At the garage, Mimi works while Max complains to her that he is bogged down with customers. She suggests that he re-hire Shawn. She can always work from home, she says, but he refuses again. He thinks this is her way of getting Shawn back in her life but she smirks. She's not delusional. She just feels bad and wants to make amends for what she has done. She threatens to quit, hoping this will push him to re-hire Shawn.

Shawn arrives at Patrick's house with the first delivery. Patrick reads it, saying, "Did your dad put you up to this?!" Shawn is confused; telling him he's now working for E.J., as a messenger. Patrick relaxes, takes out $500 of a big locked box full of money and gives it to Shawn an incentive. Mimi, (who has just moved in) watches from the front door, curious. As Shawn leaves, she asks why her brother gave him all that money, but all he says is that it's for a job, and dashes off.

Mimi sticks around, watching her brother put the key to the locked box in a drawer. Mimi asks Patrick why he gave Shawn the money, and most importantly, where is all his money coming from? He tells her it's from stocks, and he has nothing to hide.

At the penthouse, Belle looks stressed. She tells Marlena that she feels like a hypocrite. She asked Shawn to get his life together but she doesn't even have her own together! At the penthouse, Belle goes on to tell her mom she too wants to stand on her own two feet. She doesn't want help from her parents, thinking that she quit school, work and was taken care of by Phillip when Claire was born.

At Brady Pub, Hope and Bo meet to discuss Steve and Kayla. She relays her conversation with Steve and tells him how she agreed to buy a necklace for Billie, on his behalf.

At the hospital, Steve snuggles with Kayla, telling her he doesn't want her to die but doesn't know how to save her. Stephanie visits her parents, again requesting her dad talk to Kayla, giving her a reason to live. He's frustrated, not remembering Kayla and not knowing what to do.

From the surveillance van, John continues to watch E.J. and Kate get cozy on the sofa. He makes a call to Brady, at the pub, who is dining with Hope. He calls him to the van while Hope prepares to return to the hospital to show the necklace to Steve. Once she arrives, she asks about Kayla and shows him the necklace. He approves and needs another favor. He tells her about Stephanie's demands and asks her to get together with Bo, write down everything on their past together on a notepad and give it to him, so he can talk to Kayla about it. Maybe it will help her, he thinks. Hope thinks it might help him, too!

Sami leaves her apartment, stopping by E.J.'s place. Kate hides in his bedroom while he answers the door to Sami, leaving behind her bra! Off the bat, Sami demands to know what the cops want with him. He hasn't a clue as to what she's on about, and asks her to clarify, as John watches from the van, wondering what the hell she's doing. She spills that Bo was asking why his finger prints were on that envelope she took to him a while back. Bo arrives to the surveillance van and both he and John listen, groaning when they overhear her spill the beans. Sami senses that he is up to something as he tries to rush her out, and notices that he is disheveled. She asks if he was just with another woman, then noticing the bra, asks about the 'woman' in his bedroom. Back in the van, John tells Bo about Kate and E.J.'s intimacy. Bo and John disagree on whether or not Kate needs to know the truth about E.J. E.J. tries to deny it but Sami sits down, saying she is surprised that he's already sleeping with someone, and so soon after they broke up. He again denies anything and ushers her out when she goes to see who the other woman is.

Outside E.J.'s apartment, Sami smiles as she shows that she has stolen the bra. She sees that it's monogrammed and it dawns on her who he's sleeping with. She sighs, "Kate!"

At the hospital, Victor and Lucas discuss hiring a new person for Carrie's old position. He gives an envelope to him to deliver to Belle, from Philip. He asks that it's kept between them.

At the Penthouse, Belle is the middle of telling her mom that she needs to have a plan, and wants to see what her options are, when Lucas shows up with the envelope for her, from Philip. Marlena leaves the two alone while she reads it to Lucas. It's signed divorce papers and a $100,000 settlement check! He apologizes that things didn't work out. Belle brings up Sami, feeling bad they didn't work out, and asks if he still loves her. Lucas stubbornly says he'll never get into a romantic relationship with her again but Belle has learned, "Never say never!"

Marlena comes downstairs after Lucas leaves, shocked to hear about the divorce papers and money. Belle realizes that Victor sent the check, so she doesn't want it.

At the pub, Hope and Bo meet again. She relays Steve's request to him and they take a walk down memory lane, notepad in hand! They start when the two fell in love in Stockholm. They remember some good and not so good memories, such as when Hope miscarried and when Steve was the one to urge her to find her way back to Bo. They flash back to the time when Hope is playing match maker, telling Kayla that Steve reminds her of Bo tough on the outside, soft on the inside! She tells her not to let go of Steve. He has been calling out her name. Hope smiles at Bo, "Kayla has never given up on Steve, and thank goodness he isn't giving up on her now," she tells him, and he takes her hand in his. He tells Hope it's interesting that they keep running into their own past memories. "I miss you, Fancyface," he tells her.

Back at the hospital, Max meets with Shawn, asking him to come back to the shop. Shawn is thankful but he has already gotten another job, explains how he is working for E.J. Wells. He flashes Max a wad of money and leave. Leaving the hospital, he bumps into Victor who stops him, asking to talk. Shawn is bitter, when Victor offers his help, he tells him he doesn't need his money, sympathy or anything. "You are no longer my grandfather," he spits out. "You mean absolutely nothing to me!"

Max shows up at the garage, later. He tells Mimi that Shawn already has a job and is concerned at the amount of money Shawn flashed him. He hopes Shawn knows what he's doing!

Back at the hospital, Stephanie shows up at her dad's side again, to apologize but she is stopped when he tells her she was right about him and he is going to do whatever it takes to help Kayla. "You can count on me," he promises.

Sami runs into Lucas at the pub. He asks her where her loverboy is and she dangles the monogrammed bra in front of his face, saying, "Your mother is sleeping with him!"

Kate walks out of E.J.'s place, into John's arms. He grabs her and pushes her into the van, where she finds out that he's been spying on E.J. He smiles, calling her Mrs. Robinson as she cringes, realizing he's been watching them make love. She jokes, "Is it good enough for the internet, John?!" He ignores the comment asking her to keep her distance from E.J. as he thinks he's the black glove! Kate is surprised and wants to help but John refuses her help, so she agrees to keep her distance. Once out of the van, Kate makes a call to E.J. right away, telling him they have to talk. "John Black is asking questions about you!"

Next on Days of our Lives:

Bonnie tells Mimi she is not going to confront her son like a criminal, but Mimi thinks she doesn't want to know the truth, and that's why she isn't confronting him!!

Billie asks Hope, "Steve got me a necklace; I'm thrilled he thought of me!"

Steve tells Kayla that there are a lot more kisses where that came from, all you have to do is wake up!

Bo is suspicious of how much money Wells is paying Shawn, to work on cars!