At the Brady Pub, Kate meets with Marlena and John. They were happy to hear from Carrie and Austin they all agree, and John asks for a favor! He remembers that she has recently purchased a series of satellite trucks and he'd like to rent one for a few days for police surveillance work. He refuses to discuss it and needs an answer "Right now!" Both women are puzzled, and Marlena asks what it's all about. John can't discuss it, so Kate offers it for free. She leaves and Marlena doesn't look happy with John. She thought they were working on it together and is worried about his safety. After some pushing, he starts to tell her the truth, but she stops him, not wanting to interfere. She only wants his safety! He reassures her that it's no different than when he came to New Jersey to look for her. She concedes!! She asks him to remember how happy she is to be back with him and couldn't bear it if something happened to him. She pulls the big guns out Belle and Claire also need him, she says. He wouldn't miss it for the world; he tells her and kisses her! She reminds him that he owes her a wedding, and she can't marry a dead guy!

At Chez Rouge, E.J. meets with Shawn, telling him that Shawn doesn't need to sell himself to him as a mechanic. His work speaks volumes; however he has no position for him at this time. He does, however, have a position for him that will need the utmost discretion. Shawn looks intrigued when E.J. says, "If you do take it, you mustn't tell anyone about it, not even your father! Shawn promises he can be trusted, and E.J. tells him that this involves Mythic Communication. He doesn't want anyone to know, because it's secretive, and doesn't want to get the competition a tip. He's asking him to deliver sealed documents to his "silent partner". Shawn agrees to be available 24 hours a day and will be paid well for it. He is told that Patrick Lockhart is the partner, but is undeterred, especially when he hears the price - $500 for each assignment, with several assignments per day! He gives him the first assignment and payment, asking him not to call him after the payment. E.J. asks Shawn to tell anyone that he's a consultant with him about his garage, and Shawn promises not to let him down, leaving to take the package to Patrick.

The doctors work on Kayla, at the hospital while the family looks on, mortified. The blinds are pulled, and Stephanie starts to cry more, asking Bo if everything is going to be okay. Bo promises that the doctors are doing everything they can. After stabilizing her, the doctor explains that Kayla had an allergy to the drug. Their researchers are talking to the FDA, but only have 48 hours to save her. They're doing all they can, but the family is not taking it well. The family is encouraged to leave, with Billie as there is nothing they can do for them. Billie tells Steve she'll be back later, while Bo and Hope stick around. Hope is afraid for poor Steve, who seems so distant but Bo reminds her that he's probably just numb. She asks that he talk to Steve, but makes a good point that Steve has always listened to her, so she agrees to talk to him. She calls him over to the window, speaking through an intercom system. She asks how he's doing, and he's emotional, telling her, "A lot better than Kayla." He thinks that it should be him not well, and Kayla standing there. He doesn't know what to do, and starts to cry, telling Hope that he would fall in love with Kayla if he could. Hope is saddened more, telling him that he's her friend as much as Kayla is. He asks her to do him a favor - Billie has been a good friend to her, he wants her to buy her a nice gift from Steve. Hope doesn't want to but does it for him anyway.

Steve tells Kayla to hang in there, because a lot of people need her. Shawn shows up, asking about Kayla and Steve. They relay the news and he's upset, agreeing to go see Stephanie and give her his support. Before he goes, he tells them that he got a new job, working for E.J. Wells! Both parents are shocked! Hope is proud of him, but Bo has reservations. Hope goes off on an errand while Bo asks for more information about his job. Shawn explains that E.J. has a lot of cars, and then shrugs. Bo's happy Shawn took the initiative to get a job but wonders if he would rather work with Max. Bo tells him that E.J. associates with disreputable people, but he can't say who. Shawn asks if E.J. is doing something illegal, but Bo says that he's working on finding this out. It's not good enough for Shawn, so Bo grabs him, asking that he watch his back.

Kate shows up at E.J.'s apartment with expenses from Stephanie's hospital bills. She asks him to pay half, and he offers to pay it all. He tells her that the Salem PD has been asking a lot of questions about him, as he removes her jacket. He asks her to check into it for him, telling him he has never broken a law in his life aside from speeding tickets and hears she's friendly with Roman. He asks her to find out why the police are interested in him, but she's uncomfortable with it. He presses on. They're partners and his best interests are her best interests. She agrees to it and asks a favor in return. Sex! He smiles and kisses her neck. Kate tears his shirt off and they become very passionate!

Little do the two know that John sits in the satellite truck with another man, listening into their conversation and watching as E.J. and Kate make love! He is upset, saying "What have you gotten yourself into, Kate?"

Shawn Sr. and Caroline end up back at the pub, telling Marlena the news. They ask for her prayers as she asks to help. Marlena talks to Billie, realizing how much she cares about Steve when she tells her that the Bradys seem to look at him with disappointment. Marlena is surprised to find out that Steve is thinking of her, not of Kayla. Marlena is shocked and Billie goes on to explain that she is reluctant to get involved with another Brady, and another married men. Marlena kids her that the Brady men are just cute! Billie doesn't want to hurt Kayla, or stand in the way of her recovery, but Steve has become important to her. Marlena understands, telling her she has every right to go after whatever makes her happy. She tells her the chance of remembering Steve's past is remote, reminding her that John's past is unknown to her but they have a life together. Billie thinks it's different because Kayla is not strong right now. If you find love once, Marlena says, you're lucky.. she says sometimes you have to let go of the past to have a future.

Frankie wheels Stephanie back to Steve and Kayla's room, to watch them through the glass. She's upset and yells at her dad, finding blame with him. Frankie tries to stop Stephanie from yelling at Steve, but she presses on. She tells Steve to put himself in her place, telling him she doesn't think that he cares about her mom. Steve denies this. He does care but doesn't know what to do. Stephanie begs him to talk to her, and give her a reason not to give up.

Next on Days of our Lives

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Shawn tells Victor "I don't need your money, sympathy or anything else for that matteryou are no longer my grandfather!"