Brady runs into Nicole at Java Café and asks her what’s wrong. Nicole tells him about EJ punishing Sami with a court order for sole custody of Johnny. Brady notices that she doesn’t seem to agree with this. Nicole tells him that she will try to help Sami see Johnny. Brady asks if she’s still worried about Mia, but Nicole says she’s not worried anymore. Before leaving for a meeting at St. Luke’s, Brady tells Nicole he wants her to be happy, and she thanks him.

Rafe shows up at St. Luke’s and sees Mia. Rafe says he’s just there to get Grace’s picture and talk to Father Matt, but he wants to talk to her afterwards. He leaves as Father Matt walks in and introduces himself to Mia, but realizes he knows her as the girl who stopped the DiMera wedding. He asks her why she did that and Mia says that she doesn’t remember and quickly changes the subject by telling him that Rafe was looking for him. Father Matt leaves as Brady walks in and sees Mia. She explains to him that she’s saying a prayer for Grace. Mia says she never felt as close to Sydney, but she’s glad that she’s safe, although it’s with the DiMera family. Brady reassures her that everything is fine, and they agree that Nicole is a great mom. Rafe interrupts and questions how they know each other. Mia explains that they ran into each other at a 12-step meeting, as she is a recovering addict. Brady tells Rafe to give her a break and Rafe wonders if they’re hiding something. Brady says he understands why Rafe is inquisitive, but insists that things are just the way they are. Rafe apologizes and Mia tries to leave, but he reminds her that they should talk about Will. Brady leaves and Rafe asks Mia whom she and Brady were talking about. Mia explains that they were talking about Nicole. Rafe asks how she knows Nicole and Mia nervously says Nicole helped her with a program, but that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Father Matt interrupts and says he has to lock up, so Mia excuses herself. As she leaves, Rafe asks Father Matt if he knows her. Father Matt tells Rafe about Mia interrupting the DiMera wedding. Rafe then ponders how Mia knows Nicole and EJ.

Arianna follows Ciara, Bo, and Hope outside the Brady pub, to give Ciara the bear she forgot. Bo gets a vision of searching for Ciara and finding her bear. Hope asks him what’s wrong, but Bo tells her they’d talk later. He emphasizes not to let Ciara out of her sight.

While looking for Victor at the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel discovers Stephanie passed out with her head bleeding. Daniel calls the ambulance and notices the prescription pills. He reads the bottle and says, “What have you done!” Later, Stephanie wakes up at the hospital with Daniel and Lexi. As soon as Lexi leaves the room, Daniel tells Stephanie that he found her, as well as the prescription pills. Stephanie explains that her doctor prescribed them for anxiety. Daniel reminds her that she had to limit her dosage to 3 pills per day, but she took 6. He insists that this drug is very dangerous and her overdose caused her fall. Stephanie says that she’s ashamed of herself. Daniel asks if there’s anything else that she’s worried about besides Owen. Stephanie answers by saying she doesn’t want any more meds. Later, Daniel tells her the test results came back fine and asks if she’s going to tell Philip, but Stephanie says she won’t dump this on him or he’ll feel responsible.

Philip gives an employee orders at the pier, as Victor walks by. Pleased, Victor sees that Philip has things under control at Titan, and says he did the right thing by stepping back. Philip asks Victor about hiring Stephanie for Titan’s PR. Victor doubts that she’d be able to defend everything the Kiriakis family does. Philip reminds him that Stephanie remained loyal, as Bo interrupts and asks Philip to continue talking about Stephanie lying for the Kiriakises. Philip gets a phone call from Lexi about Stephanie and rushes off to the hospital. Victor reminds Bo that this is family business and Bo says he thought he was family. Bo swears he will look out for his real family, the one who he loves.

Philip worriedly runs into Stephanie’s hospital room and asks her what happened. Stephanie reassures him that she’s okay, and that she had just slipped and hit her head. Philip asks for more details but Stephanie tells him to just hold her, as she eyes the prescription bottle.

Nathan walks into Maggie’s house all sweaty from a work out. Melanie asks him if he wants to hang out, he says that he’d check his schedule at the hospital. Maggie walks in and greets them both as Nathan goes upstairs. Maggie asks Melanie to help her get the Horton cabin ready for the summer. Melanie starts coming up with excuses, but as soon as Maggie mentions that Nathan would also help, Melanie eagerly changes her mind. Later, Melanie talks to Arianna at the pub about missing Max. Arianna asks why Melanie didn’t go with him to London. Melanie happily answers that other things are looking up, and Arianna asks, “What he’s like.”

Hope and Ciara reacquaint with Nathan at Maggie’s. Nathan mentions that he’s already met Mia and Melanie, and notices Hope’s expression. Hope reminds him that Melanie sent Nick to prison. Maggie returns with a newspaper and hands it to Hope. They both rush to see Lexi about a newspaper article. Melanie returns and asks Nathan if he’s free tonight, but he coldly tells her he’s not free anymore and leaves. He later returns and Melanie asks what that was about. Nathan asks how well she knew his cousin Nick. Melanie gets emotional and walks out.

Nicole walks into the Brady Pub and asks Arianna what’s going on between her and Brady. Arianna says that she hopes EJ doesn’t find out that she’s asking questions like that. Nicole asks her what her problem is, but Arianna says Nicole has a problem with her and Brady. Nicole insists that she doesn’t mind that Brady sees other people, but to be nice to him since he was burned before. Brady walks by and overhears. Annoyed, he asks Nicole where she gets off discussing his personal life. Nicole quickly excuses herself and Brady tells Arianna to just ignore her. While Nicole spies on Brady outside the pub, Mia walks by and thanks her again for arranging for her to hold Grace. Before she leaves, Mia tells Nicole that she doesn’t think about Sydney anymore and she knows that she’ll be a good mother.

Maggie and Hope go to the hospital to talk to Lexi about what was supposed to be an anonymous large donation that Hope had made to an Autism foundation. They show her the article about the donation with Hope’s picture revealed as the donor. Lexi promises to find out who let out the information, as Hope rushes off with Ciara. Later, Maggie asks Melanie for help as they are understaffed. Philip walks by and asks Melanie what’s wrong. Melanie says people think the worst of her, and Philip reassures her that he doesn’t anymore. Stephanie walks out of her room and announces that she’s ready to go. Melanie asks her if she’s okay and Stephanie curtly says she’s fine and storms off. Later Melanie fixes the pillows in Stephanie’s old room and notices the prescription bottle. She wonders if things aren’t working out with Philip.

Later, Hope and Ciara meet Bo at Zack’s grave to place flowers. Hope says she can’t believe what Sami’s going through losing Grace then Johnny. Ciara and Hope leave and Bo gets a vision of Zack giving him a bear for Ciara, saying that if she loses it, something bad will happen. Meanwhile at the Java Café, a mysterious person circles Hope’s picture in the newspaper and says “Yup, rich, sweet.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie overhears Victor telling Philip that he has to make sure she doesn’t know more about the family business. Philip agrees.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Melanie asks Stephanie about the pills.

Nathan asks Maggie how she could let Melanie live with her.

Lucas tells Philip he can’t stand up for him at the altar.

Rafe asks Nicole about Mia.

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