Daniel is stunned at Chloe’s declaration that she loves him more than Lucas, but is angry that she’s waffling on her promise. He reminds her that he walked away from her when she asked him to, without conditions, and no matter how she feels, he’s done with her. "It’s too late for us," he says and plans on sticking by his promise to stay away. He yells out in frustration and Chloe cries, asking if he’s going to move on. He isn’t sure how he can when all he thinks about and dreams about is her. When his wife Rebecca died, he didn’t believe he could love again and then he found her. Chloe realizes all she has ended up doing is hurting him. Daniel has to push her away because of his love for her. Daniel comments on losing Grace. He always asks himself if he did all he could. Chloe is sure he did but he’s not. He says if Lucas turned to booze if she broke up with him again, Daniel isn’t sure he could take it. He urges her to make it work with Lucas, but it breaks her heart and she starts to cry. Daniel tells her to be strong and devote herself to her family.

Lucas accuses Kate of lying to him about the liquid vitamins. She flashes back to paying off the man to buy the toxic substance for her and admits it’s medicine for female issues and she’s embarrassed about it. Lucas apologizes and says he’s exhausted and wasn’t thinking. Talk turns to Grace and they agree that this situation is tragic. They try to make sense of it. Lucas admits he and Chloe had a fight about keeping a secret for Sami. Kate wants to know what’s going on, but he doesn’t answer. Kate puts two and two together quickly and surmises that Sami went into witness protection nine months ago and presto – Grace arrived. Kate thinks Grace was Lucas’ child. Lucas tells her she’s off base. She assumes EJ’s the father, so Lucas comes clean. He asks her to keep her mouth shut about it. Kate wonders if Sami has forgotten the paternity issue with Will. Kate insults Sami and Lucas asks her to show respect. Sami just lost a baby! Kate realizes Chloe’s the lesser of the two evils. She recants her statement and says Chloe’s lovely and she’ll enjoy giving her another chance. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her son.

Stefano tells Sydney his heart couldn’t bear another loss. Nicole thinks she was meant to be Sydney’s mom and is happy Stefano’s on her side. Stefano isn’t keeping the secret for her benefit. He feels terrible for deceiving his son, but believes it has to be done. Nicole worries that EJ may go to prison, leaving Sydney without a dad. Stefano assures her Owen won’t say a word about EJ. Victor comes to the door and Nicole and Stefano answer. Victor offers an olive branch and says Sydney’s beautiful. It’d be a shame to see her caught in a war between two families. Nicole thinks he’s threatening her daughter, but he’s not. Babies are a gift from God and thinks they must make peace for Sydney, if not for another reason. Stefano is open to suggestions on how to make peace, so Victor says he’ll return later, with an offer.

Later, Nicole tells Sydney that she’s her daughter and nobody can claim her as their own.

Rafe says what happened to Grace was a tragedy that couldn’t have been avoided. EJ goes ballistic when he hears Sami left Grace with the nuns instead of leaving her with him. Sami yells that she did everything to protect her child. EJ roars that he didn’t abandon her – he didn’t feel ashamed by her, like Sami did. Sami snaps and slaps him across the face and pounds his chest. He grabs her arms and shakes her as they yell at one another. Rafe breaks them up and EJ yells to Rafe that he’s her accomplice. Rafe refuses to allow EJ to disrespect Sami, knowing she only did what she did to protect Grace. EJ thinks he would have done anything to protect the child. He thinks he has been a good father to Johnny. He took care of the child while she was gone and miraculously, he didn’t die! EJ thinks Sami kept Grace from him to punish him for being with Nicole, but she admits she almost told him on his wedding day. Rafe refuses to let EJ savage the baby’s mother. Rafe knows Sami didn’t want her daughter being raised by a murderer. He brings up the hit on Philip. Rafe knows there was nothing EJ could have done. EJ thinks he could have told her he loved her, held her hand and could have said goodbye…Sami says her heart is broken too. She’d do anything to make things different. EJ’s only regret is loving her. Rafe asks if they can honor Grace’s memory by making an attempt to understand each other. Grace taught Rafe how to love better. The funeral director returns with information about the funeral and internment and leaves. Sami asks if EJ wants a say in the arrangements. He thinks it’s a little late for that. "You killed her. You bury her," he says quietly. Rafe and Sami leave.

The funeral director finds EJ sitting in the parlor. EJ asks an important favor.

Chloe finds Lucas at Victor’s mansion. Lucas apologizes for keeping Sami’s secret from her and Chloe apologizes as well. They hug, and Lucas promises never to keep anything from her again. They agree to a fresh start.

Daniel runs through the hospital as Kate arrives. She sees Will and he tells her he had a half day, because of final examinations. He didn’t want to go home. Kate gives him her sympathy and he starts to cry, admitting he was jealous of Grace, at first, and said some things he wishes he could take back. Kate thinks Grace knew he loved her. He wonders why this had to happen and hugs Kate. Later, Kate finds Daniel and asks again if he’ll host the medical segment. He refuses her!

Rafe and Sami arrive at home and Rafe thinks she did the right thing by telling the truth today, just like it was right that she kept it from him in the past. "You were protecting Grace." That’s all Sami wanted and Rafe says she’s safe now. EJ can’t hurt her or Grace. Sami finishes writing Grace’s death announcement and reads it to Rafe and cries. She finishes with, "She’ll always remain in our hearts, our amazing Grace." She shows Rafe a yellow dress she selected for Grace to wear. Sami plans on telling Will the truth about Grace’s paternity as soon as possible, but has concerns. Will arrives home and Rafe leaves to bring the dress to the funeral home. Sami tells Will the truth about Grace being EJ’s daughter. Will is shocked and confused.

EJ goes to the morgue and the director opens Grace’s body drawer. EJ starts hyperventilating as he goes to see his daughter. He takes deep breaths and says hello to Grace. "It’s me. Your father…I’m so sorry. "He wishes he could have known her and held her hand and wished she could have known her sister, Sydney. He lifts the sheet and is overcome with grief. "Be in peace. You’ll be in my heart, always," he says as he breaks down.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Philip tells Stephanie that Stefano will come after them if she implicates EJ for the crime.

Will asks Sami to tell him who the father is.

Nicole tells Stefano, "We have a problem!"

Arianna doesn’t think Sami’s the problem. Rafe is!

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