With a wry smile, Dimitri opens his arms to Chad.
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At home, a shirtless Xander drills into a wall. Wearing a robe, Chloe shuffles out, wondering why he’s making so much noise. He proudly declares he took her advice and got a wall anchor to re-hang his Scotland picture. As he admires his handiwork, the picture falls. Xander blames the paper-thin wall, but Chloe knows better. She takes over.

Holding a drill, Xander shows off the metal wall anchor to a glaring Chloe.

At the Pub, Kate demands to know how Megan got out of prison. She shows Kate and Roman her release papers. She also reveals that her son, Dimitri got her immunity. However, she’s not there just to gloat about her release. She has pressing business.

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In his hotel room, Chad talks to Stephanie over the phone. He needs to make sure Dimitri goes to back to prison. As he hangs up, he opens his door to a smirking Dimitri. After filling him in on his release, Dimitri assumes Chad wants him to pay for what he did to Kate. A stoic Chad confirms. Dimitri urges him to reconsider his loyalties. Kate’s not even a blood relation — not like he is. “Huh?” Chad grunts. Dimitri proudly tells him that Chad’s sister is his mom. “Hiya, Unc.”

Chad opens his hotel room door to a smirking Dimitri.

As Shawn talks with Belle on the phone, Harris rushes into the hospital waiting room. Shawn hangs up, wondering what the hell he’s doing there. Harris needs to warn Hope. Actually, he needs to warn all of them.

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After Chloe properly hangs Xander’s picture, Xander suggests he finish hanging things while Chloe cleans. She gets defensive about gender roles, but he says she’s a better “cleaner-upper.” Relenting, she agrees to clean since it’s what she initially signed up for. However, she’s rethinking their arrangement since her job prospects are grim. Xander changes her mind about moving out with promises of a dart board and splitting the cleaning — even though she’s better at it. He also offers her a job at the paper. Chloe worries that living and working together would be a bit much. He thinks it’ll be fine. “It’s not like we’re sleeping together.”

Upon opening the door to Kristen, a dismayed Marlena learns Megan helped get her out of prison. She curtly asks what Kristen wants. Kristen pronounces that she’s home to stay. Marlena points out this isn’t her home. “But it is Rachel’s,” Kristen retorts. Brady comes home.

Wearing a black leather dress and blunt bangs, Kristen stands in Marlena's doorway. Marlena casts her eyes downward, while a solemn Kristen looks inside.

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Dimitri asks a stunned Chad if he should call him Uncle Chad. Chad doesn’t want him to call him anything. He wants him to leave. Since Chad only knows Megan by reputation, Dimitri lists his mother’s glowing attributes. Chad counters she is a bitch with a heart of stone. And since she’s in prison, he won’t have to get to know her. Dimitri updates him on the immunity deal for him, Megan, and Kristen. With all of them free, they can return to Salem and be one big happy family. “What do you say?”

At Marlena’s, Brady relays he already heard on the news that Kristen was out of prison. Brady declares Kristen can’t stay there, and they bicker about Rachel. When Kristen taunts Brady about Chloe and Xander, they scream about their own relationship. Things culminate in Brady refusing to let Kristen see Rachel, and Kristen threatening to sue for custody.

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Harris rigidly stands before a distraught Shawn.

At the hospital, Harris tells Shawn that Megan got an immunity deal. He promises to do everything he can to keep his parents safe. Shawn thinks he’s done enough already. Shawn leaves to tell Hope about Megan. When he returns, he tells Harris they’re moving Bo to a long-term care facility that Dimitri, Megan, Rolf, and even Harris won’t find. Harris accepts that Shawn doesn’t trust him. However, he will be returning to Salem to keep an eye on Megan.

At the Pub, Roman lashes out when Megan asks about Bo. He assures her when Bo wakes up, his heart will belong to Hope. Megan will just have to fly to Greece to make sure that doesn’t happen. But since he’s not waking up anytime soon, she’ll claim her place as a DiMera in the meantime.

After Chloe dust busts, she asks Xander how Gwen will react to her working at the paper. Xander assures her he’ll handle Gwen. He offers to give her a tour around the office. Chloe thanks him and heads to her room to change.

At home, Marlena assures Brady that no judge would grant Kristen custody. Brady knows, but he also knows he’ll be the bad guy if he refuses to let Rachel see her mother. Marlena worries he’ll get sucked back into Kristen’s orbit just to make Rachel happy. Brady declares Hell will freeze over before he lets her back into his life.

Holding coffees, Xander and Chloe glower at Kristen in the Square. Kristen uses her hands to make a point.

In the Square, a shocked Xander and Chloe run into Kristen. Kristen scoffs at Xander’s journalistic skills considering she knew about his living situation before he knew about hers. Chloe tells Kristen she can have Brady. Oh, Kristen knows. She hopes Choe and Xander are very happy together. She means that from the bottom of her heart.

When Dimitri suggests Chad summon the jet to fly them home, Chad relays that it’s not at his disposal. Dimitri will fly coach as long as they can spend time together. He’s also hoping for pointers on immersing himself in the bosom of the family. Chad calls that creepy, before informing him they all sleep with one eye open. “It’ll be both eyes with you weirdos around.” He doesn’t want a relationship with him, ever. Dimitri points out they are family, so they will be spending a lot of time together at holidays, weddings, and funerals. He embraces Chad, who doesn’t react. “There’s no escaping that, Uncle Chad.”

Megan saunters into the DiMera mansion and peers up at Stefan’s portrait. “Hi, Daddy. I’m home.” She cackles.

Dimitri embraces Chad whose arms remain at his sides.

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