Philip breaks out of the drawer and Owen grabs the gun and points it at him while Philip grabs Stephanie and holds her close. Philip rushes Owen and they struggle with the gun while Stephanie looks on, horrified. Owen points the gun at Philip’s face and the gun fires. They struggle for a while longer and Owen grabs Stephanie.

Nicole is thrilled when EJ returns home. He tells her the arraignment was pushed up, but it’s not over. He makes a call and they discuss Owen and Stephanie. Later, EJ finds out from Lexi that Stefano’s coming out of the hospital soon and Nicole says she’s sure she and Stefano can forge a relationship now. She admits she wants them to be close, knowing how devoted EJ is to Stefano. EJ knows Stefano can be curmudgeonly but soft hearted for those he loves and trusts. EJ discusses Owen with Nicole and lets her know that his father planted Owen at the Kiriakis mansion two years ago. He’s the only one EJ needs to worry about, he says. Nicole is certain that it’ll all work out. They kiss and he admits he lies awake at night wondering if he’s doing the right thing in his business. Nicole knows he only wants to do what is best for his family. EJ wants to head upstairs to get Johnny, and Nicole stops him and tells him she found out that Rafe wants to adopt Grace. EJ is surprised and unhappy with the news, to say the least. He refuses to allow this, thinking Rafe will be hanging around there. The man spied on them. He was fired from the FBI for incompetence. Nicole thinks this is Sami’s choice and says he needs to focus on this family. “What if the police find Owen first?" EJ rants about Samantha and Rafe and Nicole wonders what he’ll do, throw his weight around? “You just can’t walk away, especially when it involves Sami," Nicole tells him. She thinks he’s jealous of Rafe. EJ tells her she’s the one jealous of Sami, so Nicole tells him to prove he’s not jealous and asks him not to go to Sami.

Sami runs to the door and Rafe’s standing there with some construction gear on. He asks if she needs a construction worker and she does. She kisses him, deeply, and then feels bad that he’s working as a carpenter on the night shift. Rafe reminds her that this is a job and asks what he can do for her. She laughs and kisses him some more. They wind up in bed, naked and having sex. In the afterglow, they hope it’ll always be like this. Rafe has a surprise for her. He grabs a manila envelope from under the bed and Sami is shocked to see all the forms Rafe had to sign to adopt Grace. He tells her it’s done and notarized. It’s in the state's hands! Sami is overcome with joy and Rafe tells her not to cry! She doesn’t, but tells him how lucky she is to know him. If she’s feeling grateful, he tells her he can find other ways for her to show her appreciation. She giggles and they start making out. She kisses his chest and moves lower but the baby’s cries interrupt things and she starts to laugh. Rafe decides he’ll take care of Grace. "After all, I’ll be…. I am, Grace’s father," he says. Later, Rafe says she’s asleep but still has a fever. Sami says teething can take a while, but Rafe wishes she wasn’t in pain. Rafe’s got to get to work, he tells her. She reminds him he told her that he’s got everything he wants and Sami says she feels the same. She caused a lot of trouble for many in the past, but that’s no way to live, she realizes. She doesn’t have to, now that she has everything she has ever wanted. "I’m so happy," she whispers and kisses Rafe. Later, Sami calls to make an appointment with the pediatrician, but notices something wrong with Grace and runs to her.

Bo and Hope find footprints in the ground after they find Melanie’s photo ID. They realize somebody else was with Brady and Melanie.

Inside the crypt, Brady looks for a way out. He sees two windows up at the top of the crypt, but Melanie’s not sure if he can climb the wall. Brady ignores her discomfort and climbs up the wall, saying he can break the window and somebody can hear them cry out. Brady falls off the wall and hits his head on the cement floor. Melanie cries, "Brady!" He wakes up and Melanie worries something worse will happen if he climbs back up there. Melanie hears voices from outside. Bo and Hope are nearby, so they start yelling and Bo lets them out. Brady and Melanie are relieved and tell Bo and Hope that Owen has Stephanie and Philip at the morgue. "He has a gun," Melanie warns them, so they all head to the morgue.

At the morgue, Owen tells Philip to get into the drawer and he’ll get Stephanie somewhere safe. Philip agrees to it but only if he’ll keep Stephanie safe. "I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Stephanie’s expecting," he lies. Owen is struck and looks away in his distraction. Stephanie jumps out of the way and Philip charges Owen and beats him up. Bo and Hope arrive and Philip takes Stephanie into his arms, demanding to know if Owen hurt her. She’s fine. Bo grabs Owen and demands to know who hired him. Owen doesn’t talk and Hope takes him to the station. Bo tells the foursome he wants statements from them all, once he returns. Stephanie asks if Melanie and Brady are alright, but they are more worried about her. Stephanie is very grateful to Melanie for risking her life to help her. Melanie is glad they’re all okay and looking wistful. She tells Philip and Stephanie she’s glad they can be together again. Brady glances at Melanie. Later, a cop arrives and Brady leaves. Melanie looks at Philip and Stephanie and tells Brady to wait up. Stephanie brings up the distraction that Philip made up about Stephanie being pregnant. Philip had to think of something, but admits that’s what he wants for them someday. He worries about her and asks if she can tell him what Owen did to her. Stephanie says a lot of terrible things happen but she’s safe, now. She hugs him.

At the pub, Mia is studying when Will arrives to tell her that they have the use of a friend’s pool. Mia seems despondent and tells him that’s nice, but she may have to go away – for good. The lease is up on their apartment in another week or so and she has no place to live. She can’t live with her mother, she tells Will, and wonders if she’s not the best person for him to hang out with. Will doubts that. Lucas arrives and introductions are made. Lucas wants to know how they met and Mia says they take classes together. Will thinks Lucas can help them with something, but Will takes a call from Jack and says he’s got to pick up some Trigonometry stuff. He’ll be back soon. Lucas takes this chance to sit with Mia and get to know her. He finds a 12 step flyer in her notes and she lies that she’s going through the program. Lucas wishes her luck and tells her he’s in the program as well. He takes off, and outside, finds Will. Lucas tells Will they’ll need to have a talk about Mia. Lucas wants his son to be careful of her, considering she’s going through a 12 step program. The last thing that Mia needs is to start a new relationship. Will says that they’ve no relationship and they argue. Mia comes upon them quietly just as Will refuses to ever give Mia up.

Brady arrives at the Kiriakis crypt again and tells Isabella that he loves her, though he didn’t know her. Melanie watches from the door.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Maggie asks Mia if she’d like to move in with her!

Daniel looks puzzled as Chloe asks him to join her in the shower!

Arianna blames Sami for Rafe giving up his dream to be an FBI agent.

Sami calls Rafe to tell him she’s rushing Grace to the hospital.

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