Daniel confronts Kate about why she snuck into the staff room while he was asleep. She wanted to offer sympathy for Grace’s death but realized he didn’t need it. She admits part of her despises him while the other admires him for letting Chloe go and for saving her life. Kate asks to start over. If he does her a favor, it’ll help repair their friendship. He agrees to consider coming on her Hearth and Home show on a medical advice segment.

At the hospital, Rafe wants to know why Nicole’s so distraught over Grace’s death. Nicole claims it’s part of being a mother. The nurse returns with papers for Rafe to sign and Nicole flashes back to the birth of Grace. A precious life cut short is terrible and wonders how one gets over that. Rafe puts his hand on her shoulder and comforts her as she weeps. She knows Sami gave him an earful of what a selfish woman she is, but she knows what pain and loss is all about. She leaves and the nurse tells Rafe he can take Grace now.

At Sami’s place, EJ tells Sami that what she did was unconscionable. She played God with his life and his daughter’s life. She should be sorry for the rest of her life, he spits out. He realizes Sami never would have told him about Grace. "Well she’s dead. Dead," he yells. Thanks to her, he’ll never know his daughter. He came there to console her over her loss but yells that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. "You deserve to be in hell. You and Rafe," he says, knowing Rafe was in on the secret. He finds Rafe has gall to try to adopt his own daughter and raise her under his nose. Sami says this was about protecting Grace, not about him. EJ finds Grace’s blanket and touches it, remembering he didn’t know her or even look at her. He has to live with that for the rest of his life. Sami snatches the blanket from him and EJ tells her he’ll hate her for the rest of his life and hopes she suffers until the day she dies. Sami cries as he leaves. He calls the hospital to let them know he’d like to see his daughter, Grace Brady.

Lucas meets Chloe at Java Café. He thinks she’s overreacting, but she reminds him that he’s been going on for weeks about her keeping secrets from him, when he’s been keeping this big one from her. Chloe says she’s fighting day and night for this marriage, but Lucas wonders why she’d have to fight so hard. She thinks there’s another person in their marriage. He tells her it’s not Sami! It’s not like he’s having an affair! Chloe wishes Lucas cared about them as much as he does Sami.

Still in bed, Max shows Chelsea that he got into med school, with a full scholarship! She kisses him and congratulates him, knowing all along he could do it. She thinks she has been so selfish. She didn’t even think about what he wanted! He’s in Salem, with his own life and own dreams, she says, thinking she never should have asked him to leave Salem. Max doesn’t think it was selfish of her. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. They kiss and Max asks if they can take a break from serious discussions for a while. They start kissing and have sex and afterwards, Max lets her know he’s coming with her to England. She is flabbergasted and asks several times if he’s positive. He has never been so sure about something in his life! They kiss.

On the pier, Kate meets a blonde-haired man, resembling Daniel, donned in scrubs. He comments he’s wearing what she asked and Kate thanks him for all his help in the past, before handing him a prescription. Later, he returns with a vial. The pharmacist says it’s toxic stuff. Kate hands him an envelope full of cash and tells him to take a long trip. She says he reminds her of somebody she once cared for.

Chloe walks in the woods and stumbles over Daniel’s scrubs. Daniel walks up, in a towel, explaining he couldn’t pass up a swim. She turns to leave but he can sense she’s upset and offers an ear. She tells him though she’s keeping a secret from him, she found out Lucas has been keeping a secret from her about Sami. Daniel isn’t sure keeping a secret and lying is the same. Chloe wonders what both of them lying and keeping secrets means to their marriage. Even though she made a promise to God, she wonders if she can make the marriage work. Daniel tries to figure out why somebody so committed to her husband is so ready to throw in the towel after one lie. Daniel says he’s human and this isn’t a big shock, but she claims it is and it hurt her. He asks if she still loves Lucas and she says she does, but she loves Daniel, more.

Nicole arrives at home and calls a flower shop and has them deliver an arrangement to the funeral home. Stefano walks in and is surprised she didn’t add his name to the card, but says he’ll send his own. She’s surprised. He tells her that if it weren’t for her ingenuity, they’d be the ones in mourning. Stefano takes Sydney. "Come to Nonno." He snuggles her and kisses her and tells her he loves her with all of his heart. Sadly, he promises it won’t be the same for her, not how it was with Anthony. He couldn’t bear to lose another child or a grandchild and admits he’s not sure his heart could take it.

Rafe talks to the funeral director. Sami would want Father Matt to do the ceremony for Grace’s funeral. The funeral director leaves momentarily and EJ arrives, looking angrier than ever. He walks up to Rafe and punches him in the face. Rafe goes down and Sami walks in. "Oh my God," she gasps. EJ blurts out that he knows the truth. Sami blames herself for lying, not Rafe. The funeral director comes out and EJ says he’s the father. The director tells them all to calm down, leaves and Sami tells EJ that Rafe was only trying to help. EJ asks if Sami had the proper medical care during pregnancy and gets angrier when Sami admits she left Grace with some nuns when she returned to Salem in order to protect Grace from a father like him. She starts hitting him and he grabs her arms and shakes her and screams at her. "You killed my baby! You killed her." Sami screams and cries a guttural cry as Rafe breaks them up.

Lucas finds Kate looking at the toxic substance at home and when asked what it is, Kate lies that it’s prescription vitamins. She tries to veer off topic but Lucas thinks she’s keeping something from him. He takes them and asks what she’s hiding.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Victor arrives at the DiMera mansion and says, "What a beautiful little girl. It'd be a shame to see her caught in a war between families." Nicole asks him if he’s threatening her daughter.

Kate tells Lucas she’d do anything for him.

EJ tells Sami and Rafe that they killed Grace and they can bury her.

Daniel tells Chloe, "You need to make it work, with Lucas."

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