Shawn shows up at Chez Rouge to see Willow. He tells her that his dad is going to call Max on his behalf, to try to get his job back. No guarantees but he is hopeful, he tells her!

At the garage, Max tries to talk Frankie out of moving back to D.C. Frankie tells his brother that he'll be just fine without him. They start to talk about the black gloved person, with Max confessing he would like five minutes alone with the guy! Mimi wanders in, asking if there is news about Kayla and Steve. Max reports that they're still unconscious but that they have an antidote that may help them! Frankie gives attitude to Mimi, and wanders off to the office, leaving Max to explain his behavior. He tells Mimi that Frankie's been like this since Jen left him. Mimi shares she will be able to pay him soon. She isn't making enough money, so he hires her as an accountant! Frankie and Max dash off to the hospital while Abby shows Mimi the books. They hear someone outside.

Frankie is in the office asking Abby what is wrong with Max, and why he's hanging out with Mimi. Abby explains that he is a caring person and Mimi needed work done on her car. Frankie starts to laugh and she stands up for Max. When he asks, "You like my brother, don't you," she denies it. He receives a call and grabs Max, 'hightailing' it over to the hospital to be there for Kayla and Steve.

Shawn and Willow show up at the garage. Willow waits outside while he goes inside to ask Max for his job back. Abby greets him, telling him Max went to the hospital, because they just got word that Kayla and Steve were given the antidote. He thanks Abby, saying he has to be with the family and gives her a quick message of apology for Max. Just then, Shawn is surprised to see Mimi wander out of the office with a question about the books for Abby! He ignores her, much to her annoyance, so she tells him that he'd better get used to seeing her there, because she works there now! Shawn warns Abby against trusting Mimi and starts a war, causing Mimi to yell at Shawn and then later at Willow, when she comes to see what the commotion was about. Willow grabs Shawn's hand and tells him this isn't helping anyone, and they leave.

E.J. and Patrick secretly meet once again. Patrick is stunned to learn that the police are on to them and E.J. tells him that this is the last time they'll meet. He'll receive word from a courier from now on whenever E.J. needs to contact him. He forces Patrick to use Chelsea, calling her "An invaluable source of information to them."

At the hospital, Grandpa Shawn, Caroline and Bo wait impatiently for changes to Kayla and Steve's state. Billie and Hope arrive to hear the doctor tell them that both Steve and Kayla are responding to stimuli. It's too soon to tell, so he asks them not to get his hopes up, as it could go either way. Just then, Steve opens his eye, much to everyone's surprise! Bo explains to a conscious yet concerned Steve, what happened to he and Kayla and the events leading to getting the experimental drug. He shares that they've all been here all along, supporting him and Steve gets out of bed, touches Kayla's head then wheels his IV over to the window, asking Billie if Stephanie is safe. He calms down, smiling. He tells her he can't believe she is the first person he saw when he woke up and that she means a lot to him. Billie replies that she feels the same and wants him as he is 'now', and will be there until he gets better.

The doctor tells the family that Kayla's fever has spiked. She appears to be worsening while Steve is getting better. Grandpa Shawn asks if there is anything else they can do, and he suggests giving Kayla more of the experimental drug.

Kate visits Stephanie in herhospital room. Stephanie apologizes to her for the accident, but Kate tells her it's not her fault. She thinks it's best if she stays out of the public eye. If she doesn't, she'll be a target! She is releasing Stephanie from contractual obligations. Chelsea walks in, upset saying to her grandmother, "So you're dumping her?" Kate explains herself. There is a lunatic on the scene, and she doesn't want to see Stephanie hurt. Stephanie agrees to it and signs the contract, sharing that she'll spend more time with her parents. Chelsea tells Stephanie to take care and both she and Kate leave.

Outside the room, Chelsea tells Kate it was all she could do to keep from gloating about her and Max's break up. Kate suggests that she may be going about getting her parents back together in the wrong way. Kate tells her that over the years, she has tried everything to get the two back together again and finally accepts that Bo and Billie will never be a couple again, and Chelsea needs to realize this, too! Chelsea is hurt, thinking that she can't count on her grandmother or trust her. She feels as though nobody is there for her, but Kate disagrees. She loves Chelsea, she says. Chelsea tells Kate she doesn't know what to do, "I don't feel like I belong anywhere." She is afraid if she never gets her parents together that nobody will ever love her, and she breaks down. Kate holds her close.

In the waiting room, the family agrees to give Kayla more of the experimental drug, even though it could mean she has more side effects. Max and Frankie show up at the hospital and they all agree to have faith and keep praying. Bo takes Max aside, asking him for a second chance for Shawn, not only for him, but for his daughter. Max agrees that Shawn is a hell of a mechanic, but just hired Mimi as a part time book keeper. If Shawn wants his job back, he'll have to find a way to get along with Mimi. He tells Bo he'll try to come to an agreement with Shawn.

Hope comes back to the room with Grandpa Shawn and Caroline. They tell Billie and Steve that Kayla isn't waking up. They're confused, not understanding why Steve is awake but Kayla is still in trouble. The doctor gives more serum to Kayla as they wait things out. Stephanie comes out, thrilled that her father is awake but torn, upset that her mom is not awake yet. Steve comforts an emotional Stephanie, asking her to have faith. She tries, but then Kayla starts seizing and the doctors use defibrillators on her.

Patrick shows up at his house to see Chelsea. She tells him her dad wouldn't ever set someone up. Patrick tells her that she is more like Bo than she knows and in so many words asks her to spy on her father, so he can get closer to Hope. Chelsea tells Patrick that it won't do any good if her dad finds out that she was helping him break Hope and Bo up - but. She'll help in her own way, she tells him!

Back at the garage, Max tells the ladies that he's thinking of giving Shawn back his old job. They relay what happened when Shawn showed up and he realizes that Shawn is out of control. Mimi gives Shawn a chance, asking Max to do the same. She thinks that Shawn was caught off guard but that he really has changed.

Back at Chez Rouge, Shawn vents to Willow, but with her quick thinking he agrees to go see E.J. about a job!

At the office, Kate and E.J. are about to kiss when he receives a call from Shawn. He asks for a job and wonders if he has anything for him. E.J. might have something for him, and asks to meet.

Next on Days of our Lives

Shawn takes a job as a messenger for E.J. and Patrick!

Stephanie begs him to talk to her, and give her a reason not to give up.

Billie talks to Marlena,.. Marlena tells her she has every right to go after whatever makes her happy.

John finds out that Kate and E.J. are intimate!