Outside the Pub at night, at stunned EJ looks off screen.
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At night, Gabi and Stefan revel in their love in the DiMera living room. EJ cringes upon walking in on their make-out session. Gabi smugly tells him she has notes on his performance at work. EJ scoffs. Gabi reports that several employees called him rude, temperamental, and tyrannical. One guy even said he’d rather work for the father in Succession. At least that guy’s funny.

EJ accuses Gabi of lying, but she continues her list of his faults. She gives his overall performance an F minus. EJ doesn’t think anyone will care what she thinks. Stefan counters that the board will. EJ reminds him Nicole has been evaluating Stefan’s performance as well, which she’ll report on when she returns. He leaves.

In the Square, Eric gives Sloan a rose, calling her girlfriend. She’s not usually into romantic gestures, but makes an exception for him. As they kiss, Nicole spots them and rolls her eyes. When Sloan gets called away for a client, Nicole approaches Eric. She thought they weren’t seeing each other any longer. Eric explains they worked it out and are even a real couple now. After badmouthing Sloan, she asks Eric to ensure his girlfriend doesn’t tell EJ about them sleeping together.

Chanel comes home to find Paulina meditating. Paulina credits Talia with her newfound practice. Chanel will be sure to thank her tonight on their date. Paulina thought Talia was straight. Chanel thought so, too, until Talia kissed her. Paulina wonders if she’s ready to start dating again after Allie. Chanel misses her like crazy, but she’s tired of being sad about it. Paulina worries she’ll get her heart broken all over again. Chanel promises to take things slow. Paulina is glad to hear it because people aren’t always as they seem.

A shirtless Colin sits on the edge of the bed with a sheet over his lap. Wearing a tank top and jeans, Talia sits next to him with her hand over his knee.

At the motel, Talia dresses as Colin lies naked in bed. He doesn’t think Chanel will be able to resist her. Talia doesn’t think she can go through with their plan. He pulls back on his anger to sweet-talk her into it.

Jada storms into the Pub, upset to learn Talia had a key made near the Square. Rafe follows, reminding her they don’t have any solid proof that Talia is behind the attacks on Paulina and Chanel. Based on the information they do have, Jada thinks it’s pretty clear her sister is guilty. She could go to prison. Rafe points out she doesn’t have a clear motive, so the culprit could be someone they haven’t even considered yet. Rafe grabs her hand, assuring her they’ll get through this together.

Rafe holds Jada's hand across a Brady Pub table. They stare fondly at each other.

Talia enters, and Jada and Rafe release hands. Jada asks her sister if she trashed Paulina’s office. Rafe tries to reel her in, but Jada lays out their suspicions. Offended, Talia says she copied Jada’s apartment key that day. Jada wonders why she didn’t tell her before now. Talia claims to have forgotten. Jada deadpans that she’s been forgetting a lot of things lately. Jada follows her to test the key.

Later, Jada returns to Rafe, relaying that Talia’s key worked. She feels terrible for accusing her sister. Waring a pink sleeveless dress, Talia walks through the Pub. Jada yells out to talk it out, but Talia ignores her on her way out the door.

At the Pub, Jada and Rafe stiffly face Talia.

Colin wears a baseball cap at Small Bar as he sits at a table. He slinks back as Sloan enters. She meets with a client (played by Days superfan who appeared in this deleted “Chabby” scene) to go over her court testimony. The woman asks if she should be looking for another lawyer considering the accusations made about Sloan. Sloan doesn’t know who is targeting Paulina and Chanel, but it isn’t her. As Colin secretly spies on his sister, he gets a text from Talia. It reads, “My sister just accused me of breaking into Paulina’s office!!!”

At The Bistro, Talia nervously waits at a table. She texts that she lied her way out of it, but maybe she should call off the date. Colin responds that she’s got this. Talia types that she’s worried Chanel will realize she’s not really into women. Chanel enters in an off-the-shoulder mini-dress.

Sloan runs into EJ outside the Pub. She formally introduces herself, but he reminds her they spent an awkward Valentine’s Day with dates who pretended to ignore each other. She chuckles over how painful it was. But it wasn’t as painful as catching Eric and Nicole in bed together. EJ’s face falls. She’s sorry. She thought he knew. It was just the drugged biscuits, she assures him. It meant nothing.

In the Square, Nicole tells Eric that despite her feelings for Sloan, she hopes it works out for him. She just wants him to be happy. Eric wants the same for her. Even if it’s with EJ? she asks. Even so, he responds. Teary-eyed, Nicole leaves.

Back at the Pub, Jada asks what Rafe thinks of Talia’s story. He finds it slightly strange, but reiterates she has no motive. Why would she go after Paulina and Chanel?

At Small Bar, Colin approaches Sloan’s client, who drinks alone. He overheard her doubts regarding her lawyer. From where he was sitting, Sloan seems like a woman of integrity. She has nothing to worry about.

Chanel sits with Talia at The Bistro, assuring her there are no expectations for this date. They should both take it slow. They open their menus to order. Talia peers over hers, grinning at Chanel.

Alone outside the Pub, EJ stews over Nicole’s secret. Eric walks up. EJ scowls.

Nicole returns to the mansion, where Gabi gloats over her scathing review of EJ. Nicole will have to send her own scathing review to the board about Stefan. Nicole opens her laptop and yelps out in pain. She clutches her stomach, doubling over.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Gabi rushes Nicole to the hospital, and Steve reluctantly works with Harris.

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