Chloe is arranging flowers and thinking of Daniel, when she is brought back to the present by Maggie, who asks what she was thinking. Chloe says she was thinking of Daniel - she's always thinking of him! Maggie thinks it's due to guilt, but Chloe confides it's because she still loves him! Chloe assures her that she's completely committed to Lucas, but she needs to stay away from Daniel!

Kate, outside the door of Lucas's house, prepares to inject a piece of fruit from a gift basket Daniel left for Chloe with a drug! She fills the syringe and sticks it in an apple!

Philip meets Daniel outside. He holds up a bottle of prescription pills and demands to know why Stephanie would be taking them! Daniel says he really can't discuss it, but Philip presses him - he wants to know if the pills had anything to do with her fall! Daniel reminds him of doctor/patient confidentiality and says he'll have to ask her!

Stephanie, at the church, tells the priest that she has decided not to see Philip anymore. He says there is something else she needs to know - if she's going to break it off again - this time she has to mean it! Suddenly, Philip calls and asks if everything is alright - she says it's not! Philip wants to see her and says he loves her - she returns that sentiment, but assures the priest that she is going to do what she has to do!

In the DiMera Mansion, Nicole reminds Johnny to keep their secret, but EJ walks in and says he overheard! Nicole is about to tell EJ something made-up, when he hushes her, and says to keep their secret - he's just glad they're getting closer since they'll be spending a lot of time together! EJ takes Johnny out of the room and returns immediately. Nicole is pouring a drink. EJ says he thinks the judge is now seeing the custody issue from their point of view - it's wonderful! Nicole says, "No, EJ. It's anything but!" He is taken aback as Nicole expresses frustration about how simple he seems to think this is! Nicole says she feels sorry for Johnny - he wants to be with his mommy! EJ blows off her concerns, saying eventually Johnny's pain will disappear. When he intimates that it might even be good for him, Nicole gets angry. EJ insists that she empathize with him, rather than Sami - he lost a child! Nicole says she did too, but EJ says Sami lied to him - there will be no forgiving.

Sami approaches Rafe in the park and asks who Emily is. Rafe sighs and says she's just someone he knew. Sami asks, "How?" Rafe doesn't want to discuss it, but Sami presses - why is he hiding this from her? When he is still reluctant, Sami agrees to stop bugging him about it for now - she needs to talk to him about Nicole! Sami confides that Nicole brought Johnny to see her - she disagrees with what EJ is doing. She then asks Rafe why he went over there. He assures her it wasn't to upset Nicole. Sami didn't think it was, and says she doesn't know what she'd do without him!

Philip greets Stephanie outside the pub. He asks her if she is taking the pills and whether they had anything to do with her fall. She says that they did - but she's not taking them anymore. Stephanie tells Philip how good he's been to her, but there is one thing he can't give her - peace of mind! She can't live with him anymore - or she won't be able to live with herself! Philip thinks they can work this out, but she says she is leaving him for good this time! She laments that she is still lying to her Uncle Bo - for what - so that his family can go back to feuding with the DiMera's?! Philip says he will not let her go! Stephanie accuses Philip of profiting from crimes - she holds up her ring as evidence. Philip loves her and wants her to be safe. Stephanie feels she can't hide from the truth any more - she gives his ring back, cries, and says goodbye.

Maggie runs into Daniel at the hospital and tells him that he can make this situation with Chloe go away with strength and discipline - and then everyone can go on with their life! Daniel is short with her, then sighs, and tells her that he will never forget Chloe or stop loving her! Maggie exhales sharply as he walks away!

Chloe arrives at her house and gets the gift basket from Daniel. Kate pops out and says she should keep it - it's a gift out of friendship. Just as Chloe is about to take a bite from the poison apple she remembers that she has to pick up Allie. Kate offers to go with her. When they arrive, Kate looks at her tape recorder and muses that she has a lot of work to do. When she looks up, Allie is about to eat the poison apple! Kate snatches it away. Arianna apologizes for letting her out of her sight, and Chloe says she can have the apple. Kate insists that it's too close to dinner time! She puts the apple in her purse.

Stefano comes into the drawing room as EJ leaves, and asks Nicole if she and EJ were arguing about Rafe - he was there today! Stefano wonders if Nicole thinks Rafe suspects the truth about the babies. She says he absolutely does not. Stefano replies, "Not yet." Stefano points out that he has an FBI background and is deeply devoted to Samantha! Nicole asks him what they should do. Stefano says there are options, but for now, he's going to take a very active interest in Rafe!

As Kate and Chloe watch Allie play outside, Kate convinces Chloe that she seems tired and should eat the apple to raise her blood sugar. Suddenly, Daniel appears. Kate comments on the coincidence - Chloe was just about to eat an apple from his basket! Kate goes to look after Allie. Daniel and Chloe discuss how it never seems to get easier to be apart. As Kate watches, Chloe thanks him for the gesture of the gift basket and takes a big bite out of the apple!

Sami goes into the Brady Pub and asks Arianna if she has seen Allie. Arianna tells her she left with Kate and Chloe - she just missed her. Arianna expresses condolences about Grace, saying she can't imagine what she's going through. Sami said Rafe was just with her at the cemetery and he was also visiting the grave of someone named Emily. When she asks Arianna what she knows about her, Rafe comes in and asks what the heck she's doing - she just finished promising not to keep asking questions. Sami says it's not a big deal. Rafe says it is to him, and she needs to respect that! Rafe tells her never to talk about Emily again!

Next on Days of Our Lives:

"I think the audience should know the truth about you," Kate says to Daniel and Chloe. Lucas asks "What truth about them?"

Ari asks Brady to convince Sami to stop seeing Rafe!

Rafe tells Sami that if she is going to revert to her old habits, then they're done!

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