Nicole tries to threaten EJ not to walk out the door to see Sami, but realizes she’s being unreasonable and insecure and gives him the green light to go, so he thanks her and goes to kiss her, but she moves away from him. This upsets him and she reminds him he married an insecure person. EJ comments nothing he does for her is enough for her. "Only because of her," says Nicole. She feels competition with Sami for EJ’s love and isn’t sure it’ll change. EJ loves her, insecurities and all and says she makes him happier than anyone ever has. He wishes she felt better about herself. EJ realizes he was overreacting about Rafe adopting Sami’s baby and will stay out of it and focus on his own family. They kiss. EJ takes a call from somebody and tells Nicole that Owen and Stephanie were found at Heritage Park Funeral Home. Nicole worries and asks if everyone’s alright. EJ doesn’t know and has to go talk with his father, so leaves the mansion.

Daniel takes a shower at the hospital and fantasizes Chloe is in there with him, kissing his back. He tries to stop fantasizing and when he can’t, dresses and leaves the locker room.

Lucas tells Will to stay away from Mia before it’s too late. Will is surprised that Lucas is being so judgmental. Mia goes back inside, unseen, and Will returns inside the pub, even though Lucas isn’t finished with his son.

Inside the pub, Mia packs up and tells Will what she overheard. She is probably moving to Minneapolis, anyway, but Will begs her to stay. When his Aunt Maggie walks into the pub, he asks her over and lets her in on what’s happening. Since Mia doesn’t have family here, Maggie thinks she should be around people who are loving and supportive, especially considering her situation. Maggie invites Mia to move in, temporarily. Mia is thankful, considering she barely knows her, and says she’ll get a job and pay rent when school is out and agrees to attend all of her 12 step meetings.

Sami calls an ambulance when Grace has a seizure. Later, Sami gathers the baby and we hear sirens. She calls Rafe and leaves him a message to tell him what’s happening and rushes out the door.

Rafe talks to the foreman, at the pier, who tells him to turn off his cell phone during work hours.

Sami arrives at the hospital and runs into Daniel. She explains Grace has been having seizures and begs him to make them stop. Daniel examines Grace as Sami cries and demands to know what’s wrong. Maxine kicks Sami out of the exam room. Daniel wants Maxine to administer a drug, but Maxine balks at the amount she’s to give Grace. Daniel doesn’t care and tells her to do it.

Nearby, EJ makes plans to talk to his father and when he notices Sami crying, he goes to her and she tells him that Grace has been having seizures. EJ comforts her and reminds her Grace is in good hands with Daniel. Sami explains that Rafe’s phone is off and she’s worried, so EJ decides to stay with her as long as she needs.

Chloe arrives at Nicole’s place and Nicole says there has been a breakthrough with EJ. She lets Chloe know how insecure she is and that it seems Sami’s more important to him than she is. EJ’s willing to try to show her and Sydney how important they are to him. Chloe thinks that’s fantastic and Nicole says she’s finally getting her happily ever after. "Gives us all hope," says Chloe, but she backpedals when Nicole questions her, thinking she already has her happily ever after. Chloe takes a call, later, and Nicole comments that it’s the third time Lucas has called since she got there. Nicole knows how clingy Lucas gets and how Chloe likes her space. She asks what’s up. Chloe denies anything’s wrong. She wants to make Lucas happy and wants to be a good step-mother to Allie and says this feels good. Nicole can identify. Chloe just needs to erase Daniel from her mind! She admits it has gotten worse, now that she’s married, but she’s trying to build a new life. She loves Lucas and Allie. She realizes she has to meet them at the pub and tells Nicole she seems very comfortable being a DiMera wife. Nicole could do without the DiMera part, but loves being a wife and mother.

Arianna comes across Rafe at the pier and shares her concerns that he’s working construction. Rafe is tired of the lack of support, and her blaming Sami for this, but Arianna says she cares. "This whole thing with Sami is just like before," she says, but he denies it and explains that this job is temporary, so that social services will allow him to adopt Grace. Arianna apologizes and tells him that being a father is a lot of work that will complicate his life. Rafe knows, but loves Grace and Sami and says it’s worth it. He thinks Arianna feels abandoned and too focused on him. She leaves and Nicole arrives at the pier and jokes with Rafe. "You traded in your cable guy disguise for a hard hat!" She thinks it’s admirable that he got a job to support his daughter. Rafe doesn’t need Nicole’s approval, he tells her, and she ignores that and says Sami’s baby is lucky that a guy like him wants to be her daddy. Rafe asks her what it is she wants! Nicole hopes things work out the best for him and leaves. Rafe tries to call Sami, but his phone is dead.

Sami calls Will and leaves a message to tell him she’s with Grace at the hospital. She hangs up when Maxine returns to the nurse’s station and asks for an update. When Maxine ignores Sami, EJ demands Maxine get Daniel, saying his friend wants answers about the health of her daughter. Sami stares at EJ with surprise as he comforts her. She calls Rafe and leaves another message and EJ figures Rafe has turned the cell phone off at work. He tries to make Sami laugh by reminding her of overreacting in the past and is sure Grace will be fine. She’s lucky to have Sami as a mother.

Daniel comes out of Grace’s room and says they managed to stop the seizures. He feels they’re harmless, causing Sami to be relieved. Nicole walks into the hospital and sees EJ’s arm around Sami as Daniel informs Sami and EJ that he wants to run more tests.

Mia and Will arrive at his place and Will tells her he’s happy she’s staying in Salem. He offers to ask his mother if she needs a part time nanny and asks her to forget about what his father thinks. Will says she had a drug problem, she got help and that’s what’s important, not what anyone else says. Nobody will change his mind about her! They order a pizza and as they’re about to kiss, Will receives Sami’s message about Grace.

Chloe arrives at the pub, where Lucas and Allie sit. Lucas asks Chloe if she can talk to Will about his new friend, who just got out of rehab. Chloe reminds him that it’s better to use reverse psychology on Will, instead. When Lucas takes Allie for more paper to draw on, Maggie comes by Chloe’s table and Chloe admits she was thinking of telling Lucas the truth. Maggie thinks it’s a good idea and leaves. Once Lucas returns, she tells him she’s got something to say.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Roman discusses the kidnapping with Stephanie

Daniel tells Grace to keep fighting.

"Stephanie won’t say anything, because we won’t let her," says Stefano to EJ.

Lucas asks, "You’re ready to face reality is what you’re saying?" Sami says, "I don’t have a choice."

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