At DiMera Enterprises, EJ leans forward, yelling into his phone.
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Stefan comes to the DiMera office and finds Gabi sitting at the desk. They look forward to ruling together soon. As Stefan reads Gabi’s latest report about EJ, he arrives. Stefan gloats to EJ that Nicole gave him a glowing job review. He hands him a copy. EJ crumples it, knowing Nicole didn’t write it.

Eric exits the Pub as Nicole leaves a message for Kayla about the paternity test. After confirming he didn’t hear anything, she asks about his eye. He assures her he’s fine, but is worried about her considering EJ found out about their one-night stand. Nicole wonders what Sloan was thinking, telling him. Eric defends his girlfriend, then asks if Nicole is okay, considering she was talking to Kayla and is acting strangely. She tells him about her cramps, but brushes them off. He can see in her eyes they’re not nothing. He urges her to confide in him.

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Standing close together, Talia and Chanel look offscreen with guilty expressions.

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Talia ignores Jada’s call as she makes out with Chanel. Chanel suggests they go to her room. Talia thinks about Colin, urging her to seduce Chanel so he can get justice for his mother. Talia lunges for another kiss with Chanel, as Paulina comes home. Paulina profusely apologizes for interrupting, and Talia leaves. Alone with Chanel, Paulina thinks maybe it’s a good thing she interrupted.

After leaving Talia a message, Jada worries about her sister’s connection to Colin. She vows to find out everything there is to know about the guy. Talia saunters in. Jada asks who Colin is and what she’s doing with him. A teary-eyed Talia admits Colin is her ex-boyfriend from New York. He called the night of the biscuits incident, and she met him at the motel. She says she lied about it because she doesn’t like who she is with him. She further lies that she ran into Xander and Chloe just after breaking things off with him for good. When Jada tries to console her, Talia lashes out. Is her shame enough for Jada to finally believe her? Of course, Jada believes her. Talia stomps off in tears.

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At the police station, Talia looks straight ahead with an anguished expression.

In Colin’s motel room, Sloan tells her brother she knows what he’s been up to. Colin says it’s his turn to make Chanel pay for what she did to their parents. Sloan points out his actions are drastically impacting her. He thinks she’ll thank him when it’s done. She counters she could lose her law practice and her freedom. He doesn’t see any other way to destroy Paulina and Chanel. Sloan points out he already destroyed Sweet Bits. Colin says that’s just the beginning.

At home, Paulina tells Chanel about the threatening text message and how the police briefly suspected Talia. Paulina assures her there is no evidence or motive and that Rafe was just being thorough. Aghast, Chanel declares she’d know if Talia was out to get them. The cops have got to be barking up the wrong tree.

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At the motel, Sloan intently stares at Colin with a creased brow and parted lips.

EJ panics over Stefan and Gabi sending the bogus evaluations to Shin and the board. His phone rings. EJ answers to Wei. Stefan and Gabi smugly look on, as EJ implores Wei to ignore the bogus evaluations. When EJ learns Wei wants him to take anger management classes, EJ shouts into the phone, “I’ll show you anger management!” and throws it. Later, EJ tries calling Wei back, but he won’t accept the call. Gabi and Stefan gleefully leave the office.

Outside the Pub, Nicole admits to Eric that her cramps aren’t just cramps. When Eric presses, she lies that she’s in the early stages of menopause. He’s relieved it’s not more serious. EJ calls, prompting Eric to head into the Pub. EJ asks Nicole to come to the office.

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Outside the Pub, an earnest Nicole gazes at Eric.

Sloan tells Colin he could go to prison for what he did. Colin points out he has a brilliant barrister for a sister. Besides, everyone just had fun on those biscuits. Sloan counters people are getting hurt, including her. She might actually have something good going, and she doesn’t want anything to mess it up. She didn’t realize how lonely her need for revenge was until she found someone who showed her there’s more to live for. She wants that for him too. She warns that if the police question her again, she’ll tell them the truth. She leaves a pensive-looking Colin.

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Later, Talia comes to Colin’s room as he packs. He says he has news, but first, she tells him how she’s got Chanel on the hook. When she asks about the suitcase, he says he was trying to organize his cramped space. Also, his news doesn’t matter anymore. He’s thrilled about her and Chanel.

At the office, Nicole assures EJ she’ll rewrite her report and send it to the board. She also wants IT to prove her laptop was hacked. EJ hedges. The board will have two reports — one true and one a lie. How will they determine which one is real? An anguished Nicole feels her stomach.

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