At the station, Rafe stands next to Paulina as Sloan lectures her.
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In the morning, Nicole jolts awake after dreaming Eric asked if the baby is his. EJ comes to her room with breakfast. He asks if she was being honest about being in early menopause. Of course she’s being honest, she’s just not thrilled by her condition. EJ assures her she’s never been more alluring or radiant then she is right now. She appreciates the effort he’s made to make her feel important. Nicole also appreciates how cool he’s been about her and Eric. He suggests they just forget about it and move on.

At the Pub, Sloan holds Eric's face as she kisses him. A butterfly bandage covers a gash over his eye.

At the Pub, Sloan gasps at the gash over Eric’s eye. He tells her EJ punched him right after she told him he slept with Nicole. Sloan assumed EJ knew. She vows she didn’t tell him out of spite. Eric knows. He appreciates how understanding and trusting she’s been. She knows he’s a loyal person and that he’d never cheat on her if he wasn’t out of his mind on biscuits.

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In front of Rafe at the police station, Paulina gapes at the phone in her hand.

Talia comes to Chanel’s door with flowers. Chanel assumed she wasn’t that into her since she hasn’t heard from her. Talia hopes the flowers say otherwise. Chanel invites her in for coffee. When Talia cozies up to her on the couch, Chanel asks what changed from the awkwardness of their date?

After reading Colin’s anonymous threatening text, Paulina demands that Rafe arrest Sloan. Rafe reiterates that he has no evidence it was her, especially since the text came from a blocked number. When Paulina gets worked up, Rafe sits her down, suggesting she do her breathing exercises. He calls Sloan to come down for questioning.

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From the hallway, Jada slams her hand on Colin's open motel room door.

In his motel room, Colin opens the door to Jada. She flashes her badge and asks about Talia. He denies knowing her. She tells him Xander and Chloe saw her. Colin calls Xander a wanker, then glibly says his name is Colin Firth. She asks for his I.D. He assumes her visit is more personal than official. Damn right it’s personal, she declares. This is her sister they’re talking about. He understands. If someone hurt someone in his family, he’d make damn sure they’d answer to him. Jada again asks how he knows Talia. He continues stonewalling her and tries to shut the door. She blocks it, vowing to find out who he is and how he knows her sister.

Anna comes to see Nicole in her room as she dresses. Nicole tells her EJ found out about her and Eric. But now she has a new secret — she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. Anna gapes. Nicole should be happy, but she doesn’t know if she can carry the baby to full term. Anna asks if she is able to, who does she hope is the father? Nicole doesn’t know. She just wants the baby to be healthy. Nicole begs her to keep the secret. Anna assures her the secret is safe with her.

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A chipper EJ greets Tony downstairs in the mansion. From his mood, Tony deduces he discovered Nicole’s secret wasn’t as bad as he feared. Grinning, EJ relays that Nicole slept with Eric. Tony marvels over how calm he is about it. EJ knows it was meaningless. Nicole has made it clear she and Eric are over. All they share now are memories. Once they fade, there’ll be nothing that binds them together.

At Chanel’s, Talia explains she was uncomfortable on their date because she doesn’t have much romantic experience. She was always too busy with school to date. Chanel laughs over doing more partying than studying when she was in school. But since Talia’s a good kisser, Chanel deduces she’s had practice somewhere down the line. Talia says she met a guy after med school. They had an instant connection and she fell hard. She’d do anything for him. She lies that things are over now. Chanel suggests they not rush into anything and play it cool. Talia wonders why play it cool when they can be hot together. She kisses her.

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At the station, Rafe stands next to Paulina as Sloan looks to be lecturing her.

When Sloan comes to the station, Rafe asks if Sloan sent a text to Paulina from a burner phone. Sloan adamantly denies sending threatening messages or drugging biscuits. Since she’s clearly not the only one who wants to see her suffer, Sloan suggests Paulina watch her back. She storms out.

Paulina points out to Rafe that Sloan’s turn of phrase mimicked the text. Rafe reminds her that’s not evidence. When Paulina rails at him for not taking harder action with Sloan, he yells that things take longer than they do on Law & Order. Paulina passes Jada on her way out. An exasperated Rafe fills Jada in on Paulina’s visit. Unseen, Sloan returns for her phone and overhears Jada telling Rafe about “Colin Firth,” the lying swine she just had a chat with in room 106 at the motel.

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Sloan smirks at Colin in his motel room doorway. A nearby mirror reflects his hesitant smile.

Later, Sloan bangs on Colin’s door. He opens it with a smirk. He says, “Hello, Sis. Long time no see.” Scowling, she shakes her head at him.

Jada pulls out her phone to question Talia. Talia’s phone buzzes in the pillows, as she and Chanel make out. Chanel asks Talia if she’s sure about this. Talia responds, “Can’t you tell?” and lies her down on the couch.

In the DiMera mansion, Anna meets with Tony and EJ. She confesses that she knew about Nicole and Eric. She apologizes for keeping the secret from EJ. He says it’s all good now that everything is out in the open.

Outside the Pub, Nicole leaves a message for Kayla. She needs to know who the father of her baby is as soon as possible. She turns to see a glowering Eric.

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Looking pensive outside the Pub, Nicole holds a phone to her ear and presses her lips together.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Talia opens up to Jada, and Eric worries about Nicole.

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