An upset Daniel calls the lab and asks if they’re sure they ran the tests twice.

Outside the pub, Will asks nobody in particular not to do this to his mother or Grace. When Caroline goes to him, he tells her about Grace. He feels guilty that he didn’t want Sami to adopt Grace and Caroline thinks that Allie, Johnny and Grace have the best big brother in the world. They head over to the hospital.

Philip and Stephanie kiss in bed and as Philip falls asleep, Stephanie lies awake.

Stefano sips a drink and threatens somebody on the phone. If he implicates his son in any way, he’ll make sure the caller regrets it. He hides the drink behind a photo when EJ comes into the great room with Sydney. Stefano says he has a beautiful daughter, but there’s something he should know. He flashes back to telling Nicole that he knows about the baby switch, but decides not to say anything. Instead, he tells EJ he’s a better father than he is and asks him not to take being a parent for granted. EJ apologizes. He wasn’t thinking. "Of course you had to get out of that hospital. Tony…" Stefano says Tony’s always on his mind and his thoughts are with Samantha. Nobody should have to deal with this. EJ agrees. Later, Stefano talks to an operative as EJ brings in some tea and toast. Stefano pretends he’s talking to a trainer about exercise and hangs up. EJ tells him he can see right through him.

Stefano plays with Sydney then says he’s off to bed. He tells EJ to stop worrying and yells, "I’m back!" That’s what EJ is worried about! He decides to call Nicole.

In the chapel, Sami and Rafe discuss how half of Salem has fallen in love with Grace. Sami thinks Grace has made so many miracles come true and they need a miracle now. Rafe says they don’t need a miracle. They just need the drugs to work. Daniel interrupts just as Sami says she thinks everything will be alright. Daniel says they need to go back upstairs and be with Grace, who hasn’t responded to the antibiotics. Sami refuses to believe that Grace is in trouble and runs upstairs. Daniel asks God what he’s doing and asks him to give them a break.

In Grace’s room, Maxine tells Mia to hold Grace and talk to her, thinking it could make all the difference in the world. After Maxine leaves, Mia wonders why Nicole told Maxine that she was Grace’s mother. Nicole says the baby needs somebody to hold her and Nicole knows Mia loves her. They cry as Mia holds Grace and tells her she has a daughter just like her. When it comes time to leave, Mia doesn’t want to let Grace go and wonders where Sami is.

Lucas returns to the pub to Chloe and lets her know Sami’s waiting for a diagnosis. They wonder how Sami will get through if she loses Grace. Chloe wonders if she should call Nicole to get an update about Grace. Lucas says Nicole’s the last person Sami needs to see but Chloe’s sure Nicole is there visiting Stefano. She wouldn’t cause trouble. Lucas realizes she’s right and they call Nicole.

Sami and Rafe return to Grace, but Maxine refuses them entrance, saying the baby’s mother was already there! Daniel drops in and tells them to keep it down. He assures Maxine that Sami is Grace’s mother and asks that Maxine inform security about the breech. Sami holds Grace and tells Daniel that her daughter’s a fighter, like her. Sami refuses to give up and if Daniel has done all he can, she asks him to wait outside. Rafe leaves Sami with Grace.

Mia and Nicole take a walk through the hospital and Mia realizes why she couldn’t let go of Grace. Mia says it was like Grace knew her voice. She cries that there is a girl out there who gave birth to that baby and doesn’t even know that she’s ill. Nicole holds Mia when she breaks down and Mia apologizes for saying such horrible things about her. She can tell Nicole loves Grace. Nicole almost tells her the truth but instead, runs out. Will finds Mia and lets her know he had to bring his family to the hospital. "To say goodbye?" Will thinks so but isn’t sure he can do it.

Rafe goes to Daniel and asks if he thinks Grace’s going to make it. Daniel can’t get the words out but Rafe can tell that things aren’t looking good. Rafe says it’s happening so fast but Daniel explains that’s how meningitis works. Rafe was planning on adopting Grace, he says, sadly. Daniel has seen Rafe with Grace. He’s her dad. Daniel thinks Rafe and Sami need to say goodbye.

Nicole returns to the chapel to pray. Looking dejected, Nicole admits she didn’t want this to happen to Sami. Nicole just wanted EJ’s daughter. Nicole begs God not to do this to Grace and apologizes. She begs God to punish her, instead.

Rafe goes back to Sami to tell her Daniel has asked them to prepare for the worst. Sami goes into denial and refuses to give up. "If you don’t have any faith in us then get out! Just get out," she shouts. Rafe leaves quietly as Sami bawls.

Outside Sami’s room, Nicole watches Rafe as she talks to Chloe about Grace. Nicole explains the baby has meningitis. Nicole starts to cry. She apologizes but she has to go. "It’s sad. It’s too sad." Chloe worries and Lucas thinks they need to get to the hospital.

Roman and Caroline arrive at the hospital and Rafe tells them that the prognosis isn’t good. Lexi goes to Daniel and asks if he’d like her to stay. He tells her there’s nothing more he can do and feels helpless. Lexi says he’s like the rest of them. All they can do is pray.

Roman goes to Sami and Grace and holds them in his arms as they cry.

Chloe finds Nicole at the hospital and admits she thinks they’re out of options. Chloe suggests she go home, but Nicole can’t. Her guilt consumes her.
Nearby, Daniel calls other doctors for experimental options.

In Grace's room Sami says to Roman that she already talked with her mom and asked Marlena to stay with John. There’s no need to return, because Grace will be fine. Sami breaks down and admits her fears. Roman comforts her and Rafe returns. Roman goes to be with Caroline and tells the two that Grace is lucky to have them both. He kisses Sami and leaves. Sami apologizes to Rafe for kicking him out.

Outside Grace’s room, Mia tries to convince Will to visit Grace, even though it’ll be hard. Will goes into Grace’s room and holds Grace. Sami says Grace needs him and needs to know people love her.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Victor invites Brady back into the family. Brady refuses him.

Stefano tells Nicole it's time to finish their previous conversation!

Chloe tries to talk to Daniel.

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