From behind, Harris wraps his arm around Dimitri's neck, and twists Dimitri's arm behind his back. Steve aims his gun at them.
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At The Bistro, Alex sulks over Maggie firing him because he blew the deal with Yuri. It’s not so much that she was mad at him, but disappointed. What Maggie thinks of him is one of the reasons he’s trying to change. It kills him to let her down. Stephanie points out he was trying to salvage things when Yuri expressed misgivings. Grabbing her phone, she heads off to work her magic on Maggie.

Kayla holds Belle's hands across a table at the Brady Pub.

At the Pub, Kayla and Belle discuss how ridiculous it was for Seth Burns to fire her while she was being held captive. As they discuss Greece, Belle worries about Shawn’s guilt over shooting Bo. Kayla assures her that Hope and Roman are there for him.

Roman finds a frustrated Shawn throwing things in the Greek hospital waiting room. He tells Roman that Victor was right — this is his fault. Roman explodes over Victor blaming him, but Shawn says he’s telling the truth. Roman knows Shawn made a choice to protect someone he loves. It’s what Bo would have done. Shawn goes to see his dad.

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On a couch, Roman looks sternly at Shawn, who clenches his jaw.

A bald goon holds a gun on Steve in the boat’s fishing chopping area. Another bald goon holds one on Harris in the passageways. Harris overpowers his goon and beats him. Meanwhile, Steve warns his goon about what the ISA will do to him once he’s caught. The goon will take his chances and re-aims his firearm. Steve flinches.

Chad bursts into Dimitri’s cabin with his gun raised. Dimitri grabs Kate and holds his gun on her. After the men exchange barbs, Chad lowers his weapon to diffuse the situation. Dimitri tightens his grip on his gun, ready to shoot. They hear a gunshot, leading Chad to explain he came with ISA agents. Dimitri has been expecting them, which is why his men have orders to shoot to kill.

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Chad aims a gun at Dimitri, who holds a gun on Kate.

In the fish chopping room, Steve’s goon goes down. Harris stands behind him with his gun raised. Steve yells at Harris for the gunshot alerting everyone on board of their presence. Harris points out he just saved his ass. Steve thanks him, and they head out.

Stephanie slumps back to Alex. Maggie said since she couldn’t rein Alex in, they might be in the market for a new PR firm. She’s sorry, but she doesn’t think Maggie is giving him his job back. Alex suggests they get drunk.

After passing the body of the goon Harris beat up, Steve and Harris burst into Dimitri’s cabin. Kate kicks Dimitri and runs to Chad. Steve and Harris subdue Dimitri and tie him to a chair. Harris says he’ll stay with Dimitri to wait for the coast guard while the others get to the mainland.

Taking a shot at The Bistro, Alex laments how badly he feels for messing up everything for everybody. It was simpler when he was shallow and self-absorbed, but meeting her changed everything. He really thought he had a shot with her, but then he blew it. Just like he blows everything. She counters that all he did was lose a job. Like so many of his family members have before him. But his going to therapy to change is a big deal. He shouldn’t give up after one bad day. She likes this version of him way better than the last one.

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On a boat's deck at night, Steve and Chad stand at the ready with handguns. A cautious Kate stands behind them.

On the boat’s deck, Kate tells Chad and Steve that she can’t leave without her ring. One of Dimitri’s goons took it. Steve knows where he is. He leads them to the location of the goon Harris beat up, but he’s gone. The goon emerges from a doorway with a gun.

At the Pub, Belle expresses how helpless she feels. Kayla thinks Shawn just needs time to heal. When he gets perspective, Shawn will open up to her. She urges Belle to call Shawn. Even if he doesn’t answer, he’ll know she’s thinking of him.

With his arm in a sling from being shot, Steve ambles into the hospital’s waiting room. Kate follows and runs to Roman’s arms. After Kate talks to Austin on the phone, she settles into Roman’s shoulder on the couch. Kate tells Roman she was terrified of losing him. He assures her she’ll never have to worry about that again because he’s not letting her out of his sight.

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While sitting on a couch, Roman wraps an arm around Kate. She nuzzles into his shoulder.

When Stephanie heads to the restaurant’s bathroom, Alex answers her phone to Chad. Alex explains they were at a client meeting. He only picked up so she wouldn’t miss his call. Stephanie returns. Alex thanks her for being in his corner and leaves. Stephanie learns from Chad that Kate is alive and that Steve was shot, but is fine. Also, Chad’s taking the first flight back to Salem.

Outside the Pub, Belle calls Shawn. A morose Shawn sits in the hotel lobby drinking. He looks at his buzzing phone and slams it down. Belle leaves a message to let him know she’s thinking about him and that he should call whenever. She loves him.

In Dimitri’s cabin, he taunts Harris over his attempts at redemption. Harris warns Dimitri that without Kate as a hostage, he’s sure to be thrown into a blacksite. He’s lost all his leverage. Dimitri grins. “Kate Brady wasn’t my only hostage.”

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In Dimitri's cabin, Harris sits at the dining table and raises a glass of wine.

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