EJ and Nicole arrive at the church. In the vestibule, EJ mumbles he doesn’t even remember what Grace looks like as he holds the photo of Grace that he finds on the casket.

By the casket, Father Matt tells Rafe that God’s plans can be bewildering, but it only makes things worse. Rafe blames God for taking Grace from him.
Arianna and Brady discuss Sami and Rafe and the funeral today. Brady worries about Sami, but Arianna knows she has family support. She’s more concerned about Rafe and all the lies he has told for Sami.

Back in the vestibule, EJ makes a move toward Sami, when she arrives, but Roman and Bo stop him. Mia and Hope stand by as EJ tells Sami that he wouldn’t dream of disrespecting his daughter’s service. It wasn’t him who made her life a lie. Will comes in after Mia and makes a snide remark about EJ being Grace’s father. Bo asks him to support his mother today. Everyone goes inside the church but EJ and Nicole, who urges EJ to take this time to grieve, before taking revenge. EJ looks inside and sees Mia and asks Nicole who she is. Nicole stumbles over her words as she explains she thinks Mia babysat for Grace. EJ is angered that a stranger knew his kid more than he.

Inside the church, Will tells Mia that he does understand Sami’s reasoning for keeping Grace from EJ. He knows she would do what she could to stop her children from growing up in that house.

Nicole goes inside while EJ makes a call, giving orders to somebody to drop the papers off, soon. Stephanie interrupts EJ and tells him what she thinks of him, which isn’t much. She feels for Sami, who lost a child but doesn’t think EJ deserves children. EJ seethes and tells her she’s lucky to be alive, so Stephanie smacks him across the face and points at him, telling him not to dare threaten her again. Philip walks in just after the slap and EJ tells her to exercise a little control, saying he’s sure Philip will side with him on this one. EJ leaves and Stephanie apologizes to Philip. She’s got nothing to apologize for, he says, knowing full well that EJ should be in jail. They enter the church.

Back inside the church, Mia is unhappy for Sami. Nicole sits behind her and stops Mia from apologizing for being there. "You should be here for Grace." Caroline arrives while Stephanie goes to Sami to give her condolences. Sami knows she didn’t have to be there, considering her recent ordeal with Owen. Caroline goes to Sami and hopes Will has decided to sit with her. He hasn’t. Sami blurts out that she’s sick of the lies. Brady arrives with Arianna. When Arianna takes a seat, Brady tells Nicole she should know how Sami feels. She should have had a service for her lost child. Roman tells EJ if he hurts one more member of his family, he’ll turn in his badge and deal with EJ the way EJ deals with others. "No mercy." EJ takes out the custody papers from his pocket and thinks back to Stephanie’s rant.

Nearby, Arianna takes Rafe’s arm and says she knows this brings back a lot of memories. She admits she was wrong to tell him he was in the wrong for helping Sami.

Near the casket, Brady hugs Sami. Brady explains he understands completely, why she lied about Grace. He loves that about her, he admits. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Grace she was the first one to hold her and will never forget her.

Bo and Hope hug Sami and offer to talk to her anytime. Sami was worried they’d be angry at her but they could never stay angry at her, they confess. Father Matt starts the somber ceremony. Caroline does a reading and then Will tells a cute story about Grace, but has a difficult time finishing it, so Father Matt tells him he has done a good job, and Will takes a seat. When Father Matt asks if anyone else has any memories to share, EJ gets up. "I don’t have any memories to share but I do want to say something," he starts, causing Nicole, and the others to cringe. He goes up to the podium and says his only reason for getting up daily, is to ensure his children are safe. He discusses children and how one loves them before they see, hear or meet them. He says to Sami and Rafe, "I trust you’ll take some comfort in your memories of my daughter," reminding them they’ll always share memories of Grace, while he has nothing. He takes one last silent look around and takes a seat. Mia decides that though she has nothing to say, she’d like to sing. She starts singing "Amazing Grace," and Caroline joins her in song, while Sami chokes back tears. Most of the mourners get up to sing while Sami cries on Rafe’s shoulder. Father Matt gives a blessing and the Eucharist is given out. Later, roses are placed in a basket on top of the casket by everyone. Mia has to go back to work and gives Will a hug before she leaves. Sami and Rafe place a rose on the casket and Rafe tells Grace they’ll always love her. EJ and Nicole go to the casket and EJ says she’ll never be forgotten. Ever. Father Matt says another prayer and it’s time for the final farewell. Stephanie hugs Sami once more and then goes to EJ and blasts him for making Sami feel even worse than she already does. She tells Nicole to remember the blood on his hands next time he holds Sydney. EJ tells Philip to control his woman better.

Arianna goes to Rafe, and they discuss the support Sami has. Rafe thinks it was a mistake to let EJ find out the truth at all. Arianna asks him not to take all of this on himself in order to protect Sami, but she knows this falls on deaf ears.

Nearby, EJ is angered that Sami named Grace after Rafe. Roman tells Sami she’s strong, just like her mother, and they hug. Hope hugs Sami and then Bo, who tells her to call if she needs anything. The guests file out and all that is left is Sami and Rafe and EJ and Nicole.

Max finds Melanie at the hospital and they discuss London. Melanie sadly admits to him that she doesn’t think she wants to go with him. Max thinks she could always come visit, but Melanie assumes Chelsea won’t like that. Max is a little happy she’s staying, considering people are starting to take her seriously. He second guesses himself and jokes that nobody’s taking her seriously. They share a laugh and Melanie becomes distracted while she spots Nathan at the nurse’s station. She introduces the two and Max shares that Melanie has decided to stay in Salem. "And I just asked her why, but that remains a mystery," Max teases an embarrassed Melanie. She tells Nathan that Maggie’s will be co-ed from now on. He doesn’t mind. He’ll hardly ever be around, anyway. He leaves and Max reminds her of her mistakes with Philip. Melanie hasn’t forgotten and reminds Max she can’t screw up Nathan’s life. She can, however, screw up his life in London, and she refuses to. He means too much to her! Max gives her an open ended ticket to London, causing Melanie to cry.

She calls him the best brother in the world and he laughs. "You’re the most interesting sister…" He tells her to let him know how the hunt looks. She looks over his shoulder at Nathan and acts innocent. "The hunt?" Max says, "You’re looking over….I don’t even have to look!" He knows Nathan’s there.

Philip and Stephanie arrive at the mansion, and after Philip leaves, Stephanie takes another of the therapist’s prescription pills.

Mia gets back to work at Java, where she is interrupted by a familiar voice - Chad!

Father Matt tells Nicole he’s glad the nuns from The Convent of the Holy Cross have arrived to see Sami. Their car broke down, he admits, and Nicole goes pale. Meanwhile, EJ hands Sami a court order. "He’s taking Johnny from me," she says. EJ tells her, "Just like you took my daughter from me. An eye for an eye, Sami."

Next on Days of our Lives:

Will calls Lucas and tells him they need to talk. "This can’t wait!"

Kate tells Chloe and Daniel that the appetizers she’s serving are tasty. "To die for, tasty," she says.

Sami tells EJ and Nicole, "I will see you both in hell for this!"

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