Wearing prison blues, Megan smirks at Kristen.
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In prison, Kristen asks Megan how Dimitri will get them out of there when he’s locked up himself. Megan assures Kristen that her brilliant, charming son is negotiating their release as they speak. When Kristen questions whether Dimitri is truly her son, Megan declares she gave birth to him and raised him to be the magnificent man he is today.

After bribing the Greek cops, Steve and Harris visit a handcuffed Dimitri at the station. Harris instructs Dimitri to tell them where Andrew is. Dimitri wants his demands met first. They wonder why he included Megan in his immunity deal. Dimitri gleefully tells them she’s his mother.

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John and Paul have a fraught conversation on Paul's couch.

In San Francisco, John tells Paul that Andrew has been kidnapped. Paul paces, struggling to wait for word. He and John speculate about how Andrew could have fallen into Dimitri’s trap. John thinks whatever Dimitri used had to be damned significant. Paul grows distraught, wondering if it was him since his phone was stolen last week. John assures his son that they’ll get Andrew back.

A bald good throws water on Andrew in a dark storage room, waking him up. Tied to a chair, Andrew recalls getting a call telling him Paul had been kidnapped. He was instructed to tell no one and to go to the airport for further instructions. After hanging up, a panicked Andrew received a photo of Paul with a knife to his throat. Having tracked Paul’s phone, he later burst into the storage room, where he encountered a dark-haired goon instead of Paul. In the present, a battered Andrew struggles with his restraints when the bald goon leaves the room.

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Roman and Kate grin at Marlena in her doorway.

At home, Marlena composes a text to John, but is interrupted by a knock at the door. She opens it to Roman and Kate. Overcome, Marlena embraces her fellow back-from-the-dead survivor. As they catch up, Marlena relays that Dimitri took Andrew.

In prison, Kristen questions Dimitri’s paternity, considering she was obsessed with only had eyes for Bo. Megan explains that Stefan wanted her to lie low in Europe after she thawed out from the cryogenic chamber. That’s where she met Dimitri’s father. Kristen quips they obviously hit it off. Megan counters she wanted a child — and she got one. After a few years, Dimitri’s father felt her parenting was too  psychotic absolute and sent Dimitri to boarding school. However, that didn’t stop them from remaining close. A boy’s best friend is his mother, after all.

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Wearing prison blues, Megan smirks at Kristen.

At the Greek police station, Steve accepts Dimitri’s claims about Megan, because he is a ruthless, soulless DiMera through and through. Dimitri dismisses “the peon’s” insults, wondering if Harris and Steve will do what they need to save Andrew.

The bald goon returns to Andrew, who appears to be asleep in his chair. When the goon turns, Andrew knocks him out. He heads for the door, but comes face to face with the dark-haired goon’s gun. He’s promptly re-tied to the chair.

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A battered Andrew sits tied to a chair in a dark storage room.

Megan tells Kristen that Dimitri’s father was just a means to an end, but Bo is everything. Kristen suggests she move on since Bo is in a coma. Megan will monitor his situation from afar, while Hope changes his bedpans. When it appears he’ll awaken, she’ll swoop in.  In the meantime, she has her own destiny to fulfill in Salem. Kristen notes they have similar destinies, and reminds her of the promise to get her out of there.

In Greece, Steve talks on the phone to Shane, who called in every favor to get Dimitri and Megan released. After hanging up, Steve is approached by a brown-haired and bearded Lord Sebastian Alamain. Sebastian informs Steve he’ll be taking Dimitri back to Alamainia, because of the Alamainian Peacock debacle. There, Dimitri will rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life. He produces an order from the highest court in Greece, deeming it so. Steve declares that a good man will lose his life if Sebastian takes him. He asks him to do the right thing and help them save Andrew Donovan.

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At the Greek police station, Steve holds up a document to a suited and bearded Sebastian.

In the other room, Dimitri taunts Harris about never being good enough for the John Blacks and Hope Bradys of this world. Dimitri, however, deeply admires Harris’ skills and invites him to work for him and Megan. A deadpan Harris asks if he’s seriously trying to lure him to the dark side. Dimitri says it’s more shades of grey. A shadowland, if you will. Harris retorts he’d have to be brainwashed again to work for him and “Mommy dearest.” Dimitri smirks. “I will certainly take it under advisement.”

In prison, Kristen reminds a hedging Megan that she’s the reason she’s there in the first place. Kristen would have saved the women with the orchid, had Megan not ordered Bo to steal it. Plus, Megan will need Kristen on her side when she claims her birthright. Megan promises to help her, but she can’t risk disrupting Dimitri’s negotiations. Kristen warns if Megan leaves her in there, she will gain a sworn enemy whose reach extends beyond the prison bars.

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Steve smirks as he hands a handcuffed Dimitri a phone. Harris watches with pursed lips.

Steve returns to a smug Dimitri. He suggests Dimitri stay clear of Alamainia once he’s free. The phone in Steve’s hand rings with a call from Megan. Dimitri demands Steve hand it over. Dimitri eagerly answers it, assuring his mother they’ll be free soon. He can’t wait to celebrate with her. Megan too, but she needs him to add one little thing to their deal. Kristen smirks.

In San Francisco, Paul tells John that he took his advice and committed to making things work with Andrew. He loves him. John assures Paul the ISA is doing everything they can to save Andrew.

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Wearing a black leather dress and blunt bangs, Kristen stands in Marlena's doorway. Marlena casts her eyes downward, while a solemn Kristen looks inside.

The dark-haired goon returns to Andrew and pulls a knife.

After Roman and Kate have left, there’s Marlena receives another visitor. She opens the door to a smirking, edgily dressed Kristen.

As John and Paul wait for word, there’s a knock at the door. Paul opens it to Andrew. The men embrace.

At the Pub, Roman tells Kate they’ll do whatever she wants to do today. She wants to go to Statesville to see Lucas. She also wants to give Megan a piece of her mind. An elegantly dressed Megan waltzes in. “Looks like I saved you the trouble.”

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