Philip comes up behind Stephanie on the patio and she jumps, in surprise. Philip hugs her and promises it’s all over. Victor interrupts.

Rafe goes to Arianna at the pub and lets her in on the truth about Grace’s maternity. Arianna is surprised and more so when he tells her EJ DiMera’s the father. Arianna has heard all about the DiMera’s and says she’d have kept the truth from EJ, too! Arianna thinks Rafe’s the one with the problem, not Sami. This situation reminds him of the situation in his past. She doesn’t want to be hard on him after Grace’s death, but Arianna thinks when he’s done grieving, he’ll see things her way. "Whatever happens, don’t let this be like Emily."

Sami tells Will she went into the witness protection program pregnant and she is Grace’s mother. She gave birth to her. Will questions why she’d keep it a secret. Later, Sami has told Will the whole story. He’s angry when he hears the father is EJ. Sami says Stefano would have taken Grace from them. She didn’t want another innocent child to be put in the same situation as Johnny. Sami admits she wasn’t going to tell EJ the truth, but after Grace passed, she told EJ. Will considers the timing to be bad and doesn’t think Sami would have ever told him the truth. Sami ponders that and is honest. She may never have told anybody this secret- ever, in order to protect her. She apologizes. This angers Will and thinks Lucas will go crazy when he finds out. Sami sighs. "He already knows…" Will is angry that both of his parents have known the whole time. Will grabs the car keys and heads to the door. Sami takes the keys, not wanting him to drive angry. Will storms out of the townhouse, only to bump into Rafe, who asks him to stay and talk. Will refuses to stay and will return for his things, later. Rafe comforts Sami and she realizes she’s got to tell her family the truth. Rafe will be at her side, he promises. Sami thanks him for being so wonderful to them. Rafe says he has done everything because he fell in love with her! Rafe worries he’s a reminder of what Sami lost and that she won’t want him around, but she says it’s a good thing. She looks at Rafe and remembers all the sacrifices he has made for them. "I love you so much," Sami says, before jumping into his arms.

EJ slowly comes into the great room and Nicole tells him she was worried about him. EJ tells her that Sydney had a sister. "Grace is my daughter." Nicole says, "Oh my God, Sami told you?" EJ furrows his brow and asks, "You knew?" Nicole denies it and then backpedals. She says maybe Sami has lied and EJ lets Nicole know how it happened. He’s still in shock that he had another child and didn’t know. Nicole acts as though she’s surprised and wonders why Sami finally came clean. EJ considers the lie got to be too much for her. EJ goes to care for Sydney when she cries and Stefano arrives. Nicole tells him what happened and Stefano rolls his eyes. "Why would she do that now?" He wonders if this could be in her favor. Now that EJ knows Samantha deceived her. Nicole thinks EJ’s feelings for Sami could resurface; considering he just found out they shared another child together. Stefano tells Nicole she needs to contain her jealousy or her world will fall apart. She needs to keep things in perspective. She’s the mother of his child. Stefano forces Nicole to repeat after him. "Sydney is mine." Stefano says she needs to repeat that over and over.

Upstairs, EJ holds Sydney. Each time he picks her up, his day gets brighter. She’s his little ray of sunshine. He wishes she could have met her sister, Grace.

EJ returns to the great room with Sydney. EJ tells Nicole that Sydney has started cooing, earlier than expected. Nicole is floored and smiles in happiness, though she’s sorry she missed out. Nicole apologizes. She’s sorry she shouldn’t have reminded him of what he missed out with Grace. EJ apologizes for dismissing her insecurities and the truth is, he and Samantha have been too close. He says though he has been in denial for a long time, he’s able to admit that he does have feelings for Sami. Nicole nods and asks if he still does. He explains he has no other feelings except for hatred, though he loved her once. He lets on he’s ashamed he ever did and apologizes to Nicole for hurting her. They hug and EJ has realized Nicole and Sydney are his life. She’d never do what Samantha has done.

At the pub, Bo tells somebody on the phone to set up a road block. Owen has escaped! Hope and Bo realize there’s one other person who can connect him to the DiMera’s. They leave.

Stephanie hangs up the phone with her uncle Bo as Melanie and Brady enter the Kiraikis mansion. They came to see how she was. She’s upset as she just learned Owen has escaped.

On the patio, Philip tells Victor that the DiMera’s allowed Owen to escape so that he couldn’t implicate them in the kidnapping. Victor wants to take a meeting with the DiMera’s to set up a truce, but Stephanie can’t implicate EJ, or there won’t be one.

Bo and Hope arrive to the mansion and question Brady, in the living room. He has no idea who Owen is but thinks Stephanie could.

Outside on the patio, Philip tells Stephanie and Melanie about the DiMera/Kiriakis truce and asks if they’d be able to lie about the DiMera connection to Owen. Melanie’s fine with it but Stephanie can’t lie to her uncle. Philip tells Stephanie that if she doesn’t lie, EJ will come after them with a vengeance.

Back inside, Bo and Hope question Melanie and she says she has no idea who Owen was working for. Melanie asks if they can pull strings because she received a parking ticket, earlier in the week. She receives a blunt, "No," from Hope! Melanie leaves and Hope asks the same question of Stephanie. She doesn’t know who Owen worked for, she lies, and when she becomes upset, thinking of being kept in that drawer, Philip tells Bo and Hope to leave. After they’re gone, Philip promises Stephanie, no more secrets and lies.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis crypt and is followed there by Arianna, who says she likes to walk through the cemetery from time to time. Brady tells her the flowers are for his mother, who passed a long time ago. He has decided to come by more often. Melanie runs into the crypt, wanting to talk. Arianna leaves Brady with a lingering look and Brady turns talk to Melanie’s conversation with Bo and Hope. Melanie tells him to never mind that. She wants to talk about Arianna. "You’ve got the hots for her, don’t you," she teases.

Will bumps into Mia on the pier. She’s packed up and ready to move into Mrs. Horton’s, she tells him. This is her last load and she’s happy she’s moving. Her and her cousin have been fighting a lot. Will tells Mia that his mother lied about Grace and he’s not sure he can forgive her. Mia gives Will a kiss, after he says though he’d like to leave town, he’s staying.

Arianna brings flowers to a grave of a person named Emily Hudson.

Stephanie sees a therapist at the hospital and explains that she can’t sleep. The doctor prescribes pills for her and gives her a sample, but Stephanie is leery of taking any pills.

Outside the therapist room, Victor finds Philip and tells him they’ve got to set up a meeting with Stefano, right away. Stephanie leaves the therapist’s office and takes a look at the prescription.

Bo and Hope return to the pub and figure Stephanie lied for the Kiriakis’. The DiMera’s and the Kiriakis’ are now even. They worry about Stephanie and what she has gotten herself into.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Mia tells Maggie she has done things she's not proud of.

Owen tells Stephanie they're going away together!

Nicole tells Brady, "EJ is not going to find out about Sydney and I am going to live a happy life."

EJ warns Stefano that he's not going to let anyone else control his life - ever again!

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