At Hearth & Home’s first shoot, Kate and the director instruct Daniel to offer Chloe food. On “action,” Daniel hands Chloe the appetizer tray as Kate recalls her poisoning the food. As Chloe holds the poisoned appetizers, she recalls a passionate encounter with Daniel and accidentally spills all the food. An annoyed Kate apologizes to the director for Chloe’s clumsiness, as Chloe insists that she’s not cut out for this. Lucas walks in as Kate’s assistant offers other appetizers for the shoot, but Kate says they won’t work. Chloe and Daniel leave to get ready for a re-take. Kate asks Lucas to get everyone ready for a re-take, and as he leaves she grabs the bottle of poison from her purse and says to herself that Lucas won’t be stuck with Chloe anymore.

Chloe stands outside a bedroom where Daniel changes and asks Kate’s assistant if Daniel’s getting ready inside. Kate’s assistant excitedly remarks that they have oozing chemistry onscreen. Chloe walks into the room where Daniel’s changing and apologizes to him for the accident. Chloe reluctantly agrees when Daniel says it’s obvious that she’s nervous because she doesn’t think they can be together without something happening. Daniel reminds Chloe that he’s only there since Kate is donating a check in his wife’s memory. Daniel reminds Chloe that she’s a cancer survivor so they’re honoring her own life too. He looks yearningly at her and says that they have come full circle, that maybe this is fate. Chloe fixes one of Daniel’s shirt buttons, and Daniel tells her he respects that she’s fighting for her marriage.

Back on set, Kate poisons the replacement appetizers. Her assistant walks in and comments on how shiny the appetizers look. Kate asks where Daniel and Chloe are and he tells her they’re together. Kate says she’ll go get them and asks him to make sure no one touches the food. Kate’s assistant leaves the appetizers in Lucas’ hands as he rushes out for a work emergency. Lucas says he’s starving and holds one of the appetizers.

Back in Daniel’s change-room, Chloe starts to leave but Daniel tells her to wait and he seductively puts his hands on her shoulder before telling her that her zipper is undone. Daniel fixes it as Chloe recalls a similar moment before they made love in the past. Kate is seen vengefully spying on them from behind the door.

Nicole weeps at Grace’s grave, saying that she’d do anything to bring her back, as Rafe approaches. Nicole tries to excuse herself, but Rafe asks what she’s doing there. Nicole tearfully answers that she’s there to pay her respects. Rafe asks what she meant by saying that she would do anything to bring Grace back, and Nicole cries that it’s not fair Grace was cheated out of life. Rafe asks why she’s so heartbroken if she had no real connection to Grace, but Nicole reminds Rafe that Sydney will never get to know her sister, Grace. Rafe suggests that Nicole focuses on the fact that she still has her daughter and they both agree that life is fragile. Nicole admits that she’s concerned for Sami and that even though they will never be friends, she admits that Sami is a great mother, and Johnny is proof of that. She sympathizes with Sami, saying that she must be in hell for what is going on with Johnny. Rafe asks her talk to EJ about the custody injunction. Arianna walks by as Nicole leaves, and once again Rafe asks Nicole to at least think about it. Arianna listens intently as Rafe painfully recalls memories with Grace. He says that even though he couldn’t protect Grace, he will be there for Sami, to honor her memory. Later on, Rafe visits another grave with the name Emily Hudson on it, and as he touches the gravestone, he says he’s sorry.

Sami reluctantly drops Johnny off at EJ’s house. Sami tells him she’s not leaving until they get a few things straight. EJ sends Johnny away to play as Sami accuses him of hurting Johnny simply for revenge. Sami reminds EJ that this is temporary and he won’t get away with it, that no judge would award a sociopath full custody. EJ throws the lie about Grace back in her face, but Sami swears that she did that to protect Grace and she’s also going to protect Johnny. Sami threatens that by the time this is done, EJ will lose all custody and EJ furiously tells her, "Bring it on!" EJ calls Sami irresponsible because she let her bodyguard raise Grace and Sami says he can't stop her from letting Rafe be a father to Johnny too. EJ writhes that he will kill Rafe before he lets that happen. Sami calls EJ a homicidal maniac, and EJ rebuts that she won’t have any say over Johnny after he wins in court. Sami asks EJ how he can live with himself if he wants to raise Johnny as a DiMera. EJ looks her in the eyes and asks her if it hurts being cut out. EJ says that what she did was criminal, but Sami firmly says she would do it all over again if she could to protect her children from the DiMeras. Sami yells that he’s never going to take her son away from her, and reminds him about what he had told her when Johnny was missing her during her time away in witness protection. She reminds him that he had promised her that her children would never forget her because she is a good mother. Sami softly says that she knows he is capable of compassion, and asks if he can find a way to understand that she only wanted to protect Grace. EJ says what she did was unforgivable and any feelings he may have had for her are gone forever. He condescends that her manipulations won’t work as he doesn’t feel anything for her anymore. Sami asks EJ what his plan is when Johnny misses her and asks questions. Johnny interrupts briefly and Sami sadly says bye to him and promises to see him soon. Johnny leaves for a nap as Sami insists to EJ that she will see Johnny sooner than he thinks. EJ sarcastically tells her to say whatever she wants to get herself through the day.

Nicole walks in as Sami runs out, and guesses that it didn’t go well. EJ smirks and says it went exactly as he expected. EJ tells Nicole what happened with Sami and Nicole finally tells EJ that what he’s doing is horribly cruel and he is punishing Johnny to get back at Sami. EJ insists that this is the best thing for him, but Nicole insists that even though she hates what Sami did to him, he needs to forgive her for Johnny’s sake. She walks out of the room and later returns after seeing Johnny. Nicole tells EJ that Johnny senses that something is off. She asks if EJ really wants to do this to his son. Nicole persists that Johnny will not forget about his mother and Sami won’t give up. EJ angrily tells Nicole that it’s none of her business, but Nicole reminds EJ that she lives with them and sees Johnny suffering. She warns him not to underestimate Sami. EJ refuses to hear what she has to say and walks out.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie talks to Abby on the phone and insists that she’s fine now. She tells Abby that she hopes to see her at her wedding and hangs up. Henderson walks in and startles Stephanie as she hides her prescription bottle. He hands her a letter from her mom and Stephanie happily reads it as Philip walks in. Stephanie sighs that she misses her parents and baby brother, who are now working in a Third World country clinic. Philip says maybe he can help, and promises to send as much aid as her mother’s clinic needs. Stephanie gratefully asks Philip how she’s going to repay him as they kiss. Philip later suggests taking a few days off to see her family and goes to arrange for travel. He hopes that he might get better karma since he’s using his money for good as opposed to the bad he did with the DiMeras before. Philip returns from arranging travel plans and apologizes to Stephanie as he couldn’t get clearance for the trip.

Sami barges in and asks Philip and Stephanie for their help in order to destroy EJ once and for all. Sami tells them that EJ has taken Johnny from her, and Philip insists that this is just a scare tactic. Sami vows through tears that she has to find a way to protect Johnny and repeatedly pleads that she needs both of them to help her bury EJ once and for all. Philip says they have no evidence against EJ but Sami reminds him that she knows Stephanie’s kidnapping was EJ’s doing. She reminds them that she lost her child and begs them not to let it happen again.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Kate admits that the appetizers were poisoned.

Will tells Rafe Johnny is better off with EJ.

Nicole warns Stefano that they are underestimating Sami.

Sami tells Philip she’ll push until Stephanie breaks because she’s not giving up on her son.

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