Standing side by side in Sweet Bits's kitchen, Abe and Paulina scrunch their faces in confusion.
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Belle charges into the Pub, wondering what the hell is wrong with Eric. She just heard from Brady that he and Sloan are getting serious. “You’re not actually getting into a relationship with that bitch?” Eric orders her not to call the woman in his life that. As they bicker, Marlena enters, ordering her children to stop.

At the hospital, Sloan asks what Nicole is doing with prenatal vitamins. Nicole lies that she must have picked up the wrong prescription. Sloan saw her name on the label, which means she’s pregnant. Did Nicole tell Eric she’s in menopause because he’s the father? When Sloan accuses her of tricking Eric into knocking her up, Nicole blurts out that she doesn’t know if he’s the father.

Holding hands, Chanel looks intently at Taila. Talia's eyes peer downward.

At home, Chanel tells Talia she knows Jada accused her of drugging the biscuits. Chanel knows she’d never do anything like that. Talia says Jada’s just frustrated with the case, and it’s over now. Chanel admires how loving and forgiving she is. She kisses her and invites her to her bedroom.

At the station, Rafe and Jada discover that Colin’s last name is Bedford and that he was booked on assault charges five years ago in London. Rafe recalls that Sloan’s mother, Martha’s married name was Bedford. They deduce that Colin is Sloan’s brother and is the one going after Paulina and Chanel. Jada wants to talk to Talia to see what she knows.

Jada leans over Rafe's shoulder as they study the laptop on his desk.

In Sweet Bits’ kitchen, Colin uses an American accent as he tells Abe and Paulina he’s health inspector, Cameron Frye. As he pretends to inspect the bakery, Paulina accuses Sloan of sabotaging the biscuits, which shut it down. Colin brings up Martha’s death, which riles up Paulina. Abe defends his wife, but Colin knows Paulina hired people to cover it up.

At the Pub, Marlena tells Eric and Belle that life is too short for her to play referee to two adults acting like children. She thought when she came back, they’d be happy to all be together, alive. She came there for lunch, but she lost her appetite. She heads back to the hospital, where people really need her help.

Eric and Belle look chagrined, standing side by side at the Pub.

At the hospital, Nicole asks Sloan to keep her pregnancy quiet. Sloan wonders why she’d do that. Nicole asks if she really wants Eric to know she’s pregnant. Sloan agrees to keep the secret as Marlena walks off the elevator. Emotional, Nicole tells Marlena how good it is to see her. Marlena feels the same. However, she stiffens upon addressing Sloan. Sloan suggests she and Eric take Marlena and John to dinner when they’re free. Marlena will talk with John. Sloan calls Eric a wonderful person who she really cares about. As Sloan walks away, Nicole winces. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

Reeling from their mother’s lashing, Eric and Belle sit at a table in the Pub. Eric is adamant that he trusts Sloan. The Sloan he knows would not do the things she’s been accused of. Belle will do her best not to worry about him then. However, she invites him to still worry about her. Eric asks how Shawn is doing. Belle relays how tortured he is by shooting Bo. She should be there with him, but she doesn’t even know how to track him down since he won’t take her calls. She admits this is why she’s been so hard on Eric. Since she can’t get her life together, she thought she could tell him how to live his.

From the station, Jada calls Talia, but she doesn’t answer. Jada and Rafe head for the Pub since she often has lunch there.

Colin continues needling Abe and Paulina in the Bakery about Chanel’s role in Martha’s death. They detail all the threats they received, assuming they were from Sloan. When Colin quotes the threatening text, Abe notes that information wasn’t in the papers. How could he possibly know that? Paulina gasps, “Who are you?” Scowling, Colin raises a rolling pin overhead.

With a guilty expression, Talia rises from the bed, putting her blouse back on. Sitting in her bra, Chanel frowns.

As they kiss in the bedroom, Talia slides off Chanel’s top. Chanel unbuttons Talia’s top and kisses her neck. They lay back on the bed, but Talia bolts up. She doesn’t think she can do this.

At the hospital, Marlena notes Nicole is looking pale. Nicole says she was feeling queasy, but it’s passed. Sloan is what made her want to puke. Marlena overheard Sloan say she was going to keep her secret. Nicole lies that Sloan just wanted to get under her skin about being in menopause. Marlena is appropriately aghast and offers to listen whenever she wants to talk.

Sloan comes to the Pub with a white pharmacy bag. Belle congratulates her on being happy with Eric. After Belle leaves, Eric asks if everything went okay getting her prescription at the hospital. Sloan starts to say something, but Jada and Rafe enter. They need to speak to Sloan about her brother.

As Talia and Chanel dress, Talia says she has a confession to make.

At Sweet Bits, Abe lies passed out on the floor. Paulina frets over him and asks Colin why he did that. Using his English accent, he paraphrases his threatening text. “I told you your husband couldn’t save you.” He advances on her with the rolling pin.

A scowling Colin raises a rolling pin in Sweet Bits' kitchen.

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