Melanie quits working at University Hospital and leaves Maxine standing with a dropped jaw. Melanie bumps right into a cute intern on her way out, who asks for directions. She stumbles over her words and watches him walk away. Brady finds her and pokes fun at her. She tells him she’s moving to London. Brady’s surprised but she explains that Max is leaving. Brady thinks she has a very good reason to stay there. He knows that the minute her life doesn’t seem perfect, she runs. He tells her him, Maggie, Philip and Stephanie are friends of hers. He decides to stand in for Max and be her "bro," and says, "How about that guy you just ran into?" Melanie laughs. She has no idea who he is. Brady’s got to stand in for Victor at the hospital board meeting and makes her promise not to leave town. He leaves and Melanie asks Maxine who the new guy is. The new guy comes up behind her as she asks and embarrassed, Melanie turns to him. She finds out he’s an intern but he doesn’t say his name. She offers to show him around, but he takes a call and makes plans to meet somebody at the Brady pub. He tells her he’ll take her up on the tour later and apologizes but has to dash. Maggie stops by and hands Melanie her wallet that she forgot. Maggie wanted to talk to her about living arrangements at the house but Melanie says that there’s no need. She’s completely fine with it! She has to run and leaves.

Kate and her assistant Chris arrive at Java Café, and Kate becomes upset when Chris tells her that he has found an alternative doctor for the segment on her show. She wants Daniel! Chris thinks there has to be a way to get Daniel to do the show. Kate reminds him she asked him to dig up dirt on the good doctor, and that’s how they’re going to get him to do what they want. Chris anxiously tells her that their dirt hasn’t come through yet. Kate pulls rank on him, causing the man to quake in his shoes. Later, they go online and the email from Chris’ source has replied to Chris’ email, with dirt on Daniel.

Daniel goes running at the pier, where he sees Chloe. She’s been waiting for him and goes to him with a kiss. They start making out and their clothes slowly come off. Suddenly, Chloe snaps her head back and stops fantasizing. She asks Daniel if he has declined doing the medical segment on Hearth and Home because of her. He thinks it’s for the best. Chloe has pulled herself together and has no more second thoughts. "I know what I want," she shares. She and Lucas made up and things are fine. Daniel is happy for them. Chloe thinks he has saved her and has always been there when she has needed him most. Daniel tries to brush her off. She’ll always admire him, even though they can’t be together. He starts to flashback to having sex with her but tells her he’s happy she and Lucas are working things out. Chloe goes to get prepared for her show. She’ll have to settle for second best from the doctor they have to replace him with. They say goodbye, and linger. After Chloe leaves, Kate calls and asks him to Java Café.

Stephanie reads Philip’s note and is embarrassed to find that Philip bought her a Jaguar for graduating from Salem U! They rush out to the driveway to see it and after they return, Stephanie says she can’t accept it. It makes her feel like a material girl! She asks for a used one instead but Philip tells her she’ll be doing the environment a favor. The car she’s driving now is a melon. He convinces her to keep it and they kiss. Stephanie realizes she needs to stop being so manic but Philip knows she has been through a lot. He shares the DiMera truce with her and says Titan will be run his way, now. Stephanie’s surprised and he promises never to let anything happen to her again. He leaves momentarily and while he’s gone, Stephanie takes a pill for anxiety. She flashes back to being with Owen and takes another, then jumps out of her skin when Philip comes up behind her with champagne, to celebrate. She sees her drugs poking out of her handbag and asks him to celebrate later. Philip says he loves her strength, but she doesn’t feel very strong. She looks at the pills again and then decides they should celebrate. They drink to their love and Stephanie loosens his tie and starts seducing him on the lounger.

Chloe goes to church to pray for God to help her be a better wife, then fantasizes about kissing Daniel. She cries out, upset at her thoughts and runs into Father Matt on her way out of the church. She blurts out that she’s cheating on her husband, by thinking of another man. She cries as she admits she can’t stop thinking of him, even though she told him she was staying with Lucas. About Daniel, she says, "I’m more in love with him than ever." Father Matt tells her fantasy isn’t cheating. Chloe’s thankful Daniel isn’t going to be working with her and confesses she’s not sure what she’d do if she was faced with working with him.

Kate fantasizes about standing over Chloe’s grave, when Daniel arrives at Java Café. She tells him she has an offer he can’t refuse. Daniel already refused her offer and thinks she wants to blackmail him. Kate says that Hearth and Home is willing to match his salary from the hospital and donate it to a charity of his choice, in honor of his wife, Rebecca. Daniel is floored when Kate discusses Rebecca’s breast cancer, causing Daniel to ask how she found that out. Kate lies that he must have told her, but Daniel suspects something is up and wants to know why she wants him working side by side with Chloe. Kate says she wants to get over the past. She leaves and Maggie, who has overheard a little of the conversation, comes up to Daniel. He admits keeping his feelings buried isn’t one of his strong suits. He doesn’t think he can do it! Maggie thinks he may be stronger than he thinks. Later, he considers Maggie’s words and decides to call Kate and take the job. She tells him this means a lot to her and has him meet her at the Kiriakis mansion. After she hangs up, she looks at the untraceable deadly poison. "Goodbye Chloe. Goodbye Daniel. It’ll all be over soon!"

Brady walks in on Stephanie kissing Philip. Brady apologizes and Philip tells him about the truce with the DiMera’s. Brady thinks it’s great. "As long as it’s real!" Stephanie latches on to that and while Philip leaves the patio, Brady says he doesn’t exactly trust the DiMera’s. Talk turns to Grace and Stephanie says she’s supposed to go to the funeral. Brady admits the baby wasn’t adopted. It was Sami’s baby and fathered by EJ DiMera. Stephanie hears EJ’s name and her knees buckle. She feels for Sami and confesses she too would have kept it a secret if it were her child. Brady wonders if it’s a good idea that she attends the funeral, but she has to, she says. Philip may have to leave for Chicago, instead of going to the funeral, he says.

At the pier, Kate talks to Chris on the phone and they discuss how Kate thinks Dr. Jonas will join them on Hearth and Home.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s place and as a towel clad Nathan waltzes into the room, drying his hair, Melanie jumps! She wonders what the heck he’s doing there.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Nathan tells Melanie she's pretty but an "idiot."

Mia says, "She needs you right now." Will says, "OK, look you don't - know her. You don't know my mom at all!"

Nicole tells EJ, "Sami's life is going to be a living hell."

Sami admit she's afraid of what EJ will do.

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