A sitting Dimitri stoically faces a glowering Harris.
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As part of her new prison job, Megan delivers a letter from Rachel to Kristen. Kristen tears it open and reads out loud that Brady and Chloe are definitely over. Kristen cackles. When Kristen reads how upset everyone is that Shawn shot Bo, Megan yelps. “No! No! No!”

At night in their apartment, Xander and Chloe hurry to the living room upon hearing shattering glass. Brandishing a shinty stick, Xander assures Chloe he’s got this. “Who’s there?” he yells. “Show yourself!” Chloe turns on the light and grimaces at a broken picture frame on the ground. “My hero,” she deadpans.

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A shirtless and stressed Xander raises a hockey-like stick. He holds out his arm in front of Chloe. Wearing a robe, she purses her lips.

John brings Marlena strawberries and whipped cream as she reads on the couch. They make out until Brady comes home. He apologizes for interrupting and says he and Rachel will be moving out. They’ll miss him, but he assures them they won’t be far. He was going to move across the street, but Xander beat him to it — along with his new roomie Chloe.

In Greece, Kate and Roman bask in their reunion. He catches her up on Bo and how Hope is moving him to a long-term care facility. When Roman brings Kate to his hotel room, she pulls out her wedding ring and asks him to put it back on her finger. He says it would be his honor.

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Staring intently at Kate, Roman puts her diamond ring on her finger.

In Dimitri’s cabin, Harris accuses him of bluffing about another hostage. They found no one else. “Who says anything about my hostage being on this ship?” Dimitri queries, still tied to the chair. However, he won’t reveal their identity until he gets blanket immunity for himself and another. If that doesn’t happen, his unnamed hostage will soon have an appointment at the pearly gates.

When another picture that Xander hung falls, he worries their apartment is haunted. Chloe scoffs, but Xander frets over Susan haunting him. He blames himself for her death, but Chloe urges him to move on and learn from it. He’s trying to learn from his mistakes, but trouble always finds him. Usually stemming from his desperation over money. Maybe this place isn’t haunted, “But I am.”

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As Brady rants about Xander, John points out he shot both Brady and Marlena. Brady doesn’t think he should get a pass just because they survived, which, by the way, not everyone was as lucky. Marlena reminds Brady that Ava was the one who killed Susan. Brady knows Xander had a hand in it. Plus, he kidnapped Rachel and never takes responsibility. He worries Xander will drag Chloe into his next scheme, when he should be in prison.

On the fishing boat, Harris demands to know who else Dimitri wants immunity for. Dimitri chuckles as he reveals it’s Harris’ old mentor, Megan Hathaway.

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Kristen tries to comfort Megan as she wails over Bo. Megan says he was the whole reason for her plan to escape. Kristen reminds her sister that the plan is for both of them and asks where they stand. Megan assures Kristen her plan is in the works, “they” just needed to get things organized. Kristen demands to know who she’s talking about. Megan says her guy on the outside is Dimitri Von Leuschner.

Chloe brings Xander tea on the couch. He assures her he doesn’t truly believe that Susan is haunting him. She’s sorry he’s so tortured over what happened to her. They lean in close as they agree they shouldn’t make a habit of ending up together in the middle of the night. Chloe backs away from their near kiss and wishes him a good night. Xander’s gaze lingers as Chloe leaves for her room.

Sitting on their couch, a shirtless Xander leans toward Chloe. Their lips are inches apart.

As they lay in each other’s arms, Roman tells Kate about her urn at the Pub. He admits he talked to it, and she talked back. Kate says that feels familiar. Maybe she was reaching out to him while she was in a deep freeze. All matters now, Roman says, is that she’s there in his arms. Kate says it feels like a dream. Roman never wants to wake up.

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Wearing robes in bed, Kate and Roman lie in each other's arms.

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Kristen recalls meeting Dimitri when he was posing as Kyle to steal the Peacock. She wonders what Megan’s connection is to him. “Dimitri Von Leuschner is my son,” Megan declares, smirking.

When Brady goes to bed, John and Marlena resume making out. John gets a call from Paul. He wants his dad to reach out to Shane because Andrew is missing.

Harris tells Dimitri the ISA will never give him a deal. Dimitri counters that Shane Donovan will see that he and Megan are set free. Because “My mystery hostage is Shane’s very own son… Andrew.”

In a dimly lit storage room, Andrew sits tied to a chair, blindfolded.

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