Nicole and Sloan glare at each other at the hospital.
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As Megan tells Stefano’s portrait she’s finally home, EJ strolls into the living room. He asks who she is and what the hell she’s doing in his house. Megan smirks. She has as much right to be there as he does, “baby brother.” EJ gawks. He did hear about her release from prison, but he didn’t expect her to come there. She reminds him she is a DiMera which means her place is in the house — and in the family business.

Megan peers up at Stefano's portrait.

Gabi and Stefano drink champagne in the Square, basking in their engagement. As they kiss, Kristen approaches their table. She tells her stunned brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law about her release. Gabi lashes out at Kristen for conspiring with Li to brainwash Stefan. He warns her not to make an enemy of Kristen since they could need her vote. Pasting on a smile, Gabi offers Kristen champagne, apologizing for her rant. Kristen says they can make it up to her by taking her home with them.

Kristen drapes her arms around Stefan and Gabi in the Square. She smirks at a tense Gabi.

At Marlena’s, Brady vents about Kristen to his stepmother. He sighs over having to endure her for the rest of his life because of Rachel. Marlena reminds him the family is there for him. Eric drops by to tell them Sloan was cleared of all charges since her brother was the one targeting Paulina and Chanel. He’d like to raise her spirits by having that dinner she proposed with John and Marlena. Brady’s invited too. He can bring anyone he wants. Brady only has one woman in his life right now — and she’s trying to ruin it. While he won’t be bringing Kristen, he will attend the dinner.

From The Bistro, Anna calls to check on Nicole. She reiterates that no one will hear about the pregnancy from her. She looks up at a grinning Tony and quickly hangs up. Tony asks who she was talking to about a secret pregnancy. Anna hems before telling him that she’s the one who is pregnant. Gaping, Tony wonders how this could be possible. Dr. Rolf, she replies.

Sloan runs into Nicole at the hospital. They promptly get into it until Kayla interrupts, leading Sloan to check on her brother. Nicole tells Kayla that Sloan knows she’s pregnant. So, she’d like to take the paternity test ASAP. Kayla says she can get an accurate result next week. However, she’ll need a cheek swab from one of the potential fathers.

Megan and EJ toast with champagne.

At the mansion, Megan reminds EJ that all Stefano’s heirs have a right to his empire — and a vote about who runs the company. He reminds her she’s been presumed dead for 30 years. She’s confident the lawyers will sort it out. She dangles her vote in exchange for his help. EJ pours champagne and toasts her triumphant return to Salem. When she asks after the rest of the family, he predicts they’ll be home soon for dinner — which they’ll hold in her honor.

At The Bistro, Tony pretends to be thrilled about the pregnancy and rattles off everything Anna must give up, like booze. Unless, of course, she wants to tell him the truth. Anna refuses to break her promise. “It’s Nicole, isn’t it,” he surmises.

As EJ tells Stefano’s portrait he needs to keep Megan on his side, Kristen waltzes in with Stefan and Gabi. The engaged couple explain they’ve invited Kristen back. Megan joins them and introduces herself to Stefan. EJ informs them of the dinner to celebrate Megan’s return.

Stefan takes Megan's extended hand. With parted lips, Gabi looks to Stefan.

At The Bistro, Anna reluctantly admits Nicole is pregnant. She begs Tony not to tell anyone because Nicole doesn’t know who the father is. Tony thinks EJ has a right to know. Anna urges him to keep quiet until Nicole gets a paternity test. EJ calls Tony to invite them to the family dinner.

Kristen eagerly greets Tony and Anna upon their arrival. They assume the dinner is in her honor. Megan emerges, correcting them. She reminds the shocked couple she’s not the first DiMera to return from the dead. Privately, Tony questions EJ’s motive for throwing a welcome home dinner for an ex-con sibling. EJ points out he belongs to that club. However, he hopes to sway Megan’s vote by extending a warm embrace. But since Stefan has the same idea for Kristen, they’re just one big happy family for now.

At the hospital, Kayla brings Nicole a kit to collect cheek swabs. After Kayla leaves, Sloan returns and learns of Nicole’s predicament. Sloan suggests she do it while EJ is sleeping. Nicole can’t risk him waking up in the middle of it. Since Eric is a sound sleeper, Sloan offers to collect his sample.

The DiMera's gather in the living room under Stefano's portrait.

Holding champagne flutes, EJ gathers the DiMeras for a toast. Stefan interrupts to welcome Kristen back where she belongs. EJ toasts Megan, who announces she’s dropping Hathaway. She is now a DiMera, completely and entirely. “To Megan DiMera,” EJ enthusiastically declares. Tony announces he has something to say to EJ.

When Nicole hesitates, Sloan suggests she and Nicole both try for a sample to double her chances of success. Unless she wants to come clean with Eric and EJ. However, Sloan doesn’t need Eric distracted from supporting her right now. Nicole adds that EJ would go ballistic if he found out he might not be the father. Eric approaches as Nicole reaches into the kit to give Sloan a swab. “What’s going on here?” he warily asks.

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