Will, Rafe and Sami huddle together in Grace’s room. Will holds his baby sister as Sami cries. Will leaves Grace’s room and sits with Mia. He thanks her for encouraging him to go in and see her. He’s glad she’s sticking around Salem. "So am I, Will."

Caroline visits Grace. She tells Sami she has called Father Matt, knowing Grace’s time with them will be short. Sami angrily tells her grandmother she refuses to give up.

Nearby, Lucas and Chloe see Caroline go into the coffee room with Father Matt. Caroline apologizes and says he was right. Sami’s upset he’s there. She asks if he’ll wait.

In Grace’s room, Sami complains about Father Matt being there but Rafe tells her they’ll do whatever she likes. "I just want her to be okay," Sami cries. Rafe holds Grace, and then leaves the room. He goes to Father Matt and nods. Caroline and Roman look down, sadly. Across the room, Chloe gazes at Daniel, who hangs up on a call in anger, as he watches helplessly, as Rafe and Father Matt go into Grace’s room.

Inside Grace’s room, Father Matt says last rites as Grace sleeps. Rafe and Sami discuss how Grace had Rafe wrapped around his pinky. He breaks down and Sami tells Grace that she brought them so much love and happiness. Grace’s heart monitor races and suddenly, she flat lines. Rafe asks if he should get the doctor, but Sami wants to be with her alone, for a time. They cry together as they gaze at Grace. Daniel arrives and turns off the monitor, telling them both how sorry he is. He asks for a moment and removes the wires and tubes from Grace, then tells them to stay as long as they like. He asks if Sami wants her family there, and she barely gets out a 'no'.

Daniel leaves Grace’s room and tells the family and friends that Grace went peacefully, about five minutes ago. Everyone collectively cries and Daniel tells them Sami has requested time alone for now. He leaves the area and goes into another room and cries.

Caroline tells Roman that this is impossible, and wonders how Sami can bear this.

Back in Grace’s room, Sami covers Grace up in her favorite blanket. She knows her daughter can hear her and tells her they love her. They’ll love her forever. Sami cries as she talks and Rafe holds her, tight.

Will goes to his father and tells him it all happened so fast, he can hardly believe it. Lucas asks him to be there for his mother. She’ll need him. "And you can lean on me," he offers. "I will," Will says, and Lucas turns to find Chloe has disappeared.

Chloe finds Daniel at the chapel. She watched him tonight and the reason he’s such a good doctor is because he cares so much. Daniel thinks calling him a ‘good doctor’ is an overstatement. Chloe wants to believe God wanted Grace, but Daniel says it’s all part of the plan. He tells her to go be with her husband, so she leaves.

Nicole flashes back to Grace’s birth and knew from the second she saw her that Grace was an angel, and now she’s in heaven. She looks at Mia, unhappily.

At the manse, Lexi tells EJ this is the second time Stefano left the hospital without release papers. EJ says he can’t be there because of Tony and promises that Stefano’s diet is fine. He’s doing well. Lexi goes to Sydney and says she gets more beautiful every day. Talk turns to Grace and Lexi explains everyone’s there, worried, including Nicole. "It’s as if it’s happening to her," Lexi says. EJ finds that strange, momentarily, but then realizes, Nicole has always loved that baby. Lexi offers to stay with Sydney, but EJ wants her to be with her own family. "Take care of yourself," he tells her as she leaves. EJ talks to Sydney and explains that her mother will be home soon, and then everything will be alright. Later, EJ holds Sydney and jokes that she must think the world revolves around her. He admits he is convinced he was put on this earth to spoil and keep her safe. He kisses his daughter.

Will and Mia sit on a bench at the pier and both admit they’ve a big hole in their hearts, thinking about Grace. Mia loved her, even though she wasn’t family. It feels like a part of her is gone.

Brady arrives to see Victor, who had Henderson send him over. Victor wants to atone for some of the things he has done. He’s not proud of the thing he has done and wonders if Brady might forgive him. "Hell no," says Brady, thinking there’s no way to apologize for disowning him, especially when Brady was trying to help. Victor specifically asked him not to get the police involved. Brady knows if the police wouldn’t have come into it, Owen would have had Stephanie and Brady and Melanie would have died in the mausoleum. Victor wants to thank Brady and offers him pie. Brady refuses it and Victor again apologizes. "Will you come home?" The men shake hands and Brady smiles.

Nicole sits with Sydney in the great room, the next day, and tells EJ that she came in late last night. "Little Grace died," she tells EJ sadly. He is visibly upset by the news. EJ knows it has hit Nicole hard. Nicole says their daughter is the same age as Grace. "Life can be very random, sometimes, but Sydney’s healthy," he tells her. He has to dress for work and asks if she’ll be okay. He kisses her and leaves.

Sami and Rafe arrive at home and Sami promptly breaks down as she sees Grace’s playpen and toys. Sami starts to feel guilty and blames herself for Grace’s death. If she wasn’t keeping secrets and lying, instead of worrying about Grace’s fever, she’d still be alive. Rafe tells her this isn’t so, but Sami screams at him to stop trying to make her feel better. Rafe grabs her and takes her into his arms as she bawls. Rafe tries to console her and she frets that she needs to talk to Allie and Johnny. Rafe thinks it’s too soon, but Sami needs to do it today, before somebody else does. Sami needs Rafe’s help.

Rafe calls Will and asks if he can pick up Allie and bring her home, so Sami can tell the twins what happened. Will says he’s on his way.

Nicole sits with Sydney, gazing into space when a knock comes to the door. She calls to Mary and Harold to get it but since they’re not around, she opens the door, where she finds Rafe. She lets him in, and he tells her he’s there to pick up Johnny so Sami can tell him the news about Grace. Nicole says they’ve not told him. "Johnny loved his little sister so much," Nicole says and knows Rafe must be devastated as well. "I’m so sorry," she says, crying. Rafe ignores this and asks if he can take Johnny, now. "No you may not. You’re not taking my son anywhere," EJ says. Johnny’s staying with EJ, today. Rafe explains Sami wants to tell the kids what happened with Grace. EJ says it’s fine, but he’ll take Johnny to Samantha himself. Rafe tells EJ that Sami wants to be with the kids, herself, and asks if they can get along for one day, and do what’s best for one day.

Nicole stands up for Rafe and tells EJ it’s a good idea. "Do it for Sami," she says. EJ apologizes and goes off to get Johnny ready for him. Rafe is thankful to Nicole for helping him.

Meanwhile, Sami looks at Grace’s baby album with photos and cries, and then laughs at the memories. She comes to many, many pages that aren’t filled, and breaks down, knowing she won’t fill them.

Rafe brings home Johnny, and Will and Allie come in the door after with Mia. Mia tells Sami she’s got a final soon and has to leave, but loved Grace and is very sorry for her loss. Rafe decides to go do an errand for Sami and Will stands by, morosely, while Sami prepares to tell the kids. Rafe stands outside the door for a while, upset, and then leaves.

Rafe stumbles down the steps at the pier and runs into Arianna, who asks what’s wrong. He lost one of the most important people in his life last night. She thinks Sami has caused a problem, but holds her brother close as he tells her Grace died.

Nicole finds EJ in the great room and he hopes for a brighter day. Nicole’s thankful for him for allowing Rafe to take Johnny to Sami’s place. EJ takes a business call and leaves the room as Stefano walks in from the patio. He tells Nicole it’s time to finish their conversation from the chapel.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Lucas asks Chloe to be completely honest with each other. He has a secret he wants to unload!

Arianna thinks somebody’s hiding something.

Nicole tells Stefano that EJ can’t ever find out he had another child with Sami.

Sami tells EJ, "I didn’t tell you the truth." "What truth," asks EJ

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