Kate spies outside of Daniel’s change-room as he fixes Chloe’s zipper. Chloe worries and asks Daniel what if Kate had walked in and caught them, while Kate rolls her eyes and storms off. Daniel tells Chloe they haven’t done anything wrong even though they’ve been pushed together. Chloe reminds him that that’s nothing to be proud of. They hear Kate scream “Oh no!” and run off to see what happened.

Lucas eyes the deviled egg appetizer, until Kate yells at him not to eat it. She slaps it out of his hand and steps on it. Daniel and Chloe show up as Lucas sarcastically asks if they’re poisoned. Kate washes the eggs as Daniel asks if she’s okay. Kate tells everyone that the eggs were poisoned! She continues explaining that they contain mayonnaise and have been left under the hot lights, so they’re probably bad. Kate tells her assistant to send the crew home and they’ll just re-shoot another day. She apologizes to Daniel for wasting his time and asks to speak to him privately at Java Café later. She leaves as everyone is left confused.

Rafe runs into a distraught Will outside of the Brady Pub. Will says even though he knows about the DiMera’s, Johnny is better off with them. Rafe and Will argue about Sami’s lies and Will scolds Rafe for lying on her behalf. Will defends EJ saying that at least he could stand up to Sami, unlike all the “losers” she was with. Will tries to leave, and when Rafe stops him, Will raises his fist. Rafe stops him and says he understands how angry he is about what happened to Grace. Rafe tells Will to be mad at him, instead of Sami because she can’t take it right now. He reminds Will that Sami knows better than anyone what he’s going through with Grace’s loss, and warns him not to push Sami away, because it will just eat away at him.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano says all this mourning over Grace is for nothing since she wasn’t EJ’s child. Nicole reminds him that an innocent baby still died, and Sami still loved her even though she wasn’t really her mother. Stefano says it’s good EJ has custody of Johnny and he doesn’t have to deal with Sami anymore. Nicole sarcastically remarks that her and Stefano get what they want as everyone else suffers. Stefano says that Sami got what she deserved. He asks where EJ is and Nicole answers that he took Johnny to day camp. She reminds him that Sami is bound to see Johnny again since Allie also goes to that camp. Stefano decides to find a new day camp, but Nicole pleads that he can’t take Johnny’s sister away from him too! Stefano asks her if she’s suddenly developed a conscience. Later, Nicole returns with Sydney. Stefano tells Nicole that she cannot feel sorry for Sami and must remain truthful to EJ. Nicole says taking Johnny away could blow up in his face because he is underestimating what Sami is capable of, now that she has lost a child. Stefano warns her not to identify with the enemy, or she’ll have a problem with him. He reminds her to consider Sami’s life now that she has defied the DiMera family. He walks out as Nicole tells Sydney that she’s going to do the right thing since Stefano had threatened her too many times!

At the Java Café, Kate strategically places her purse on the table as Daniel walks in and asks Kate what’s really going on. Kate tells him that he and Chloe are “a thorn in my heart.” Daniel accuses her of being angry and continually punishing them. Kate says she hates to see him so rattled, but Daniel says her concern is phony. Kate insists that if he and Chloe weren’t still hot for each other, he wouldn’t feel so uneasy, but Daniel says there’s nothing going on anymore. Daniel gets up to leave but Kate persists that he and Chloe are still attracted to each other, and even though he might be strong enough to resist Chloe, she’s weak and might end up with another man. Daniel tells her to go to hell, as Kate looks mischievously at her purse. Daniel asks why she can’t give Chloe and Lucas a chance to be happy. Kate says he’s right and apologizes. She admits that she’s not over him and asks him not to hate her. Daniel says he doesn’t hate her, but doing this show is a big mistake. Kate reminds him that what he’s doing on the show is helping women with breast cancer, just like his wife. Kate thanks him for meeting her, and promises him that the re-shoots will be better. He leaves as she opens her purse and takes out a tape recorder. She presses play and hears Daniel’s “Go to hell.” She proudly says, “This will do nicely!”

Sami hands Stephanie the phone and tells her to call Bo to expose EJ for the criminal that he is. Henderson interrupts to give Philip a phone call, and Stephanie insists that she could handle Sami alone so Philip leaves. Stephanie says she wants to help Sami keep her son away from EJ, but before she could finish, Sami hugs her and thanks her eagerly. Stephanie looks at her ring and says even though she wants to help, there’s nothing she can do. Sami tells Stephanie to lie for her family and tell the police that she saw EJ with Owen. Sami tells Stephanie to ask her parents about the DiMeras and the Kiriakises, and what they would do in her situation. Stressed, Stephanie walks out and tells Sami to leave her alone. Philip walks back as Sami vows that she will never leave Stephanie alone. Philip warns Sami that she won’t get near her again. Sami scolds Philip as she leaves, saying that Stephanie is just caught between him and EJ, and it’s not a safe place to be. Later, Stephanie walks back as Philip talks to an employee. Philip reassures her that Sami is gone, but Stephanie insists that she has to tell the truth for Sami and Johnny’s sake. Philip disagrees and tells her to calm down and let him handle this. As Philip leaves to get his swimsuit to go swimming, Stephanie takes a few prescription pills. Later, Stephanie returns to the backyard to go swimming, but Philip says he has to go take care of business. As he leaves, Stephanie struggles to stand upright.

Sami packs Johnny’s things and hurriedly opens the door, but stops when she sees Rafe. He asks her where she’s going, and Sami makes up a story about dropping off Johnny’s backpack with Lucas. Rafe asks her if she’s planning to run away with Johnny. Sami says she doesn’t have time to talk but Rafe asks her what she’s going to do about her other children. Rafe says he’s going to help her by stopping her from making a big mistake. He reminds her that if she takes Johnny, she will lose custody of him for sure. Rafe says that he would do anything to get Johnny back, just not this. Sami asks if he’s going to help her and Rafe whispers that he’d do anything for her. Rafe comforts her, saying that EJ has made a mistake, and everyone knows that it’s wrong to take Johnny away from her. Rafe leaves to get her some water as Sami gets a phone call from Nicole, who tells her that she will find a way for her to see Johnny!

Chloe and Lucas enter the Brady Pub and Chloe pokes fun at the deviled egg incident. Lucas says he felt bad for what happened to her, but Chloe says what happened today was her fault because she screwed up the show. Chloe tells him to get along with Kate and not make any trouble. Lucas assures her that it’s over now and the rest of the day will be better. Later, Lucas and Chloe stand outside their new house with Allie, and walk in as a family.

At the pier, Philip leaves Stephanie a message, apologizing. Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie struggles back from the pool as her phone rings, and faints!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Arianna tells Nicole that she has a problem with her and Brady.

Nathan tells Melanie that he’s not free any night.

Rafe asks Mia and Brady what they’re trying to hide.

Daniel finds Stephanie with her head bleeding!

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