Stephanie confronts Philip about what she overheard Victor say about her not knowing the business. They hold hands and when she lets go, she sees blood on her hands. Startled, she wakes up from her dream and looks at Philip next to her. Philip wakes up and asks her if she’s okay. She tells him that she had a bad dream as she eyes his hands. Later in the backyard, Stephanie tells him that she overheard him and his father speaking but Philip reassures her it was only business. She tells him to go to his meeting and he kisses her cheek goodbye. She touches her cheek and looks at her hand.

At Maggie’s, Melanie holds Stephanie’s prescription bottle and wonders if she has a problem. Nathan walks in and asks about the pills. Melanie coldly tells him it’s none of his business, as Maggie interrupts and says good morning. Melanie says it’s not a good morning for everyone and leaves. Nathan asks Maggie how she could let Melanie live here after what she did to Nick. Maggie tells him to stop jumping to wrong and stupid conclusions. Maggie explains that Nick was in the wrong as he was obsessed with Melanie. She continues that Nick only got a light sentence because Melanie spoke up for him at his trial. Nathan feels guilty and Maggie tells him to consider apologizing to her.

Melanie visits Stephanie and tells her she came to check on her. Melanie excitedly tells her that she got into nursing school, and Stephanie congratulates her. Melanie remarks how it’s weird how they get along, saying, “Who would have thunk it!” Melanie asks if Stephanie's getting anymore headaches and Stephanie says that it’s nothing a few aspirins can’t take care of. Melanie pulls out the prescription bottle and asks, “Or these?” Melanie explains she found them while cleaning her old hospital room. She hands them to Stephanie and says that she shouldn’t be ashamed of taking them. Melanie asks if Philip is supportive but Stephanie tells her that he doesn’t know about the pills. She explains that she can’t dump this on him because he would feel responsible. Melanie reassures Stephanie that she's “got her back” and leaves.

Kate sits with a laptop and replays the voice recording she got of Daniel. She edits it so that Daniel says “I love Chloe.” Pleased with herself, she closes the laptop.

As Chloe and Lucas walk by the pier with shopping bags, Chloe literally bumps into Daniel. Daniel apologizes as Lucas asks Chloe if she’s okay. Lucas explains that they were shopping for their new house. He invites Daniel to check it out and Daniel abruptly says he can’t do that. He explains that he’s too busy to do it anytime soon. Lucas invites him to come see the house whenever he can and volunteers Chloe to fix him a nice dinner. Lucas excuses himself to leave for a meeting. Daniel apologizes to Chloe, hoping that he didn’t offend Lucas, and Chloe assures him that it’s fine. She gets a phone call from Kate, who orders her to meet her at the Java Café and hangs up rudely. Chloe calls her back and tells Kate that she can’t make it now and Chloe firmly says that she’ll make it when she has time. Chloe complains to Daniel that Kate is becoming more and more obnoxious and demanding. She tells Daniel that she has to go to the Kiriakis mansion to get something for Lucas. Daniel offers to do it for her so that she could avoid Victor, but Chloe says that Victor is out of town. Daniel says he’s sorry for Victor’s behavior. Chloe thanks him for sticking up for her, and unable to finish her sentence, says, “It makes me feel…”

At the Brady Pub, Philip talks to an employee as Lucas walks in. Philip asks Lucas to be his best man for his wedding. Lucas says, “There’s no way in hell!” Lucas explains that he doesn’t like how Victor treats Chloe like scum. Philip says that he could talk to Victor, but they both agree that won’t change anything, but he’d be at the wedding. Philip says that he has to make sure that Stephanie has the best day of her life. Lucas asks why Philip said that unsurely. Philip explains that Stephanie went through a lot with the Owen thing and it’s hard getting past that. Lucas tells him to be patient and she’ll come around.

Rafe comes by to visit Nicole at the DiMera mansion and explains that he wants to apologize for asking all those questions about Grace at the cemetery. Rafe continues that it was just out of the ordinary to see her so distraught over Grace. Nicole tells him he has a lot to learn about motherhood and reminds him that Grace was Sydney’s half-sister. Nicole asks him why he’s really there. Rafe holds out a book and explains that he’s there to give Johnny his book. Surprised, Nicole asks if Sami’s giving up on fighting for Johnny in court. Rafe explains that she isn’t giving up but he thought Johnny would want his book. He excuses himself but before he leaves, he mentions Mia. Rafe asks Nicole how she knows Mia and she explains that they met when she volunteered at a center for troubled teens. Rafe asks if she knows that Mia’s a drug addict but Nicole insists that it’s not true because she goes to meetings. She asks why Rafe cares, and Rafe says it’s because Mia used to baby-sit Grace, and he’s not sure Mia is who she says she is. Rafe asks if she could give him information about the teen center, but Nicole insists it’s confidential. She asks if he thinks Mia’s the cause of Grace’s meningitis. Rafe says that’s not what he thinks, and tells her the real reason why he’s there: Johnny’s court case. He tells her that what she says about Sami in court will make all the difference between Sami getting custody or not. He asks her to think about Sydney and put herself in Sami’s shoes. Nicole says she’s not comfortable talking about the custody battle and asks Rafe to leave. As Rafe walks out, he tells Nicole to keep Sydney safe. Nicole vows that he will never find out what she did.

Maggie runs into Kate and they discuss housewarming gifts for Lucas and Chloe. Daniel walks by and Kate asks him what he’s getting Chloe and Lucas. Daniel says he just heard about the new house, and he’ll get them a gift when he’s less busy. Kate excuses herself to take a call. Maggie tells Daniel he doesn’t have to get them a present as it would be torture for him. Later, Daniel is on the computer in the hospital talking to a nurse about what to get as an impersonal housewarming gift. She jokes that a fruit basket is the most impersonal. Daniel later orders one on the phone, as Kate overhears and says to herself that he’s making this too easy for her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe walks in and asks Stephanie how she’s doing. Stephanie rudely wonders why everyone keeps asking her that. Stephanie apologizes and Chloe says she understands that she’s on edge. Chloe says she knows someone who’d be a big help if she needs to talk to somebody. Later, Stephanie visits Father Matt at St. Luke’s and tells him that she desperately needs help.

Lucas and Chloe meet at the Java Café and Chloe gives him a photo album that Lucas’ father had given to him. Lucas is surprised because he thought it was lost in the fire but Chloe explains that Henderson found it, and hopes he could add more pictures in it.

Nathan bumps into Melanie at the pier and apologizes for not giving her a chance to explain about Nick. He asks if she could forgive him, but Melanie wonders why he’s apologizing. He insists that he’s being sincere and starts getting on his knees, but Melanie stops him. She says she’s just not used to people apologizing as people usually tell her to leave them alone. Nathan says he hopes that she doesn’t want him to leave her alone. Nathan mentions the pills he saw her with earlier and asks what they were for. Melanie explains that they were her friend’s who’s keeping it a secret from her fiancé. She wonders if her friend’s fiancé should know. Later, Melanie meets with Philip at the Brady Pub and says she has to talk to him about something.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Stephanie asks Father Matt if it’s a sin to be in love with a man who does bad things.

Philip asks Melanie what she doesn’t want him to know about Stephanie.

EJ insists that Sami is an unfit mother.

Nicole tells Sami she won’t see Johnny again and there’s nothing she can do to help her.

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