Chloe prepares for a publicity shoot in Maggie’s kitchen. She complains to Lucas she’s the worst cook on the planet. Maggie is thrilled that they’re shooting in her own kitchen. She mentions that Daniel will be here soon and Chloe drops a large pot she was holding. Lucas knows it’s because he mentioned Daniel and says the doctor agreed to do the show when Kate threw a lot of money at one of his favorite charities. He leaves the room and Chloe and Maggie discuss how Maggie encouraged Daniel to do the show! Chloe is shocked and asks why she’s making this harder on her! Maggie realizes Chloe’s not over him and thinks this will force her to move on.

Kate calls Daniel to come to the Kiriakis mansion before the photo shoot. Chris brings Kate some appetizers. He runs off and Kate dons rubber gloves and adds a special ingredient – the poison! Later, Daniel arrives and asks what’s with the rubber gloves! She makes up some excuse and gives him the letter, showing that his favorite charity has been paid for the medical segment on Hearth and Home. She admits she wanted a moment alone to thank him. She’s letting go of all that unhealthy anger and gives him cider to toast to new beginnings. He wants to sample the appetizers but Kate tells him the food stylist will kill her if they’re eaten. He’ll be offering these to Chloe, on the show, and Kate asks if he’ll bring the appetizers over for her. She’ll follow, shortly, in her car! Daniel appreciates the effort she’s making to get along and knows it’s not easy for her. He leaves while Kate puts on the rubber gloves once more and opens a fingerprinting kit. She takes Daniel’s print from the champagne glass and places it on the vial of poison.

Chad finds Mia at Java Café and she struggles to breathe while asking why he’s there. He’s back for the summer and missed her. He reaches for her hand but she pulls away and asks him not to touch her. Chad hasn’t seen her for over a year and asks "Goldilocks" why he’s getting this reception. Mia flashes back to making out with Chad in a car, while he’s removing his shirt and tells Chad to leave! Chad says she must be angry that he hasn’t called. He reminds her of the amazing times they had together and Mia flashes back to being half nude in the car, kissing him, asking him if he loved her. "I do, Mia. I’ll love you forever…" She remembers the good times, she admits, but they’re over. Evan tells her she has the rest of her shift covered and Mia tells Chad she doesn’t want to see him again. She runs off and Chad asks for a job from Evan, who says they do need extra help. "You’re hired!"

At the church, EJ gives Sami the court order and Sami realizes EJ’s taking Johnny from her. He calls it an eye for an eye and blames her for this. Will comes upon them and asks if this is true. "Are you really taking my brother from my family?" Sami asks EJ not to do this. He’ll be punishing the family, not just her. Will thanks EJ when he says it’s fine for him to visit Johnny at his place. Sami is surprised that Will isn’t siding with her but Will explains that Rafe and Sami were in the wrong for lying to EJ this whole time. He thinks EJ has a right to take Johnny from her!

In the vestibule, Father Matt is grateful that the nuns from the Holy Cross made it to the funeral. When Sister Agnes arrives, Nicole panics. Sister Agnes recognizes her! Father Matt introduces them and the sister says she didn’t come alone. Sister Claire drove her there, though Sister Theresa has been reassigned to a new convent. Nicole is relieved to find Theresa left Salem a few days ago. Will stomps out of the church, and Nicole calls after him. "Will, what is it?"

Inside the church, EJ and Sami argue about EJ taking custody of Johnny. Sami threatens to tell all about what he did to the mayor and to Stephanie. Nicole arrives asking what’s going on and Sami blames her for EJ’s custody order. EJ stands up for Nicole and tells Sami to get Johnny to his place in one hour. Father Matt interrupts and Rafe and Sami leave while Father Matt tells EJ that God commands that we all forgive. EJ thinks he should tell that to Samantha, who played God. "She’s the one who is going to regret it."

Nicole goes to Sami in the vestibule and tells her she had nothing to do with this custody arrangement but Sami thinks she looks guilty and asks what she has done! Nicole says what she did was unconscionable. Sami retorts, "I thought you would understand. Now, EJ will always be thinking of us!"

Nicole goes back into the church and asks EJ if they can take the photo of Grace, and breaks down, saying, "This is all wrong!" EJ hugs her. She blames herself and tells him to go home. She cries for Grace.

Will walks down to the pier and calls Lucas, pulling him away from the taping of the show. Lucas agrees to go to him and asks Chris to take over for him until Kate gets there. Chris is honored and Lucas runs off. Chloe marches after him, but opens the door and falls right into Daniel’s arms! Daniel worries his doing the show will make her uncomfortable but Chloe will be fine. Daniel says one good thing about him doing the show is that Kate’s coming around!

Meanwhile, Kate looks at her handiwork of Daniel’s print on the vial.

Lucas meets Will at the pier. Will asks why Lucas was not at the funeral. Lucas says Sami thought it was a good idea that he stayed away and Will chastises Lucas for knowing about Grace’s paternity all along. Will shares that EJ’s got full custody of Johnny now. Lucas apologizes but he’s got to be with Sami, now. Will sits on a bench with his head in his hands when Mia arrives. He goes to her with a big hug. Both can see that the other is upset, but neither is ready to talk.

Sami paces the townhouse after talking to her father and says her family has told her she has no choice but to give up Johnny. She cries, saying she’s not sure she can handle this. She has to take Johnny alone, she says, in order to explain to him what’s going on. Rafe assures her this isn’t over. They’ll fight and win this custody case. Rafe leaves and later, Lucas arrives at Sami’s townhouse. He apologizes for EJ taking Johnny away, hoping she’ll fight it and wants to help her overturn this. Sami smiles and will take him up on that. Lucas makes sure she knows she can always count on him and they hug. He leaves and Johnny runs into her arms, asking to play. Sami says she’d love to but there’s no time. They’re going to daddy’s house.

Chris tells Daniel and Chloe to keep things loose. They’ve great chemistry but he tells them not to create any dead air. Kate arrives and tells Chloe and Daniel that the appetizers Daniel will give to Chloe are to die for! The segment begins and Chloe takes an appetizer from the tray.

EJ goes to Sydney and tells her that her brother will be living with them fulltime.

Sami arrives to EJ’s place with Johnny, and EJ takes him from her arms and tells her to shut the door on her way out!

Nicole goes to Grace’s gravesite and tells her how perfect and beautiful she was. Nicole wonders if she caused all of this. "Or maybe it was just your time." She cries that Grace leaving this world will make her life better, knowing EJ will never forgive Sami for what she has done. Nicole cries to God to forgive her and rocks while she sobs. Rafe comes upon her crying.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Daniel asks Chloe, "You don't think we can be together without something happening do you?"

Kate pours more poison into the appetizers.

Nicole cries to Rafe that Sami must be in hell!

Sami tells EJ, "If Rafe wants to be Johnny's father then he will be that, too." EJ threatens to kill Rafe if that happens!"
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