivates her is her children. Daniel says Kate gets her kicks out of inflicting pain. She did this for Lucas, to avenge his honor. Daniel tries his best to convince Lucas that Kate really did try to murder Chloe, but Lucas thinks he’s got this whole thing twisted. Lucas thinks he’s full of hot air and mentions the woman Daniel has been seeing, the one who left behind her scarf when Lucas and Chloe picked up his clothing from his apartment. Daniel asks who he’s talking about and what scarf he’s on about. They argue and Lucas thinks Daniel wants Chloe six feet under. Lucas rants at Daniel, who begs him to believe it’s his mother who tried to kill her. If he doesn’t want his wife to die, he’ll do everything he says! He tells Lucas to keep Kate away from Chloe and get Lexi to meet him there. He has ideas on how to keep Chloe alive. Lucas refuses but Daniel tries again to convince him to do as he’s told. If Chloe survives, Daniel is sure that Chloe will tell Lucas that she’s leaving him for Daniel. Lucas doesn’t believe it.

Kate takes a suitcase downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion and Victor notices. "Fleeing the scene of the crime?" Victor saw the taxi outside, loading her belongings and tells her it makes her look awfully guilty. She won’t get the Martha Stewart treatment! Kate’s leaving his house, not Salem, because of how he’s treating her. Victor is glad. After what she’s doing to his godson, he wants her out! She’s going to stay with Lucas. Kate asks why Victor has turned on her. She crossed the line and went after his godson. It wasn’t enough for her that he lost the love of his life. He thinks Daniel rejected her, preferring to have sex with a younger more voluptuous girl. "This is about your ego!" Kate denies it and starts calling Chloe nasty names and tells Victor this is about Lucas, not her. Victor says it wasn’t enough to simply tell Lucas the truth so he could divorce Chloe. Kate thinks she’ll look for a place for her and Philip to live, instead of moving in with Lucas, but Victor tells her she can stay in the house. He won’t turn her in. Philip has been through enough, and he won’t make things worse. He says if evidence comes up against her, he won’t try to hide it! Brady walks in on them and asks if Kate’s moving out. He saw the loaded taxi. Kate says Victor just talked her out of it and runs off, leaving Brady to ask what’s going on! Victor says Kate thought he wanted her out. She got the wrong idea.

Nicole arrives home and Stefano asks if Chloe will survive. They don’t know yet, says a morose Nicole, so Stefano cheers her up, saying she no longer has to worry about Rafe! Nicole wants Stefano to go after Rafe, but Stefano wants to destroy Sami and Rafe so that he’ll leave town and not discover the baby switch. They argue.

Kate visits Chloe, saying she’ll have to be content with Chloe being alive still. Kate wonders if Chloe hears them talking to her. She thinks with Chloe out of the way, Kate and Daniel might have found their way back to each other, or at least she wouldn’t have been humiliated. Kate thinks Daniel was always allusive and her feelings for him were stronger. It humiliated her. She was falling in love with Daniel, and now neither of them will have him. "Because of you."

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate says, "They made me do what I did." Hope asks Kate what she did.

Daniel asks Lucas, "Do you really love her or are you willing to just let her die?"

Brady calls Philip on the phone, saying, "Philip, pick up the phone."

Philip calls 911 after his bodyguard Carlos is shot.

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