Brady stops Nicole at Java Café and confronts her about Grace. He heard about Sami lying to EJ about Grace and wonders what EJ will do to Nicole, when he finds out about Sydney. Nicole yells that he’s not going to find out! She and EJ are closer than ever, and though it’s sad that Sami lost Grace, EJ despises Sami now, making Nicole’s marriage solid. Brady reminds her that one simple blood test and she’ll be outed.

Philip and Victor meet EJ on the pier. EJ wants a truce and Victor wants Owen but EJ can’t deliver Owen to him. Rest assured, when he finds Owen, they’ll take care of him. Stefano arrives and EJ tells the men that he lost somebody yesterday and promised himself he would end this feud, as a result. Consequently, he and Stefano have decided to go through with the truce - with Philip. Victor says he must negotiate with him, not Philip, but Philip takes his father aside to talk. He asks his father to step back this time. "How many times have you fired me," Philip asks. Victor answers, "Too many times." Philip can step down, but since this is about their future, he thinks Victor and Stefano should step back. Meanwhile, Stefano asks EJ if he’s sure about this. EJ’s positive. This is about his family and his future. He refuses to let anybody else control his life again. EJ and Philip speak for their families and shake hands after agreeing not to retaliate against the other family.

Stephanie goes to the patio and finds a note from Philip, telling her he’s out. She has a fantasy of Owen touching her hair and burying his nose in her hair, sniffing, lingeringly. She threatens to scream, but he knows she won’t. He tells her he’ll never leave her. She tells him to leave her alone, but he is there to take her away from this. She doesn’t want to leave Philip, but Owen thinks she can see Philip’s darkness and promises to take her somewhere special where he can wait on her and love her. Henderson comes out to the patio, asking if she’d like coffee, startling her from her fantasy. She then takes one of the pills the therapist has prescribed.

Melanie arrives at the pub for coffee and asks when he’s leaving for England. Soon, he says, and admits he’s leaving for good, which causes Melanie to whine and cry, "No! You can’t leave!" She wonders who will stand up for her while he’s gone. Max says she has made friends like Brady. Melanie agrees and says Philip and Stephanie are kind of nice to her but they have to be, considering what she did for them. Since Max didn’t know, Melanie shares with him the story about Stephanie’s kidnapping. Max worries about Stephanie and is upset with Melanie for taking too many chances. Melanie claims it gets her adrenaline going. Max doesn’t think he should leave her there by herself and asks her to move with him to London. Melanie almost spits out her coffee, knowing Chelsea wouldn’t like that. She agrees to consider it and says hello to Stephanie as she leaves. Max wants to know how Stephanie is and she says she’s fine. Max warns her against being with Philip. He’s not right for her. Stephanie says she needs to be with Philip. When she’s without him, she misses him! "You can relate, right?" Max smiles. He can. Stephanie heard from Chelsea this morning that Max is moving to London. She’ll miss both of them.

Mia settles in at Maggie’s place, and overwhelmed, doesn’t think she can stay there, claiming, "I’m not a good person." Maggie reminds her to take it one day at a time, or she could relapse. Mia isn’t going to relapse, she says. Maggie reminds her they’re in the same club. They’ve both got demons. Maggie shares that she was alone when she first came to Salem and lets her know that people reached out to her. It’s her turn now, to reach out! Mia promises to pay Maggie back for everything, soon, and runs into her arms with a hug. Melanie comes into the room as they’re hugging and watches from the door.

At Java Café, Nicole says she has covered all her bases and thinks she’s safe. "Unless Dr. Baker returns," says Brady, but Nicole brushes his concern aside. When Mia walks through the door, Brady tells Nicole that there’s always somebody who can out her! He gets coffee while Mia thanks Nicole for allowing her time with Grace. Nicole says not to mention it and she leaves. Brady returns and Nicole again tells Brady that Mia’s not going to be a problem. Nicole says if he’d stop haranguing her, he’d be more fun to hang out with. She says she has the perfect life, but Brady argues that love has nothing to do with it.

At Maggie's place, Maggie and Melanie discuss Mia’s moving in. Melanie’s concerned about it and thinks she should move in across the room from Mia - into the large room with the en suite! Maggie says it’s not going to happen. That’s her office! Melanie admits she’s a little jealous. "I don’t want to share you with anyone," she says, sadly. Maggie hugs her and promises, nobody can take her place in her heart. She reminds her to apply for nursing school today, since tomorrow’s the deadline. To herself, Melanie wonders if she should move to London, instead.

Philip returns to the patio, where Stephanie waits. He smells her perfume and admires it, causing Stephanie to think of Owen and cringe. He says he’s been at a meeting and Stephanie hopes it was about finding Owen. Henderson arrives with a message for Philip. When Philip puts it away and refuses to tell Stephanie what it is, she accuses him of hiding something from her and tells him no more lies. He hands her the note.

Stefano and EJ head home and EJ rants about how stupid he has been, not to be aware that Sami had his child for five months. Stefano tries to calm him and says he should be happy he selected Nicole over Sami, because Nicole always has his best interests at heart! EJ calms some, and agrees with his father. What Sami did wasn’t even human. To think he let Sami treat Nicole like garbage… He vows never to allow that again! Stefano assumes EJ’s going to pay Sami back. EJ shows Stefano a document that Stefano finds brilliant. "She’s never going to know what hit her," says EJ.

Melanie arrives at the hospital and Maxine tells her she’s late. Maxine wonders why Melanie wants to be a nurse. "Because I want to help people?" Melanie asks, but Maxine thinks the only person Melanie wants to help is herself! She’s not sure Melanie’s cut out for being a nurse. Melanie looks at a pamphlet of London England and considers moving. Maxine catches her and tells her to stop reading and hand those out to the patients. Melanie has a better idea. She quits!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate tells somebody that what they’ve got to discuss is going to change everything!
Philip tells Stephanie he has news that may turn things around.

Melanie asks Brady to give her a reason to stay at University. Brady cocks his head and asks, "How about that guy that you were just talking to?"

Father Matt asks Chloe what’s wrong. She claims she is cheating on her hubby!

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