Chloe takes a walk outside and Daniel comes upon her. He touches her hair and she tells him he can’t be there. They can’t be together. They kiss, but Chloe pulls away. They start up again, making out, until Chloe wakes up, alone, in bed. Lucas returns to bed, thinking he woke her and starts discussing how they shouldn’t keep secrets from one another. He has one. He tells her that Grace was EJ’s baby. Chloe’s eyes widen in surprise and he explains he only found out a few weeks ago. Chloe is upset and jumps out of bed.

Stefano tells Nicole it’s time to finish their conversation. Nicole would prefer not to and Stefano asks her to respect what he has to say. He’s aware that if Nicole had not switched the babies, they’d be preparing for Sydney’s funeral. Nicole says there’s nothing she won’t do to keep the family together. Stefano knows and prays she succeeds, but Nicole had better pray that Elvis and Samantha never find out what she has done. Nicole thinks he’s threatening her but that’s the furthest thing from his mind. He doesn’t want her to come clean, and says if she hadn’t have faked her pregnancy at the end, Elvis would have found out the truth from Samantha. Nicole knows Sami would have jumped at the chance to rub salt in that wound. Stefano’s happy EJ isn’t broiled in a custody battle and finally, Nicole realizes she did right by Stefano, who is very impressed. He doesn’t completely forgive her for lying to his son, but the good outweighs the bad. Stefano becomes frustrated as he recalls what he feels are Sami’s manipulations of EJ.

Chelsea comes to Max, in bed. She greets him with a kiss and he thinks he’s dreaming! She explains she took her grandfather’s jet to get there, but isn’t back for good. Chelsea tells Max she doesn’t think she’s ever going to return to Salem, except to visit. They kiss and Max refuses to give up on her. He thinks he can change her mind with a kiss and they have sex. They bask in the afterglow, later, and Chelsea says she returned to ask him to move to London with her. Max is taken aback and stammers. It’s so sudden. Chelsea thinks they could build a good life together. London is awesome, she says, and with him at her side, it’d be all the better. Max furrows his brow in thought.

Arianna supports Rafe as he grieves over Grace’s loss. She wants to help, but he’s more concerned about Sami. Arianna says Sami seems like a strong person and will get through it. Arianna reminds Rafe that Grace was adopted, but Rafe tells her it’s the same thing. "It’s like having your heart ripped out." Arianna apologizes and Rafe leaves.

Sami reads a story to the twins, about a child who becomes ill and passes on, as Will listens, sadly. Sami breaks down as she tells the twins that Katie, the girl in the story, died. Will takes over and continues to read on. The book explains that after death, a time will come when they’ll move on and the anger and pain will fade. Sami tells the twins that they won’t see Grace anymore, because she’s with the angels. Will and Sami cry as Sami says they’ll keep Grace in their hearts, forever.

Arianna bumps into Brady at the pub and her handbag contents spill out. "First Rafe and now my favorite handbag," she complains. Brady wonders what Sami did now. Arianna’s face falls. Later, they go into the pub, where Arianna explains what happened to Grace. Brady is sad and should call Sami and explains they were never that close. Arianna feels for Sami, but says something seems off with Rafe and Sami. She thinks things are too convenient. Why would Rafe step in without marrying Sami? She thinks they’re covering up something.

Later, Will offers to take the twins out for a treat. They leave and Sami takes a call from Rafe. She tells him she told the kids about Grace’s passing but isn’t sure they understood much. He offers to come see her, but she needs time alone. In a fit of rage, Sami throws the phone after hanging up and kicks the coffee table, before she’s overcome with grief and weeps into her hands. Later, Sami falls asleep on the sofa and hears Grace crying. She grins and gets up to see Grace in the playpen. Grace stares up at her and when Sami goes to get Grace’s blanket, she returns to the playpen to find Grace isn’t there. She runs screaming through the townhome and then wakes up with a start. EJ comes to the door, there to pick up Johnny. Sami says they’re at breakfast and says she told the kids about Grace. She’s not sure how much they understood. EJ asks how Rafe is doing, knowing he was connected to Grace. Sami calls him strong. Sami says she did what she had to do, but it all meant nothing. EJ is confused by Sami’s ramblings and questions her. He thinks what she did by adopting Grace was a good thing. Sami wished EJ had known Grace the way she did. He agrees, considering she was Johnny’s sister. "She was more than that," Sami says, confusing EJ more. Sami admits she didn’t tell him the truth. "She wasn’t just my baby, EJ. She was ours." EJ says, "Sweetheart, she couldn’t be." Sami repeats herself. EJ thinks she’s simply going through hell, and thinks the stress is too much to bear. He thinks she’s losing grip on reality, but she yells that he should stop questioning her sanity and consider her words. EJ takes a few deep breaths and Sami asks him to count back nine months from January 28, when they had sex. EJ’s eyes widen as he takes it in. "She’s mine?" He shakes his head. "That’s not true. She’s adopted. You lied to me. You lied to me," EJ says, rattled. He tells her to take it back, but she can’t and says she had to hide it from him. He gasps for air as she confirms that she had to do it. EJ shakes and takes a seat to compose himself as he asks why she lied. "Because you’re a DiMera." His family represents all that is evil. EJ paces, distraught as Sami explains that Stefano had the mayor’s killer go after her while she was pregnant. When she returned to Salem, EJ was planning Philip’s murder as he was marrying Nicole. She reminds him of his threats to take Johnny away from her and says, "You become more like your father every day." EJ calls this nonsense and asks why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant, sooner. She wanted to, and tried to, but says that was the day she witnessed the murder, and found out Nicole was pregnant, too. EJ shouts at her to shut up, when she brings up Nicole. She didn’t lie to him about the most important thing in his life. "She has not betrayed me," he bellows.

Rafe ends up at the hospital to make arrangements for Grace, as her father. The nurse says that his name isn’t mentioned in the paperwork so she can’t release the body. Rafe yells that he’s her father, but Nicole comes up behind him and vouches for him. When she gives her last name, the nurse works double time to get the arrangements made for Grace. Once she leaves, Rafe asks why Nicole did that. She thinks in his heart, he is her father, and she knows he loves Grace. She sees him as a true blue kind of guy. Nicole admits she forgot something when she was there last night and apologizes again, for Grace. Rafe wonders why, considering she has no real connection to Grace.

As Daniel sleeps on a cot in the hospital, Kate shows up. She takes a prescription pad from Daniel’s hands as he sleeps and tears off a prescription and flashes back to learning his signature. She runs off, but Daniel wakes up, wondering why she’s there. She saw him sleeping and decided not to disturb him, she says, but Daniel doesn’t buy it. He knows she has an agenda and wanted something. He asks why she’s leaving without it. "I’m not, I got what I came for," she says.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Max tells Chelsea he wants to go to London – for good!

Chloe tells Lucas she thinks there is always something between them. It’s like another person living in their marriage.

Nicole beams as Stefano says, "There but for the Grace of God, the cunning, Nicole DiMera."
EJ tells Sami, "You don't deserve to be a mother. You deserve to be in hell."

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