Philip and Stephanie continue having sex and bask in the afterglow. Philip thinks this is therapeutic. Stephanie thinks if she can joke about her ordeal, it makes it easier. She knows she’s safe, but feels as though it’s not over. She worries the DiMera’s will retaliate, now that she’s safe. Philip thinks they may let it go and promises to protect her. Stephanie worries about what she’d do if something happened to Philip. Later, Stephanie has a nightmare of being inside of the body drawer. She awakes with a start. Later, Philip wakes up and is surprised she’s awake. There wasn’t much to do, she says, when locked in a morgue drawer. Philip asks if she’s alright and reminds her Owen’s going to be locked up for a long time.

In the chapel, Stefano tells Nicole not even God can help her now. He confesses to knowing all about the baby switch and Mia and Dr. Baker’s role in it. Stefano has known for months that she was hiding something. She can’t keep secrets from him, especially in his own home. Nicole thinks he needs his insulin checked, but he ignores the joke and tells her the game is over. He knows everything! Nicole tells him to take his lies somewhere else. Stefano asks, "Like the Convent of the Holy Cross?" He says he was even rooting for her at one point. Nicole tells him how loyal she is. She did whatever it took to help get Stefano back when he was kidnapped. She knew all of his secrets and kept them to herself. Stefano smiles. "I love you," he says. Her life is crumbling, yet she has her chin stuck out in defiance!

As Sami is about to tell EJ about Grace, Daniel returns with news that Grace is fighting bacterial meningitis. They’ve given her powerful antibiotics but Sami realizes he doesn’t think she’s going to make it. EJ puts an arm around Sami as she tries to catch her breath. EJ asks Daniel if he should find the birth parents, but Sami is out of it. She sees Rafe arrive and rushes into his arms, crying, and telling him what’s going on. Daniel tells her they’ll wait until the antibiotics take affect and see if there is any progress. He leaves and EJ asks Sami if she’d like help finding the biological parents. Rafe leaves EJ and Sami alone and Sami thanks EJ for his sincerity. The birth parents can’t help and if they knew she was sick, it’d make things worse. EJ kisses her on the head, hugs her and tells her he’ll be praying for her. He leaves and Sami goes to Rafe. He takes her hand and Rafe wonders if EJ can help. Daniel said there wasn’t anything that could help, but she almost told EJ the truth. If she thought it would help, she’d tell EJ.

Daniel goes to Grace and stares.

Mia starts to cry, thinking of Grace being so lucky to be in a good home. Will comforts her.

Back at the chapel, Nicole asks why he hasn’t told EJ yet. Stefano thinks if Samantha found out, she’d file for custody. Stefano knows Elvis wouldn’t be able to beat Samantha in a custody battle. "Not if he’s married to the woman who perpetrated the fraud." If Samantha finds out, there will be hell to pay, and Stefano stares at Nicole, asking who gets that bill! EJ walks in and asks what’s going on. Stefano claims he was comforting Nicole, who is distraught about Grace. EJ tells them the update on Grace and Nicole becomes upset. She wonders if they’ll do genetic tests but EJ says there’s no need. EJ wonders why Stefano’s out of bed. "I came to repent," his father says. Nicole leaves the men alone after telling Stefano to take care of himself. After she’s gone, Stefano says he has a remarkable wife. EJ ignores that. "I got a text message. We have a problem." Later, Stefano tells EJ he’ll never have to worry about being implicated in Stephanie’s kidnapping.

Mia and Will return to the hospital and find out Grace has bacterial meningitis. Mia starts to cry and Daniel says they don’t yet know what’ll happen. Mia apologizes to Will for crying. After all, it’s his sister, not hers! Will reminds her that she loved Grace before he did. She goes off to wash her face and Daniel goes to Will, who admits he feels helpless. Daniel thinks Will should gather the family. It’ll be a comfort to Sami.

In Grace’s room, Sami and Rafe visit and Sami hangs the medallion that Sister Theresa gave to her on the crib. Sami cries, remembering she once told Lucas that her baby had died, in order to cover the truth up. She wonders if that is her punishment but Rafe reassures her it has nothing whatsoever to do with this. Daniel enters the room to examine Grace as Sami and Rafe wait outside.

Nicole finds a crying Mia by the nurse’s station. Nicole holds Mia’s arms and comforts her and Mia explains she feels as though she’s losing her own baby all over again. Mia is surprised that Nicole’s upset as well. She’d never wish this on anybody, and no matter what she has said about Sami, she knows she loves her children. Mia is glad her own little girl is happy, healthy and safe. Nicole thinks they need to thank God Sydney’s safe and promises to hug Sydney for her when she gets home. Mia is starting to accept that giving her up was the best thing for her, but she’ll always regret that she didn’t hold her when she was born. She flashes back to the birth.

EJ takes Stefano home. A grateful Stefano makes a chess move in the great room and says Alexandra was glad to be rid of him at the hospital. Stefano takes a cigar from his cigar box and asks EJ if he wants a drink. EJ takes the cigar away and offers weak tea. "How droll," Stefano says, but he’s so happy to be home, he doesn’t mind. Stefano promises to take care of Owen, once and for all. He refuses to say more.

In the chapel, Sami recalls her past of going after whatever she wanted, and how she hurt people. It was stupid, she cries, and now, when her daughter is hurting, she is so helpless. She tells Rafe how much stronger she feels with him at her side.

Daniel and Maxine go to Grace. Maxine promises to take good care of Grace and hopes Daniel gets some sleep. He won’t. He has other patients to look after and he’ll return. He asks that the only visitors who should be in there are the mother and father. Maxine agrees to pray for Grace and the family. Mia and Nicole walk in and ask to see Grace. Nicole tells Maxine that Mia’s the mother.

Next on Days of our Lives:

EJ holds Sydney and tells Stefano he can’t imagine what he’d do if it were his child in the hospital.

Daniel asks Sami and Rafe to be prepared for the worst.

Nicole cries, "Punish me. Please, please let Gracie live."

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