Nicole wears a hospital gown and a shocked expression.
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Stephanie accompanies Kayla to the hospital. Kayla’s happy to be back, but she’s not thrilled they left Steve and the others in Greece. Stephanie thinks this is where she needs to be. Especially since Seth Burns fired her while she was fighting for her life. Stephanie assures her they’ll give him hell.

In Greece, Chad responds to Stephanie’s text about missing him already. Steve comes to his door and relays that Bo could be moved to a long-term facility. Roman’s with him, so it’s up to them to devise a plan to rescue Kate. Harris comes to the door. Steve exclaims, “What the hell are you doing here?” Harris explains Andrew thought he could help search for Kate. Andrew thought wrong, Steve declares. They don’t want him there, and they don’t need his help.

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With his hands behind his back, Harris faces a glowering Steve and Chad.

On the fishing boat, the bald man brings Kate breakfast. Kate cringes as she spoons in the gruel. She wants to know when she’ll be let off the ship. The man doesn’t have the authority to give that answer. She demands he bring her to someone who does. The man says his boss doesn’t meet with people. He flashes around her wedding ring on his finger. She pins his hand to a table and puts a knife to his finger.

Outside Brady’s Pub, EJ yells at Eric for having sex with Nicole. Eric admits it, but they were high on biscuits. They didn’t tell him, knowing he’d blow it out of proportion because he’s an insecure ass. EJ punches him.

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On the fishing boat, Kate puts a knife to the bald headed goon's finger. A diamond ring sparkles on his pinky. His mouth widens as if he's screaming.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi accuses Nicole of bad acting when she doubles over in pain. Nicole shouts that she needs to get to the hospital — now! Realizing she’s serious, Gabi helps her out of the mansion.

Leaving Seth Burns’ office, Kayla praises Stephanie for threatening a PR nightmare if he didn’t reinstate her at the hospital. Alex strolls up. He apologizes to Kayla for preventing Stephanie from being there during her “final” moments. He’ll feel guilty for the rest of his life. Kayla points out those weren’t her last moments, but accepts his apology.

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After Kayla gets paged away for a patient, Alex explains to Stephanie he’s there for a therapy appointment. She calls it a big step. She turns to leave to catch up on work, but he stops her. Alex tells Stephanie about Maggie leaving him in charge. He can’t afford to screw it up. He asks for her help at his client meeting tomorrow. Strictly business. Since Titan is still one of her top clients, she agrees. He moves in to embrace her, but backs off. He’s learning.

Nicole wears a hospital gown on an exam table. With crossed arms, she shoots Kayla a concerned look.

Nicole gasps when Kayla comes to her exam room. Kayla knows it’s strange, but she’s there to talk about Nicole’s cramps. Kayla asks if it could be her period. Nicole checks her cycle tracker. It says she’s late, but her new birth control has been keeping things on schedule. Nicole gets a hot flash, leading Kayla to muse she’s entering menopause. Nicole balks at the idea. Kayla offers to run some tests to find out what’s going on.

Outside the Pub at night, Eric scowls at EJ. A gash bleeds over Eric's eye.

Outside the Pub, Eric rises from the ground with a cut over his eye. He calls them even from when he sucker punched EJ a few weeks ago. EJ growls that they are far from even. If he wants to keep it going, Eric warns the next punch will cost him. He heads into the Pub.

Steve rails at Harris in Greece for keeping the truth about Bo from Hope. If he had come forward sooner, his best friend wouldn’t be in a coma right now. Harris starts to leave, but Chad stops him. Chad thinks he could be their best chance at finding Kate. Harris did save them from Thomas Banks, and he was a Navy SEAL. Steve reluctantly agrees, but warns he’ll take Harris down himself if there’s any funny business.

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With a blade to his finger, the bald man asks Kate what she wants. She wants an audience with his boss. He agrees and brings her to a cabin. An opposite door opens. Kate looks up and says, “Oh my God. It’s you.”

EJ returns to the mansion shouting for Nicole. Gabi tells him she’s at the hospital.

Inside the Pub, Eric holds ice to his head as he calls Nicole. She ignores it when Kayla returns with news. Eric leaves a message about EJ, as Kayla tells Nicole she’s not going through menopause. She’s pregnant.

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Wearing overalls, a wide-eyed Kate holds a knife. A framed photo and a mounted fish hang on the wall behind her.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kate learns who’s behind her situation, and Nicole learns her secret is out.

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