Daniel wants to run more tests to ensure they’ve made the proper diagnosis, since Sami doesn’t know about the baby’s history. Sami admits that’s not true. Nicole spies on them and prays that Sami won’t do it, but Sami says there’s no need to do testing. EJ is surprised to hear this and Nicole flashes back to Chloe confessing to Nicole about EJ. Daniel tells Sami the more information she gives them, the better. Maxine arrives and tells Daniel the baby’s fever is spiking. Daniel asks if he can do a lumbar puncture on Grace. Sami is stunned, but gives her consent. She tries to run to Grace, but EJ calms her down and holds her back. Stefano walks up to Nicole, and they both watch Sami. "Along came a spider," says Stefano, noticing that Sami has EJ back into her tangled web. "It’s a matter of time before she gobbles him up!" Nicole’s surprised to see Stefano out of bed and Stefano’s surprised that Nicole doesn’t see EJ and Sami acting like long lost lovers. Nicole claims she’s fine with EJ consoling Sami about her child. Stefano reminds Nicole that there’s much more at stake. Sami leaves the room to call Rafe again and Nicole and Stefano go to EJ, who fills them in on what’s going on. EJ plans to stick around until he knows Grace will be fine and takes Stefano aside. Stefano says not to be concerned about Owen. Stephanie’s not going to say anything, he says, ominously, because they’re going to ensure that!

Nearby, Sami is unable to get in touch with Rafe, but prays that Grace will be strong. She breaks down. Will arrives with Mia and Sami explains they have no information yet. Mia gives Sami Grace’s favorite blanket and finds Nicole, nearby. Nicole is surprised to see Mia with Will. She told her to stay away from him but Mia says it’s too bad she can’t tell her what to do. She cares a lot for Grace and wonders why Nicole finds that a problem.

Across the hall, Sami tells Will about Daniel doing the lumbar puncture. Sami admits there’s information that the doctors need to know about Grace’s birthparents. Will needs to be prepared. He’s going to find out things he won’t want to hear.

Inside Grace’s room, Daniel and Maxine prepare to do the lumbar puncture. The baby cries and later, they finish up and Daniel tells Grace she’s the smallest patient he has had. He finds her strong and asks her to hang in there and fight like hell. Sami peeks in from the hallway as Daniel talks to Grace.

Philip and Stephanie arrive at home and Philip promises to take care of her. They make out and Kate interrupts, thrilled to see them both. She gives them hugs and tells them that Billie’s doing much better. Kate heard they got engaged and squeals over the beautiful ring Philip got Stephanie. Kate welcomes Stephanie to her new home but Roman interrupts. "New home? I don’t think so!" Roman says and hugs Stephanie. He promised her parents he’d look after her, and since they’re not around, he wants her to pack up and leave. Stephanie says this is her life and she has to live it the way she decides. Roman doesn’t think she’s being herself. Once she becomes a Kiriakis, she’s moving into a world that is very dark. Stephanie thinks what she went through was random or bad luck. Roman finds this incredulous.

In the foyer, Kate tells Philip she’s worried about this sick feud with the DiMeras. Philip assures her it’s over and he’ll never let Stephanie go again. He goes to Stephanie and Roman leaves. Afterward, Stephanie reassures Philip that though Roman wanted her to leave him, she’s staying. Stephanie admits Roman thought she’d lie to the police about what happened and let on that the kidnapping had something to do with the feud. While she won’t lie to the police, she won’t say anything that’ll hurt the family. Philip thanks her, picks her up and takes her to bed and they have sex. Philip promises to protect her and they get busy again with kissing and have sex once more.

At the pub, Chloe needs to discuss their future but says this is more about their past. Lucas doesn’t want to worry about the past anymore. Their love is all that matters. Chloe flashes back to talking to Nicole about trying to forget Daniel. Lucas’ phone rings and Will tells Lucas about Grace, so Lucas dashes out, reluctantly, not wanting to leave Chloe while she’s upset.

Later, Chloe imagines what it would be like to tell Lucas the truth about her affair. In the flash, Lucas is calm and understanding, saying that’s all in the past. They kiss and Chloe snaps to it, thinking it’s possible Lucas could forgive her! She flashes to another scenario where she tells Lucas the truth and he calls her names and goes to the bar, asking her if she’d like him to start drinking again. He drinks directly from the bottle and reminds her he once shot a man in a jealous rage. He’ll do it again. "You know your precious Daniel? He’s a dead man!" Chloe snaps to and realizes she can’t tell Lucas the truth! Kate arrives. She tells Chloe that despite her treachery, she’s good for Lucas and wants to give her another chance as the host of Hearth and Home. Chloe readily accepts and says she’ll draw up contracts. Chloe figures since Kate is trying, she may not have to worry that Lucas will find out the truth.

Outside the pub, Kate says the trap has been set and the rat will never know what caught her!

Will and Mia decide to head over to the hospital after they hear the bad news.

Roman talks to Sami from the pier. Sami thanks him for going to find Rafe for her at the construction site. Sami hangs up and cries. Will gets Sami a drink and asks her to tell him about why he needs to be prepared for something. Sami almost tells Will, when Lucas strolls in. "Are you sure you want to do that," he asks.

Nearby, Nicole sees Mia and thinks Mia wants to score points with Will by being good to Grace. Mia denies that and says her relationship with Will has already gotten off on the wrong foot. Nicole is intrigued but Mia refuses to discuss it. Nicole convinces Mia to keep quiet about the baby and tells her to have fun being a regular teenager. Mia agrees to stay away from Nicole and Sydney. Mia leaves and EJ returns, saying there is no news about Grace. He goes to make a call and Nicole worries that Sami will find out Grace isn’t her child, when the test results return.

In Grace’s room, Daniel worries when he sees Grace’s results.

By the nurses’ station, Sami asks Will to return home to get Grace’s diaper bag. He leaves and Lucas asks if Sami is going to admit the truth about Grace. Sami doesn’t think she has a choice, if it’s going to help make her better. Lucas wishes her good luck and leaves while Nicole watches as Sami talks herself into telling EJ the truth. Stefano and EJ come by and Stefano apologizes for what Sami’s going through. She thanks him and takes EJ aside. She tells him they’ve something important to discuss about Grace and her birthparents. Daniel interrupts to inform Sami that Grace is very ill.

Nicole goes to the chapel and thinks aloud that this can’t be happening. She considers how to stop Sami from coming clean but doesn’t think she can do anything. "Damn you Sami Brady," Nicole says. Stefano comes across her and tells her there is no way to reverse what she has done. Nicole claims innocence but Stefano tells her Sami’s baby is fine. He knows Grace isn’t Sami’s baby! He knows Sydney is actually Sami’s real baby!

Will and Mia arrive at the townhouse to get Grace's things.

Next on Days of our Lives:

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Mia worries to Daniel about the baby

"It's our baby. It’s Grace," Sami cries to Rafe.

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