Rafe asks someone on the phone about Nicole as he tries to figure out her connection to Mia. Afterwards, he sees Brady at the Java Café and asks if he knows the name of the teen center where Nicole met Mia. Brady insists that he doesn’t know anything about Mia’s relationship to Nicole. Arianna walks by and Brady excuses himself. Rafe asks what’s going on between her and Brady because he noticed the way they looked at each other. Arianna tells him he’s imagining things, and mentions how Nicole is trying to set them up. She hurriedly leaves to take care of something, as Rafe wonders more about Nicole.

Nicole secretly brings Johnny over to Sami’s and assures her that she wasn’t followed. Sami says she’s grateful to her for this, but wonders why she’s helping. Nicole says that it’s right for Johnny and there’s no other motive. Sami asks Nicole to talk to EJ, but Nicole says sneaking Johnny away is all she could get away with for now. Nicole tells Sami to get Rafe to back off if she wants to continue to see Johnny, and explains that Rafe was at the mansion to dig up dirt. Nicole warns that if EJ finds out about Rafe snooping, he’ll beef up security and she wouldn’t be able to bring Johnny over. Nicole reassures Sami that she’s on her side and Sami says she believes that. Nicole says if EJ finds out about Rafe and wins the court hearing, Sami would never see Johnny again and there’s nothing she can do to help her. Sami goes to spend time with Johnny as Nicole tells herself that this better be worth it. Later, Sami hugs Johnny goodbye and gives him back to Nicole. As they leave, she looks at Grace’s picture and swears through tears that she’s not going to lose Johnny too, even if it means making peace with Nicole.

At the Brady Pub, Philip asks Melanie what worries her about Stephanie. Melanie abruptly leaves and sits outside of the pub, scolding herself for not keeping a secret. Philip follows her and asks again what she doesn’t want him to know about Stephanie. Melanie says she has to keep her promise to keep Stephanie’s secret. She tells him to ask Stephanie himself, and walks off.

At St. Luke's, Stephanie tells Father Matt that she hasn’t been herself, as she’s confused about Philip. She explains that she doesn’t think she could be a part of his family. Father Matt understands that some of the Kiriakis dealings are unethical. He says he heard about what happened with Owen and Stephanie cries that the Kiriakises were responsible for that. Father Matt asks if she’s talked to Philip about this. Tearfully, Stephanie says she’s tried but it seems that he cares more about power than he does about her. Stephanie says that the worst part is she’s in love with a guy who’s never going to change for anyone. Father Matt reminds Stephanie of when Kayla was struggling with her love for Steve. Stephanie reminds him that Steve changed for Kayla, but she’s not sure that Philip would. She asks if it’s a sin to be in love with a man who does bad things. She quickly tells him never-mind, as she already knows the answer to that. Father Matt says he doesn’t think he could help since she’s already decided about her future with him, and no one will change her mind. Stephanie says that he’s right: she has made up her mind.

EJ and Stefano talk to Judge Karen Fitzpatrick about Sami being an unfit parent. Stefano reminds her of what Sami did to EJ with Grace. Karen tells EJ, off the record, that the case he put together looks solid, but these cases are not black and white. EJ disagrees that everything is black and white. He insists that Sami is an unfit mother and Johnny is better off with him and Nicole. Karen reminds him that Sami could always appeal and get another judge. Stefano firmly reminds Karen that the DiMeras have repeatedly contributed to her campaign, but Karen says she didn’t think there were strings attached. EJ tells Karen to make sure Sami can’t get another judge. Karen warns that she doesn’t like being bullied and excuses herself. Stefano reminds her that he hopes to have her assistance for both of their futures. Karen tells them she’ll see them in court and walks out. EJ tells Stefano that the day has come where he finally understands what it means to do anything for his children. He’s angry at himself for wasting so much time on Sami, but Stefano tells him not to look back, rather, to focus on Nicole who’s loyal and will do anything for him.

Bo has a dream about his previous vision with Zack. He wakes up startled calling Ciara’s name and Hope reassures him that Ciara has been sleeping next to them the whole night. Hope asks him if he’s had another vision, and Bo explains he saw Zack at the graveyard last night, who said if Ciara loses Tommy Bear, something bad would happen. Hope reassures him that they’re in this together, and will do whatever it takes to protect Ciara. She reminds him that the last time he had a vision, it turned out to be meaningless. Bo says he has to trust this vision because Zack was right before with Theo, and Zack won’t let them down. He believes that if Zack is telling them to keep Tommy Bear safe, that’s what they have to do. He decides to put the bear away somewhere safe and Hope wonders what they’ll tell Ciara.

Philip runs into Brady at the pier and asks if he’s seen Stephanie. Brady says no and Philip runs off. Arianna walks by and asks Brady to talk to her. She mentions that Nicole was trying to set them up, and hopes that Brady didn’t think it was her idea. She admits that she only sees him as a friend, and that she’s not pushy or desperate. Melanie walks by and exclaims that Arianna “has it bad!” for Brady. Arianna denies that as Melanie tells her she’s blushing. Arianna excuses herself, as Melanie teases that Brady has it bad for her too. Brady says he doesn’t want to be harassed about this and leaves.

Arianna walks back to the Java Café and Rafe hands her the purse that she forgot. He asks her again what’s going on with Brady, and Arianna insists that nothing's going on. Rafe apologizes and says that Brady is an alright guy for whatever it’s worth. Rafe excuses himself and when Arianna asks where he’s going, he reluctantly admits that he’s going to place some flowers on Grace and Emily’s graves. Arianna asks if Rafe has told Sami about Emily and Rafe says he hasn’t, and he doesn't think he will. Later, Arianna walks back to the pier and runs into Melanie. Arianna insists that Brady doesn’t want to go out with her and to leave it alone, and walks off. Melanie wonders what’s wrong with these people and why she has to do everything herself. Later, she checks her horoscope at Java Café. She sarcastically wonders who’s going to set her up since she’s setting everyone else up! As she walks off, a mysterious person holds the newspaper and circles Hope’s picture.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip calls for Stephanie but Henderson tells him she had left a while ago. He calls and leaves her a few messages and then notices the prescription pills.

Sami visits Grace’s grave and places flowers. Through tears, she says that everyone misses her, and that she’ll always visit her. She sees Rafe from a distance at another grave and approaches him as he leaves Emily flowers. Sami asks him who Emily is.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Johnny that seeing his mom has to be a secret, as EJ walks in!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Daniel says he’ll never forget Chloe or stop loving her.

Chloe tells Maggie she’ll never leave Lucas.

Sami tells Rafe she has to talk to him about Nicole.

Nicole tells EJ that she lost a daughter too!

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