On a rooftop at night, Colin aims a gun at Chanel. A gaping Paulina stands between them, reaching out to Chanel.
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Stefan and Gabi come home to their room at the mansion after work. They giggle over EJ taking anger management and sensitivity training classes. Gabi opens a manilla envelope. Gasping, she pulls out Li’s signed divorce papers. Once she signs them, she’s a free woman. Smirking, Stefan says, “Not for long.” Holding a diamond ring, he gets on one knee. “Gabriela Josephina Hernandez. I love you more than anything on the planet, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He asks her to do him the honor of becoming his wife.

Downstairs, Nicole takes a prenatal vitamin. EJ enters, asking what it’s for. She lies that it’s for menopause. When she gets defensive about her “condition” and how women are “put out to pasture,” EJ nuzzles her neck. The only place he wants her is in his bed. He finds her incredibly desirable. In fact, she’s never looked sexier.

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Holding a crystal glass, Nicole studies a pill bottle.

At the Pub, Rafe and Jada tell Sloan and Eric they believe Colin is the one terrorizing the Price women. Rafe asks if Sloan has heard from her brother. Sloan lies that she hasn’t. But after more prodding and a plea from Eric, Sloan tearfully admits that Colin is guilty.

In Chanel’s bedroom, a teary-eyed Talia confesses everything to Chanel. Chanel thought she was her friend. More than a friend. “How could you do this to me?” Crying, Talia explains that she realized Chanel and Paulina weren’t as terrible as Colin made them out to be, but she loves him. Chanel wonders how Talia could love someone like that. Talia thought he was justified somehow. Chanel calls him a psycho — and so is Talia. She never wants to see her again. Talia leaves in tears.

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In her bedroom, a glaring Chanel faces Talia.

At Sweet Bits, Colin pulls a gun. She agrees to leave with him, but wants to get Abe help first. Colin takes her phone and forces her out of the kitchen, leaving Abe passed out on the floor.

At the DiMera mansion, a stunned Gabi didn’t think marriage was even on Stefan’s radar. It’s all he’s thought about since he escaped Rolf’s spell. Asking her to stay married to Li for his DiMera shares was a mistake. All Stefan wants is to be married to her. She excitedly says yes.


Colin brings Paulina to his hotel room at gunpoint and shows her a photo album. She glances at family photos, but already deduced he’s Sloan’s brother. She tries explaining his parents’ deaths, but he’s already heard her side. Now it’s time for her to hear his.

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In a hotel room, Colin stands over Paulina with a menacing expression. Sitting, Paulina frowns, while holding a photo album.

At the Pub, Rafe and Talia sit with a tear-stained Sloan, who tells them everything she knows about Colin. She assures Eric she told him to leave town. She doesn’t know where he is now. Rafe will put out an APB. In the meantime, “We’ll settle for you.” When Sloan and Eric protest, Rafe declares she’s an accessory after the fact. Plus, Jada has more questions, and Sloan’s arrest might draw Colin out.

In the DiMera living room, Gabi and Stefan gloat to EJ and Nicole about their engagement. Stefan declares they’ll run the family company together as Mr. and Mrs. DiMera. EJ and Nicole grimace. Stefan pours champagne, but Nicole passes. She doesn’t feel like celebrating their unholy union. The happy couple leaves to celebrate alone.

With Stefan by her side, a beaming Gabi shows off her diamond ring. EJ grimaces at Nicole.

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At the hotel, Colin shares a childhood memory with Paulina of how deeply in love his parents were. That’s how he knows she and Chanel are lying about what happened. Paulina gently tells him people and relationships change. An agitated Colin chooses to believe that Chanel was the one who seduced his father and murdered his mother. Now, it’s time Chanel gets exactly what she deserves.

Abe comes to in Sweet Bits’ kitchen and calls Rafe for help. When Rafe races over, a weak Abe urges him to help Paulina.

Colin brings Paulina to a rooftop overlooking Salem’s illuminated skyline. She assumes he brought her there to shoot her.

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In her room, a trembling Chanel calls Paulina. When the call is picked up, Chanel rattles off what’s she’s learned before anyone speaks on the other end. Finally, Colin’s voice interrupts. He orders Chanel to follow his instructions.

In their bedroom, Stefan proposes a toast to his and Gabi’s second marriage. “May it be filled with as much laughter and love and less death than the first.” Gabi downs her champagne, which drips on her neck. Stefan kisses it off her.

Back downstairs, an irate EJ slams his and Nicole’s glasses of champagne. As he rants, Nicole muses Stefan and Gabi are bolstering their image at the company. EJ gets an idea to upstage them. He bends on one knee and proposes.

In the DiMera living room, EJ kneels in front of Nicole. They grin at each other.

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In the interrogation room, Sloan insists her brother isn’t dangerous. Jada points out that Colin convinced her sister to do his dirty work. That’s dangerous enough for her. Confused, Sloan asks what she’s talking about.

Talia returns to Colin’s hotel room, but finds it empty. She sees the photo album and finds Paulina’s scarf.

A panicked Chanel bursts through the rooftop door. Colin trains his gun on Paulina. Chanel screams Paulina’s name and asks what Colin is going to do.  Since Chanel and Paulina convinced his mum to throw herself off a building, Colin says the story will come full circle. “Say goodbye to your mum, Chanel. She’s about to jump to her death.” He aims the gun at the back of Paulina’s head.

In the interrogation room, Sloan holds out her handcuffed wrists. Jada leans over the table toward her.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Eric gives Sloan an ultimatum, and EJ might not get the answer he’s hoping for.

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