At home, Rafe tries to get Sami to eat. She urges him to say it out loud - she hasn't eaten since she died - since Grace died! Rafe says if she's going to make it through the service, she has to take care of herself. Rafe asks if she wants him to tell EJ that the day will be hard enough without him being there. Sami says he has every right to be there - she can't tell him not to go. Rafe says EJ doesn’t need to be there, but Sami says there is nothing they can do to make the day easier - they just have to get through it! Rafe says he keeps waiting for Grace to cry. Sami nods and puts her head on his shoulder. Roman comes to the door and rushes to embrace Sami, who reminds him that he's mad at her. He says not today. When Sami leaves the room, Rafe tells Roman he's worried about EJ today! Roman says that EJ is not going to bother Sami! Sami comes back out and says Johnny is asking where Grace is. Rafe hugs her, and she sends him on an errand. Sami asks her dad not to be angry at Rafe. Roman just doesn't understand why she didn't tell him. She says she doesn't have faith in the legal system, and warns that EJ is going to come after her.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano and Nicole lament EJ's state as he grieves for a child who wasn't even his! Stefano says Sami is doing the same thing thanks to Nicole! Nicole wonders how she can let EJ go on grieving like this, and Stefano warns her that no one must ever find out the truth - or there will be more pain for everybody! Nicole goes into the other room and embraces EJ from behind - she wishes that Sami hadn't told him and brought him this pain. Nicole says he can't go on like this because Grace wasn't… EJ interrupts, asking, "Grace wasn’t what?" Nicole sputters, "You never bonded with her." EJ becomes angry, wondering why that should matter! Nicole says he has Sydney. EJ says one daughter doesn't make up for the loss of another - or the fact that he was robbed of the chance to know her! He expresses rage toward Samantha, saying that even his father has never done anything as terrible as what she did to him! Nicole says she's sorry. EJ says she doesn't need to be sorry - but Samantha will be! Nicole says he's right about that - Sami's life will be a living hell! Nicole says that Sydney has to be kept out of this however - she won't let him take her to the church! EJ agrees, and Nicole says after this, it will just be the three of them - Sami will be out of their lives forever! As EJ prepares to leave, Stefano appears and says he doesn't really see why he should go - besides, it's too soon after losing Anthony. He says he sent a condolence card to Sami. EJ is surprised, but Stefano says there is no pain like losing a child. Stefano picks up Sydney and says he prefers to concentrate on the future.

At the café, Will tells Mia she doesn't have to go to Grace's funeral for his sake. She says she's doing it for herself. Evan says he'll cover for her. Mia tells Will to go get his tie, and asks if he's talked to his mom yet. He admits that he hasn't. Mia is disappointed, but Will insists that she doesn't know his mother! Kenzie appears and she and Will get into an argument. Will calls her a bottom-feeder before he leaves. Kenzie then asks Mia why she freaks out when she says 'Chad'? Mia denies knowing anyone by that name, but Kenzie doesn't believe her!

Melanie gets home and is startled by Nathan coming out of the shower. She starts dialing her cell phone, saying he likes to pretend he's a doctor, but he grabs it away from her. Nathan teases her, and even invites her up to his room to show him how to perform a couple of functions! She says she'll stay downstairs, calling him a pervert. He says Maggie invited him to stay. She says Maggie likes to take in strays. Maggie appears and Melanie is stunned when Nathan calls her grandma! He tells Maggie that he never really got a chance to introduce himself to Melanie - she just decided that he was delusional and a perv! Maggie says they'll work together at the hospital, but Melanie says they won't - she's moving away with Max! Maggie says she's going to miss her. Melanie says it's hard living where no one likes you! Maggie remarks that she hopes she's going to something, and not just running away. Melanie says she thinks she'll love London - mostly because it's close to Paris! Nathan once lived in Paris - they bond a little as they discuss it. When Nathan leaves the room, Maggie asks Melanie when she's leaving - she looks at where Nathan exited and says there's no rush!

At the church, Bo holds Hope's shoulders as she looks at a photo of Rafe, Sami, and Grace. She says, "I miss you so much, Zack. Take care of Grace." Bo listens as Hope remembers how it was when Zack died - how important it was that everyone came. She says they all have to let Sami know that she can get through this. Rafe appears and Hope explains that she and Bo lost their little boy in an accident - they know what he's going through. Rafe is sorry and asks about him. Hope apologetically says that Bo can be hard on other guys sometimes, and tells him that Sami is going to really need him the next few months. Hope says she is on his side because she can see that he loved Grace as much as Sami did.

Caroline encounters Stephanie outside the Kiriakis house and says she's worried about her. Stephanie says she should be concerned about Sami. Caroline is disappointed that Philip has left her to go on a business trip after what she just went through! Stephanie asks her not to talk about Philip that way, and assures her that Owen can't get near her again. Caroline is concerned about Stephanie's plan to go to the funeral today - what will happen when she has to face EJ? Caroline feels that EJ had nothing to do with what happened to her, but Stephanie disagrees, but assures her grandmother that the truce will last.

Will arrives at Sami's house as she is telling Roman that she feels this may be the last straw for him! He says nothing. Sami says goodbye to Johnny when Roman tells her it's time to leave.

Alone in the church, Rafe breaks down in tears. The minister comes in and asks if he's okay. He says he was once an angry guy, then says maybe he shouldn't be here - he doesn't know if he can ever forgive God for letting Grace die!

Melanie shows up at the nursing station at the hospital and says she's decided to unquit her job! The dour nurse asks her what prompted this decision - or should she say who?!

EJ and Nicole arrive at the church and EJ holds up the photo of Rafe, Sami, and Grace, saying that she's going to pay - this is all he has! At that moment, Roman and Sami walk in!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Melanie says, "Max, I don't think I'm going to London."

Nicole tells Brady, "What I did was right for EJ and for Sydney."

Rafe tells Sami, "You can make it through this, I'm here for you."

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