At the hospital, Nicole glares off-screen.
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In the morning at home, Chanel brings out bear claws for Abe and Paulina. They appreciate it, but they still have the ones she made yesterday. Chanel sighs that she can’t keep baking for just three people. She needs a hobby. Paulina rants about the cops depriving her of her livelihood when she’s done nothing wrong. It’s not like anyone at Sweet Bits tampered with the biscuits. Chanel can’t believe Jada suspected her own sister.

Jada pounds on Colin’s motel room door. Rafe answers. He came to warn Colin away from Talia, but Colin checked out last night. Rafe also learned he used his Colin Firth alias to check in and paid in cash. They deduce he’s up to something criminal. Rafe takes a razor from the trash to run Colin’s prints.

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Colin and Talia share a frought look in bed.

Colin and Talia wake up in bed in a hotel. While it’s much nicer than the motel, Talia worries someone could find him there. He ignores a call from Sloan, admitting his sister already did. She knows everything he’s done and threatened to go to the cops if he didn’t leave town. He thought about it, but he realized he can’t leave now because of Talia’s progress with Chanel. Talia thinks they should leave before they get caught. Colin can’t pull the plug when Talia’s so close to breaking Chanel’s heart. The last thing she wants is to let him down, but she doesn’t want to do this anymore.

At home, Sloan leaves a voicemail for Colin, hoping he’s left town. Eric comes out wearing a towel and asks who she was talking to. She admits she was checking in on her brother. He’s had it rough. She doesn’t know much about his childhood, though, because he was a toddler when she was in high school. Then, he moved to London with their parents. After their deaths, his grief and anger took over. Eric wonders if her brother could be the one going after Paulina and Chanel.

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In her living room, Sloan glares at Eric who wraps a towel around his naked waist.

Anna finds Nicole panicking over her baby’s paternity in the DiMera living room. Anna assumes she hopes the baby is Eric’s. Teary-eyed, Nicole says she’s trying not to fixate on her preference. Mostly because she’s worried she’ll miscarry. After Nicole details her history, Anna points out that science and medicine have come a long way. What was impossible then might be possible now. She should talk to her doctor and get prenatal vitamins. After more fretting, Anna assures Nicole that whoever the father is will be thrilled. Nicole is grateful to Anna for lifting her spirits.

Trask comes to the Price/Carver household, requesting Abe fire Rafe Hernandez. She needs a police commissioner who will get things done and break a few rules when it’s called for. Abe assumes she has someone in mind to replace Rafe. Trask does. “Your wife.”

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Anna clasps Nicole's hands. They share a solemn look.

Sloan gets defensive with Eric. Her brother has nothing to do with the crimes. He’s not even in Salem. Eric eases off his accusations, and she calms down. She starts flirting with Eric and drops his towel. They passionately kiss.

In bed, Colin yells at Talia for wanting to abandon their plan. It just feels wrong to Talia now that she knows the Price women. Colin thought she understood how vital getting justice for his parents was to him. She begs him not to be mad at her when he pulls away. He calls her the best thing in his life. “You understand how much I need you, right?” he asks. “How much I need you to do this for me?” She does. He assures her they’re almost at the finish line.

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Sitting on her bed, Sloan leans her head on a shirtless Eric's shoulder.

Though confident in his wife, Abe tells Trask he believes in Rafe. Trask warns his soft-on-crime stance will get him creamed in the next election. She leaves. After Abe rants about Trask, he and Paulina decide to leave for work. Chanel wishes she had someplace to be. Paulina gives Chanel a pep talk, urging her to dress and greet the day. You never know what it will bring.

Rafe and Jada run Colin’s fingerprint at the station, but nothing pops in the Salem or New York database. They were sure Colin had a record. Remembering he’s a Brit, Rafe checks with Scotland Yard. There’s a match.

After Talia gets dressed, Colin says he’ll just be there, waiting to celebrate her breaking Chanel’s heart. He tells her he loves her as she saunters out of the room. Once she’s gone, his expression turns icy.

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Still at home, Abe gets a call from the health inspector to meet at the bakery. If everything goes as expected, the inspector will consider re-opening on a conditional basis. Abe invites Paulina to come as the owner of the building. Paulina decides not to tell Chanel until they get good news. After they leave, Talia stops by to see Chanel.

After sex, Sloan’s alarm goes off, altering her to take her birth control. Once she does, she asks if Eric and Nicole used protection the night they were together. He assures her Nicole can’t get pregnant because she’s in early menopause. “That poor old thing,” Sloan says, grinning.

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A fully clothed Sloan holds Eric's face as they passionately kiss.

In Sweet Bits’ kitchen, a suited Colin meets with Paulina and Abe. With an American accent, he says he’s with the health department.

Carrying a white paper bag at the hospital, Nicole bumps into Sloan. A pill bottle falls to the floor. Sloan picks it up. “Here’s your…” She reads the label and furrows her brow. “Pre-natal vitamins?”

Next on Days of Our Lives: things heat up between Chanel and Talia, and Rafe and Jada discover a shocking truth.

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