Kate stands over Chloe’s comatose body and tells her it’s comforting to see her like this. She tells Chloe not to fight. "Drift off. Let go."

Brady finds Will at the hospital and asks why he was talking to the nurse about Chloe. Kate interrupts and tells Will that somebody tried to kill Chloe. She shares the news about Chloe’s affair. Will assumes Daniel tried to kill Chloe, when she broke up the relationship. Kate says Chloe was in love with Daniel, confusing Will and making him angry. "She tricked me? She tricked everyone?"

Chloe gets a visit from a glum Nicole. "What happened to you?" She tells Chloe how grateful she is to her. Chloe accepted her into her heart, even with their terrible history. Nicole doesn’t deserve her friendship. She didn’t want to burden Chloe with her terrible secrets but she unloads every detail about the miscarriage and buying Grace from Mia and the baby switch with Sami’s baby. She cries with her admission and bawls about Grace’s tragic death and how Sami doesn’t know her baby is alive. Nicole isn’t sure Chloe would forgive her for what she has done, knowing she can’t forgive herself. Chloe’s hand tightens around Nicole’s and Nicole calls for Maxine, who explains that involuntary movement is common in comatose patients. Nicole is startled to learn that Chloe may hear what she says. Maxine asks her to be with Chloe, and leaves, while Nicole thinks she must have depressed Chloe. She gushes about how good of a friend Chloe has been and begs her to open her eyes. "I need you. I love you Chloe, please. Open your eyes," she cries. Brady interrupts and Nicole cries on his shoulder. Brady still cares for Chloe. Nicole wonders who she’ll talk to if Chloe’s gone. Brady says she still has him. They’ve got each other. They hug.

Outside of Chloe’s room, Will expresses anger at Daniel and Kate lets him know that Daniel might start blaming her for Chloe’s poisoning. Kate admits Chloe may not make it.

Daniel is told his lawyer has arrived, but it’s Lucas! "You SOB," he says. Daniel apologizes, but Lucas isn’t interested. "You slept with my wife, then you tried to kill her." Daniel would never hurt her, he says, and Lucas assumes that it happened the night at the mansion. Lucas sarcastically asks if it didn’t happen because he’s such a stand up guy and his wife’s not a sleeze, and Daniel hauls off and punches him. A fight ensues. Daniel tells Lucas not to talk about Chloe that way. Lucas continues to call Chloe names and Daniel says he pursued Chloe. She wanted nothing to do with him because she loves Lucas, but admits they did have an affair. Daniel tells Lucas to hate him, not Chloe. Daniel tells Lucas to go be with Chloe. Lucas realizes that’s why Chloe broke up the engagement. She was in love with Daniel. Lucas realizes that Maggie told him everything the night he got drunk at Cheatin’ Heart. Daniel admits they were going to run away together, but Chloe married Lucas because she made a pact with God, after the explosion. Chloe loved Lucas and wanted to be with him and Allie. Daniel respected that and stayed away from her, because he loves her. Lucas wonders why then he’d try to kill her. "I didn’t. Your mother did."

Stefano arrives at Meredith’s place to tell her why he brought her there. He hands her a check and her eyes widen. "This is a lot of money!" She wonders why he didn’t just wire her the money, and he says he discovered she was brought up here. He thought she’d enjoy the idea of coming home. Meredith’s face falls. He has no idea of how hard it was for her to return to Salem. Stefano acts surprised and prods her for information. Stefano admits to her he lost a son and that the pain is unrelenting. Meredith understands and admits she lost her sister. The man who is responsible for her death lives here. Stefano acts as though he’s up in arms over this mess, but Meredith wanted to face her fears. Salem was their home until they moved to Virginia, when Emily’s FBI fiancé moved. They discuss how he visited her earlier and that he should be in jail for murder. Stefano wonders how Emily passed. Meredith talks about the accident. There was tension between Rafe and Emily. Emily found out a secret about Rafe that could destroy his career. She discusses trying on her maid of honor dress and hearing about how the car smashed into the tree and how Emily was declared dead on the scene. Meredith says the wedding was to be at the house, and there was no reason for them to take the car anywhere. Nobody knows why they got into the car or where they were going. A few months later, she started to doubt his innocence, when Rafe refused to tell her why they got into the car. Stefano says justice can’t come too late. There’s somebody who should know what he has done.

Rafe and Sami start kissing, but Sami’s mind is elsewhere. She asks where he went after he was at Emily’s grave. Rafe decides he’ll tell her the truth, knowing she won’t stop until she gets it! He went to see Meredith to discuss the accident. Sami tells him it was an accident and she can’t blame him for that. "Unless there’s something else you’re not telling me." Rafe finally admits he could have prevented her death. He doesn’t say how, so Sami keeps telling him that it wasn’t his fault, and they declare love for each other. Sami talks about his strength and he says he gets it from her. They start making out and wind up in bed, having sex. They bask in the afterglow and Rafe admits Sami saved his life. She starts laughing. She has never been anyone’s hero. Rafe thinks she is with her kids, touching Sami and causing her to again profess her love for Rafe. She kisses him and later falls asleep as Rafe flashes back to Emily dying in his arms.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Daniel tells Lucas, "You know damn well that your mother would do anything to protect her children, including murder."

Stefano asks Meredith, "Would you want another innocent woman to fall victim to the man who killed your sister?"

Sami takes a call and shocked, says, "Oh my God."

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