Sitting at a Brady Pub table, Brady leans his face to his hand. His eyes narrow at Gwen.
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Alex comes to work late, much to Maggie’s irritation. He explains he was ending things with Gwen because therapy has shed light on his commitment issues. Now, he’s putting all his energy into his commitment to Titan. Victor calls to tell Maggie that Bo is alive. After Maggie hangs up, she tells a stunned Alex that Victor is going to Greece to be with his son. Alex suggests Maggie go with Victor, and he’ll handle the business.

Maggie has concerns about leaving him, considering the last time she trusted him, he undermined her authority. Alex admits he’s made mistakes, but nothing matters more than his family. He knows Uncle Vic will need her. She agrees to go, but declares this is his last chance. She hands him a file for an important deal. She’s done all the heavy lifting. All he has to do is close it. He vows not to let her down.

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Gwen sits on her Salem Inn bed with a pillow pressed to her face. From his bed, Leo looks at her with concern.

At the Salem Inn, Leo tries to cheer up a sullen Gwen. She can’t believe Xander and Chloe are moving in together. She screams into her pillow. Leo moves to call room service for ice cream and tequila. She hangs up the phone on him, reminding him of the massive bill they’ve already racked up.

Sliding onto the bed with Gwen, Leo urges her to grieve the loss of her relationship. She wistfully talks about the deep connection she felt with Xander. She leans into Leo’s arms as he says he’s never had that. She hopes he gets it one day because it’s the best feeling to know someone loves you, faults and all. When that happens, you see yourself through their eyes and it makes you love yourself more. Leo feels that with her. She feels the same. However, she needs to get some air and figure out how to say goodbye to the only man she truly loved.

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Fully clothed, Gwen lies in Leo's arms in bed. Propped against the headboard, she gazes up at him with affection. He makes a wry face.

In the empty apartment, Brady tries to dissuade Chloe from moving in with Xander. She says she’s lonely and he’s good company. If it’s a mistake, it’s hers to make. It affects Brady, too, though, since he loves her. Chloe tears up. She loves him too, but that isn’t enough. They’re over. They’ve been over since Rachel started hating her. She doesn’t blame him for putting Rachel first. She knows it’s all Kristen’s fault, but Chloe feels indirectly responsible for Rachel’s suffering and, therefore, Brady’s. She can’t continue with that. Brady understands, but whispers, “This is it? It’s over?” She wipes away tears as she tells him she’ll always love him. Brady repeats the sentiment and kisses her.

With crossed arms, Chloe stares at a contrite Brady.

In the motel hallway, Xander wonders why Colin is trying to get into “Bakery Girl’s” room. Colin says Xander has the wrong room, but Xander’s pretty sure he saw Talia there. With simmering aggression, Colin verbally spars with Xander and heads into his room.

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In Sweet Bits’ kitchen, Chanel pulls away from Talia’s kiss. She didn’t realize Talia was into girls. Talia says she’s only dated guys before, but she feels the chemistry between them. It felt right to kiss her. It felt right to Chanel too. Talia wonders if it’s too soon after Allie. Chanel says it might be time to move on. She kisses Talia, who flashes back to Colin, instructing her to play Chanel. Talia backs away. When Chanel questions her, Talia reminds Chanel she’s her boss. Chanel says that means there’s no policy stopping her from being with someone she likes — if it’s consensual. Besides, Talia might not even have a job anymore, considering the store’s been shut down.

In his room, Colin reads an article about Sweet Bits’ woes. He texts Talia to see how things are going. Talia tells Chanel the text is just spam, and they plan to have dinner at The Bistro later.

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In the bakery kitchen, Chanel stares at Talia with her hands on her hips. Talia gapes.

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In Rafe’s office, Jada tells him Talia had the same opportunity as Sloan to get Paulina’s office key. Rafe reminds her that Talia has no motive to attack Chanel or Paulina. He then deduces someone would have had little time to make a copy of the key and return it before Paulina realized it was gone. Jada recalls there’s a hardware store just off the Square.

Xander enters the new apartment, interrupting Chloe and Brady’s kiss. Brady silently leaves. Xander assumes he walked in on their reunion, but Chloe corrects him. He walked in on their goodbye. Later, they christen their new home with pizza and beer.

Gwen sits across from a glum Brady at the Pub. “Care to drown our sorrows together?” she asks. He’s just drinking club soda. They bicker over their exes, leading Gwen to bellow for a drink from the waitress.

Talia returns to Colin’s room, where he continues manipulating her into doing his bidding. Meanwhile, Rafe and Jada meet a balding, white-haired man in the Square. He’s the only one who makes keys in his store. Rafe shows him Sloan’s picture, but he doesn’t recognize her. Jada shows him Talia’s picture. He remembers her not only because she’s pretty, but because she was in such a rush.

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