On the fishing boat, kate points a knife at Dimitri
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Sitting with Eric at the Pub, Marlena gasps at the gash over his eye. He tells her EJ sucker punched him because he slept with Nicole. Marlena challenges his assertion that his night with Nicole meant nothing. Eric blames it solely on the drugs. Marlena’s been researching it — nothing in the biscuits would have increased libido. She then insists she take him to the E.R. for stitches.

Eric leans over a Brady Pub table with ice on his eye. Marlena sits across from him.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ grows enraged by Gabi’s callous reaction to Nicole going to the E.R. He grabs her arm as she starts to leave. Stefan enters, ordering his brother to get his hands off her. Before he does, Gabi takes note of his red knuckles. EJ calls it an accident and leaves for the hospital. Gabi snarks that if Nicole is sick, she hopes it’s serious.

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Nicole wears a hospital gown on an exam table. With crossed arms, she shoots Kayla a wary look.

At the hospital, Kayla reminds a shocked Nicole that the pill isn’t one hundred percent effective. She suggests Nicole follow up with her OBGYN since she’s had trouble carrying to term in the past. Nicole sighs that not only is the pregnancy dangerous for her and the baby, but she doesn’t even know who the father is.

In Greece, Chad checks in with Julie over the phone about the kids. He then answers his hotel room door to Roman. Chad relays that Steve took off with Harris to look for Kate. Roman isn’t convinced they can trust Harris. If it leads to finding Kate, Chad doesn’t care where their help comes from.

On the fishing boat, Kate recognizes a dashing, dark-haired man who joins her in a cabin. Noting she knows him by reputation only, he formally introduces himself as Dimitri von Leuschner. Kate is well aware that he is “the fancy cousin to the lowlifes Carly and Frankie.” He also posed as an ISA agent named Kyle Graham. He assumes Billie filled her in. They recap how he romanced Billie as part of his con, leading Kate to wonder why he isn’t in prison. That’s his business, he responds.

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Dimitri wears a black sweater over his broad shoulders. His short dark hair swoops off his forehead. A large map hangs on a wall behind him, as he glowers ahead.

Back at the mansion, Gabi tells Stefan that Nicole was about to send his performance review before she started “writhing in pain.” They break into her laptop and read Nicole’s scathing critique. It says Stefan is out of touch with inclusive language, social media, and pop culture, which undermines his understanding of new markets. She concludes that he is in no way prepared to run a multinational corporation.

EJ races into Nicole’s exam room. When Kayla leaves, Nicole lies that she ate something that didn’t agree with her. EJ finds it hard to believe she was rushed there for a tummy ache. She asks if he’s accusing her of lying. He says it’s possible since she lied about sleeping with Eric. Nicole tries to deny it, but EJ knows everything. He admits he took his anger out on Eric and then came home to confront her. However, his anger disappeared when he found out she was rushed to the hospital. He asks again if she’s okay. Nicole insists she’s fine, but he knows there’s something she’s not telling him. Nicole lies that she might be in the early stages of menopause. He’s relieved it isn’t more serious.

On the boat, Dimitri tells Kate he’s of great value as his hostage. She urges him to call Roman or Chad for ransom so she can go home. Dimitri isn’t ready to make his demands known because her being there is part of a much larger plan. For now, he asks for a tango to see how she measures up to her daughter. Kate pulls the knife, ordering him not to touch her. Back to the fish then, he deadpans.

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At the hospital, Kayla looks at Eric's gash. Marlena observes nearby.

At the hotel in Greece, Chad assures a panicked Roman that they will find Kate. He feels it in his bones that she’s alive. Roman appreciates that, but also apologizes. He has no right lay his fears at his feet, considering he has another chance with the woman he loves. Chad tells him to keep the faith.

Kayla hides a file under her arm as Eric and Marlena step off the hospital elevator. Eric embraces his aunt, happy to see her alive. An equally thrilled Marlena hugs Kayla, causing the file to drop. Eric bends down to pick it up, but Kayla orders him to leave it. She offers to call the attending to stitch up Eric.

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At the mansion, Stefan strokes Gabi’s hair and kisses her neck, as she revises Nicole’s report. She’s too distracted to finish and kisses him. They pause to email the board Gabi’s scathing review of EJ, and Nicole’s “glowing” review of Stefan. They resume kissing and head upstairs.

After Eric’s been stitched up, he runs into EJ at the elevator. EJ reports he and Nicole worked it out, so they should pretend Eric and Nicole’s one-night stand never happened. Sounds good to Eric.

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At the hospital, Eric faces EJ. A butterfly bandage covers the gash at Eric's brow.

Now dressed, Nicole listens to Eric’s voicemail in the exam room. She says she should probably delete it. Kayla returns to Nicole, who asks how long until she finds out who the father is. Kayla suggests they do a blood test in a few weeks, but they’ll need a DNA sample from one of the possible fathers. Nicole says that until she knows the father, no one can know she’s pregnant.

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