At the pub, John and Marlena clink iced tea glasses over a table.
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John stops by Marlena’s office. She reports that her last patient just left for an important meeting, so she’s done for the day. John wonders how many patients she’s treated over the years. She’s never thought about it. John has and does the math, which amounts to 5,000 patients. Marlena isn’t sure about that. Either way, John says it needs to be celebrated.

At The Bistro, Alex talks with Maggie on the phone. She relays there’s no change in Bo’s condition. He relays that he’s waiting for Yuri right now. He’s confident that Yuri’s tech company will be in business with Titan by the time the check comes. Maggie reminds him it’s all laid out. All he has to do is close the deal. Alex is aware. He even recruited someone to help him get it done. Stephanie arrives.

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In a Greek hotel room, Chad and Steve flank Harris who sits in front of a laptop. They all wear pensive expressions.

In Greece, Steve and Harris come to Chad’s hotel room. They report that a small motorboat washed ashore on an island, but there were no signs of life. They assume a passing ship picked Kate up.

Dimitri summons Kate to his cabin as she chops fish on the boat. He invites her to dinner. She tells him to shove it up his ass. He figured she’s been missing the finer things in life, like the bottle of wine he opens. Not to mention the lobster and Kobe steaks that his personal chef is preparing. Reluctantly swayed, Kate sits. He insists she shower and change into a gown first so she smells a bit less fishy.

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Wearing a suit jacket and open collared button up, Dimitri reads a leather bound book at a desk.

At the Pub, John asks what one orders to celebrate the 5,000 mark. Marlena still isn’t convinced that number’s correct. He asks what stands out the most when she thinks back on her career. She flashes back to her first patient — Mickey Horton. John suggests they go someplace fancier, like The Bistro. Marlena passes. Her patient might be there with his client, and she doesn’t want to throw him off his game.

Stephanie tries to calm Alex’s nerves as Yuri arrives at The Bistro. The thirty-something Yuri wears a tailored suit, and his hair slicked into a low pompadour. He wonders where Maggie is. He’s used to dealing with the top dog. Alex assures him he’s up to speed and hands him the paperwork. All he has to do is sign. Yuri would like to discuss the weak expansion plan first. When Alex defends Maggie’s position, Yuri calls her out of touch and asks how old she is. Stephanie interjects to ask about the relevance. Yuri proves the opposite while insisting he’s no misogynist. Alex sings Maggie’s praises, especially considering she’s new to the business. Yuri didn’t realize he’s about to make a billion-dollar deal with a total newbie.

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Ben stands next to Stephanie who shakes Yuri's hand.

In Chad’s room, Harris searches online. He finds a cargo ship that’s been in the area where Kate’s boat was found. They discover it’s been anchored in the water for several weeks and is owned by Dimitri von Leuschner. Chad recalls how Dimitri was after the Alamainian Peacock (in Beyond Salem), a statute that could vaporize a city.  He wonders if Dimitri took Kate hostage to get back at Billie for taking him down. Steve thought he was locked up in supermax.

As they eat, Marlena continues doubting John’s assertion that she treated 5,000 patients. John chuckles as he factors in the callers on her radio show. He knows she’s talked many a person off the ledge. He recalls her literally doing just that, which led to her falling herself.

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Sitting on a couch, Maggie looks at roman with a raised brow and parted lips.

At the hospital in Greece, Maggie consoles Roman over the situation with Bo and Kate. After she assures him Kate is tough and will persevere, he notes she’s tough herself, taking over Titan. She hopes leaving Alex on his own wasn’t a mistake.

At The Bistro, Alex says that while Maggie may not understand Yuri’s tech goals, he does. He hypes up Yuri with a bold plan and tells him to sign the contract. They’ll tweak a few things afterward. Stephanie expresses concern, but Yuri tells her to listen to Alex. When Yuri goes to the bathroom for an energy boost, Stephanie asks Alex what he’s doing.

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At the hotel, Harris discovers that the guy cooling his heels in Dimitri’s prison cell is an imposter. So, Dimitri could be on the cargo ship with Kate. Steve hands Harris a gun. Chad asks where his is. They tell him he’s staying put because he’s a civilian and the father to two young children. Chad assures them he can handle himself. Plus, he’s dealt with Dimitri before. He might be able to pick up on something they don’t. Steve hands him a gun.

After Kate changes into a floor-length black dress, with a draping sparkly necklace, she sits with Dimitri. She eagerly eats and asks how Dimitri got out of prison. He explains he maintained plenty of resources there and traded places with a sorry sap.

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At the bistro, Yuri sits at a table with Stephanie and Alex. He leans forward with his hands on the table.

At The Bistro, Stephanie implores Alex to stand firm and sell Yuri on Maggie’s vision. When Yuri returns, Alex suggests they stick with the original deal’s terms. Yuri doesn’t have enough information on “Mags” so he can’t make the decision just yet. Yuri leaves. Stephanie side-eyes Alex as he yells after him.

At the Pub, John brings up Roger Lombard, the drunk driver that hit Kimberly. Marlena recalls being thrown into a pit by his wife. They reminisce about John coming in after her, which rekindled their love. John says he’d still be in the dark if it weren’t for her. He thanks god every day that he met her. John calls her a miracle worker, pointing to Ben’s rehabilitation as proof. Marlena’s so proud of the man he’s become.

After taking a speed boat to the cargo ship, Chad, Steve, and Harris split up. As Steve searches the fish-chopping area, the bald goon pulls a gun on him.

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In Dimitri's cabin, Kate wears a long black dress and sips wine. Dimitri wears an open collar suit across the table from her.

In his cabin, Kate assumes that since Dimitri isn’t asking for ransom, he wants immunity. Dimitri confirms, but he also wants something more personal. Before he can tell her what that is, Chad burst in with his gun drawn.

In Salem, Alex panics to Stephanie, who assures him this is just a temporary setback. Alex agrees he needs to keep pressing Yuri. Maggie calls Alex. She relays that Yuri passed on their deal. Alex promises to fix it, but Maggie says it’s the last straw. He’s fired.

John makes a toast to Marlena’s accomplishments. She’s a true legend. Outside the Pub, Marlena says maybe 5,000 isn’t such a crazy number after all. In that case, John says, “Happy 5,000, Doc.” As they walk away, words on the screen read, “Happy 5,000 episodes, Deidre Hall!”

Sitting at the Bistro Bar, Stephanie casts a concerned gaze upon Alex. With a hand on his hip, he tilts forward with a dazed expression.

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